Friday, April 26, 2013

On Vicious American Foreign Policy. Regime Change, Pet Poodles, and Suaram (for example)!

To the white American public the Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan Muhammad Sr. is a rabble rouser and a black racist, but when we listen to his "sermon" on American Foreign Policy we may begin to wonder whether what he said is true whether the great USA is really a great nation or just a nation which only concerns itself.
Louis Farrakhan listed all the involvement of US Foreign Policy on regime change throughout the world since the 1940's until the present days.
From blatant invasion of many countries in the past and assassinations of many world leaders deemed "unfriendly" to the US interest and to the de-stabilisations of government, via its proxies such as local  NGOs.
In Malaysia we have seen how the US foreign policy successfully "gotten rid" of Mahathir Mohamad for being "recalcitrant" and "belligerent" to the US interest.
Today, the US foreign policy helped with the "invasion" of Malaysia via its proxy led by Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) and its other pet poodles such as Tian Chia, Cynthia Gabriel, Ambiga, and Sivarasa.
We do have information on the involvement of these traitors with the help of American economic hit men, and American agen provocateur and saboteurs.
(Get this if you can: An American gun ship was "stranded" on a barrier reef in Philippine waters and had to be cut into pieces  to clear the problem.  Now then!  How come one of the most sophisticated gun ship that came complete with a sophisticated radar got itself stranded?  The answer is, it makes a good cover for it to transfer weapons to the Suluk invaders.  Of course the American will deny this!  The US Navy Seal on board the "stranded" gun ship was just a few nautical miles off the coast of Lahad Datu, go figure!)
We do know now that the American special forces have been helping the Moros of Southern Philippine in the recent invasion of Malaysian territory in Lahad Datu.
Watch and listen to the video of Louis Farrakhan with an open, and we may begin to understand, after Mahathir, that another attempt for regime change of trying to get rid of Najib Razak and to replace him with BABI is in the making, fortunately the Malaysians people, the Malays especially are well aware of such attempt!

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Anonymous said...

When it happened to mahathir was unstoppable , would. Najib stand a chance ?

Correct Blogger

IT.Sheiss said...

I Listened to it all. Louis Farrakhan is correct.

The liberals and evcen "leftists" who who think that sucking up to U.S. imperialist "democracy" NGOs are nothing but the liberal & "left" face of U.S. imperialism.

Anonymous said...

Louis Farakan your preacher?


Anonymous said...

zzzzzzzzzzzzz..... anybody else who doesnt know about this??

Anonymous said...

Mahathir, Najib semua yg boleh kita kata terpelajar, ada otak - cuba kalo geng lebai2 ni memerintah pulak - taik abis lah negara ni .. bole tukar nama ke Malaystan, masuk kelab negara2 kunu ketinggalan zaman, kaki sembah ulamak+ p*kimak. Pengikut, penyokong terkhayal sebab agama di tajakan ( walopon dah tau depa lebeh minat menegakkan kote dorang jer)

Anonymous said...

America became great through Wars. 1776 - the War of Independence.1852 - the Civil War. 1899 - the Spanish-American War. 1917-1918 - the First World War. 1941-1945. the Second World War. 1952-53 - the Korean War. 1962 - 1975 - the Vietnam War.1947-1989 - the Cold War. 1992 - 1st Iraq War.2002 - 2nd Irag War. 2003 -2013 - Afghanistan War. Confrontation with China. 2012

The British only completed the re-payment to America and Canada for the Lend-Lease aid of the Second World War in 2006 - 61 years after the War ended ! And lost all the gold by 1931 to the US after the First World War !

The Americans only die for freedom. The British and French die for money.

No one should twist history. The Malays had the Malay Spring in 1946after the Labour Government of Clement Atlee proposed the Malayan Union which would have deprived the Malays of their homeland and their rights. The Sultans and the Rakyat rose in revolt. Eventually, the Federation of Malaya and its constitution came into being replaceing the British Military Administration of 1945 1950.

Hidup Melayu ! Hidup Malaysians ! Hidup Malaysia !