Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Let it not be a Muslim....Please!

One of the civilised events of the year in the US...The Boston Marathon...was marred by bomb explosions killing people and injuring many.
I just hope this despicable act of terrorism is not perpetrated by a Muslim group or a jihadist, I just hope the FBI will conduct a thorough investigation and catch the evil doers who committed the act.
We in Malaysia condemn any form of terrorism on Americans and on anyone and we are giving our unlimited sympathy to the people affected, and to democracy attacked!
May God protect freedom loving people of the world against further acts of terrorism!!


Anonymous said...

If it's them they would be taking credit by now.

Anonymous said...

Me too. Pls don't let it be some islamic group.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes the American people should ponder and think what their CIA is doing all around the world. The CIA is stirring things up abroad. Think of the enemies they create by their dastardly acts.
Think, think, think.

Konpunboyong said...

The Muslims do not have stealth bombers or intercontinental missiles armed with nuclear warheads. This is the ONLY way they can fight back! The only way to prevent this senseless killing is for the US to order her misbehaving little brother to return all the land taken from the Palestinians.Bless the Lord and The Holy Prophet Muhammad(sallallaahu 'alayhe wa sallam). May they bring peace to all mankind.

Anonymous said...

Dear Konpunboyong, what an idiot you are. Guaranteed these guys are not Taliban, who are the only guys fighting at the moment. These are the same guys that kill a thousand innocent Muslims for each American they kill. As for your moronic little brother argument, why not use the same logic to allow Thailand to bomb us each time they have a bombing in southern Thailand. Pathetic, sad and a lethal danger to the Umma - you and your twisted logic.

Konpunboyong said...

Hi Anonymous, you are a katak dibawah tempurung and a low IQ country bumpkin, who has eyes but cannot see and has brain that is retarded! While it cannot be 100% certain at the moment, the Boston bombing, most people in the West would believe, was carried out most likely by Muslims who are sympathetic to the cause of the Palestinians.
Get out of your shell and see what is happening in this world, so that you won’t try to fool yourself into believing that the bombing was not done by Muslims.

Not A Malay burden said...

Muslims or Arabs? Just so we dont get trapped in the Arab problems.. let us remind others and ourselves that we are Malays first.

Malays who invented ethical Malay (islamic banking) and halal industry.

The Arabs and the European had a long history of killing each others because of their geographical locations.

They brought their fight to other new lands which they stole from the natives all over the world.

So remember the Arabs stupidity is not a Malay burden.

Kolo Mee said...

The latest Associated Press report reveals that the two Boston bombing suspects were legal permanent U.S. residents, who originally came from Chechnya where the majority of people are Sunni Muslims.

Kolo Me said...

On his Facebook,the ethnic Chechen teenager,Dzhokhar Tsarnaev,suspected of conducting the Boston marathon bombings states that his religion is Islam.

Anonymous said...

if another such event in the future people will jump to conclusion very fast, that is how God created human otherwise mankind can't be that intelligent.

Rakyat know BN can't stop the corruption, the only way to stop is throw BN into the opposition. But we have very foolish people who ask for a dirty government to screw them.

Anonymous said...

I guess it was Muslims behind the Boston bombing after all. Still to be proven, but, they have the suspects in custody. Now, let's find our the reason why...

PriestsAndOpiate said...

Fundamentalists of Islam or Christianity are a danger to the modern peace. These great religion did not become great for nothing. They feed on the fears and simple mindedness of mankind.

It took the european 3 hundred years to get rid of Catholicsm which were cruel to the people. The Church, the priests and Monarchy went hand in hand to oppress the masses.

That is why the US Constitution specifically said no religion and impress on secularism.

Islam is at an early age in comparison and many simple minded people like Mat Sabu like the sense of power it gives him over the simplistice kampung people while he enjoys the women that comes with the influence. Atually these so called alim people are sociopaths that is why they are able to do deeds that went against their public rantings in privates. Like licking his best friend wife pussy behind his back.

So does tok Pa, the money Islamic politics gave him allows him to buy sexual favours. Imagine crying hudud in public but having illicit sex in a hotel room. This is pure religion everywhere in the world.

Land and wealth to Nik Aziz and family shows that Islam is at that stage of Christianity where the priests are enjoying the benefits of the opiating the masses.

So understand that. The majority of the Malays are intelligent enough to embrace only the justice, truth, fairness that great religion teaches.

But constant vigilant against attempts to enrich themselves through religious literalism must always be upheld.