Saturday, April 13, 2013

It's named House of Commons for a good reason!

Oliver Cromwell was a good member of the House of Commons!

So is Wee Choo Keong!  Let him contest for his borough called Wangsamaju!

The House of Commons is called such because it housed the common people's representatives in a building also called the Palace of Westminster.  Here, they discuss and debate effectively issues affecting the people and the country.
At least this is what I learnt during my introductory to political science course, during the first year of my undergrads at my university a long, long time ago.
The House of Commons is a place where a representative of a parliamentary constituency debates over issues affecting the lives and well-being of the "common" people, he or she serving.  The House of Commons is where Oliver Cromwell debated the fate of King Charles who was later beheaded in the interest of England.
We need parliamentarian who are smart, intelligent, well-versed on many issues that will and can affect the lives of common people and the country.
Having said all of the above I would like the prime minister of this country to seriously consider fielding Wee Choo Keong to stand for the Wangsa Maju parliamentary constituency.
He is well respected, does his job for the people and debated well in parliament over many issues that have and could have negative ramifications to the country as a whole.
While he was a DAP member he was sacked by Lim Kit Siang for voicing his thought as an MP.
No political party can actually owned any particular parliamentary constituencies via by virtue of a tradition.
MCA may claimed Wangsamaju but can the candidate from this party actually win, or neither can Umno win just because this prticular area has a Malay majority.
Wee Choo Keong is well respected by all races there.  I think it is a damn shame if he is not contesting in the same constituency, where I know he can win.
Placed any one else from other BN party, the opposition will have a sweep!  We want a winnable and a "universally" accepted candidate to go to a new height!  Thank you.

P.S.  I am sure if Rais Yatim is contesting his Jelebu area again  he can win, but at the expense of other Malaysians losing their political will to support BNMy reckoning is Rais is not "universally" accepted anymore by majority of Malaysians!


Anonymous said...

I am a Malay and I support the fielding of YB Wee Choo Keong as BN candidate in Wangsa Maju.

I have posted below comment on Din Merican’s, where he blogged about Nile Bowie’s article, but was not published by the blogger.

“Interestingly enough, the NED does not conduct operations in countries that have close relations with the United States, despite having less democratic environments than that of Malaysia, like in Qatar or Singapore. Civilian movements that promote democratic participation and media transparency in countries like South Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Japan are also completely ignored by the NED and the US political establishment”.

Is there democracy in Saudi Arabia?
Why are their women not allowed to drive?
Have there been any General election?
They follow strict syariah laws, even beheaded adultery, sodomite, and persecuted dissidents to the Sultanate rule. Osama Bin Laden was Saudi Arabian. They even practiced Nepotism in their governance, yet the US can turn a blind eye.

If these foreign outfits are “helping political parties broaden their appeal, ensuring that they rule justly once elected and aiding civil society in guaranteeing good governance… IRI can help catalyze the efforts of democratic activists in a country — so long as they want change more than we want it for them,” then why the need to be selective?

If the US really champion democracy, why the need to affiliate with the minority? In a democracy, the majority gets to rule.

In the US, there is a law that any NGOs receiving foreign fund for their activities, must declared their assets and be registered with Homeland Security which then labelled these NGOs as ‘Foreign Agents’. Russia had just recently enact almost the same law. I think it’s about time Malaysia do the same.

No wonders the US is the most hated country in the world. The world is lucky though, that now we have Russia & China to neutralize US’ act of aggression and meddling of other sovereign nation’s affairs.

YB Wee Choo Keong, On 5th. & 22nd. Nov.2012, have tabled a motion under the Standing Order 18 (1) in Parliament for debate on the serious issue of foreign funding injected into the country with the predominant agenda of “REGIME CHANGE”. However, the motion was rejected with just a stroke of the pen by the Speaker of the House, YB Tan Sri Pandikar.

I hope after winning GE13 with 2/3 majority, YB Wee Choo Keong should tabled the motion again. If there are no backing from BN politicians, this time, we go to the streets.

Anonymous said...

agreed with your comment. in Jelebu yes, but as a Federal Minister he should be lookinh at issues in totality. bro

Anonymous said...

Some are getting too old, Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh and Nik Aziz.... and of course Rais too.

Anonymous said...

tak kisah tua pon asalkan berkhidmat untok raayat, ada yang hanya berkhidmat untok diri sendiri...........

Anonymous said...

Haha... this is the perfect plot to bankrupt MCA.

Anonymous said...

Many politicians aspire to be Yang Berhormat, forgetting they are supposed to be Yang Berkhidmat.

Anonymous said...

WEE is the man for Wangsa Maju. Not Shafie. Think carefully Mr PM. It is your choice and you must live with that decision. Let it not be said that we didn't tell you.

Anonymous said...

When the two BN aspiring candidates Datuk Safie & Datuk Yew TL were fighting to be picked as candidates, YB Wee was busing helping his constituents with ensuring that they are getting enough wster supply. Please visit his blog and you will be able to see that constant updates on the timing of delivery of water supply by Syabas water tankers.

On his performance in Parliament none of the BN MPs could match YB Wee. Yb Wee should stand as an independent so that BN will learn from their arrogance.