Saturday, April 13, 2013

It's named House of Commons for a good reason!

Oliver Cromwell was a good member of the House of Commons!

So is Wee Choo Keong!  Let him contest for his borough called Wangsamaju!

The House of Commons is called such because it housed the common people's representatives in a building also called the Palace of Westminster.  Here, they discuss and debate effectively issues affecting the people and the country.
At least this is what I learnt during my introductory to political science course, during the first year of my undergrads at my university a long, long time ago.
The House of Commons is a place where a representative of a parliamentary constituency debates over issues affecting the lives and well-being of the "common" people, he or she serving.  The House of Commons is where Oliver Cromwell debated the fate of King Charles who was later beheaded in the interest of England.
We need parliamentarian who are smart, intelligent, well-versed on many issues that will and can affect the lives of common people and the country.
Having said all of the above I would like the prime minister of this country to seriously consider fielding Wee Choo Keong to stand for the Wangsa Maju parliamentary constituency.
He is well respected, does his job for the people and debated well in parliament over many issues that have and could have negative ramifications to the country as a whole.
While he was a DAP member he was sacked by Lim Kit Siang for voicing his thought as an MP.
No political party can actually owned any particular parliamentary constituencies via by virtue of a tradition.
MCA may claimed Wangsamaju but can the candidate from this party actually win, or neither can Umno win just because this prticular area has a Malay majority.
Wee Choo Keong is well respected by all races there.  I think it is a damn shame if he is not contesting in the same constituency, where I know he can win.
Placed any one else from other BN party, the opposition will have a sweep!  We want a winnable and a "universally" accepted candidate to go to a new height!  Thank you.

P.S.  I am sure if Rais Yatim is contesting his Jelebu area again  he can win, but at the expense of other Malaysians losing their political will to support BNMy reckoning is Rais is not "universally" accepted anymore by majority of Malaysians!

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