Saturday, April 27, 2013

Vote wisely Malaysians! Reject racial and religious chauvinism!

Can't live without one!

There were only four of us old buddies left from the old secondary school days, this time.
Muni, Rauf, Chee Seng, Razali, Aziz, have all passed on, and we miss them truly.
Our favourite place then, still is and has somewhat changed, was Wisma Lim Foo Yong where we congregate and had "coffee" until we were "bloated", and then go home.
The four of us were reminiscing of our time when things were un-complicated.
"Today we have many Cina pukimak, Keling barua and Melayu belacan still makan belacan still bodoh.. to trust this Anwar sial....why and and when do these Malaysians become so stupid," said Clement.
Before you idiots get all riled up over calling various races names let me remind you that my time we call each other names out of reverence and love for each other, if we truly like  and live you.  But we meant it when we get angry at various races. 
"Dulu tak puasa we go back to the back of the shop to eat or smoke, today if  PAS rules we will be paraded if caught and down through the dark ages alleys we will be shamed," Radha.
This is a great country for Chinese, last year Andy took his family on a European tour for the third times.
"My children came back from Melbourne and Rick from New Zealand, and Cynthia (his wife) said this time around we we really enjoying the trip, especially Prissy whom we met in London," he said.
You see Andy is one of those "persecuted" and "badly-discriminated upon" Malaysian-Chinese who is also a millionaire, he made his pile from electronic business.
Radha, is well off with his travel agencies business and also one of those "persecuted" Malaysian-Indians who has just required a Bentley, among his many cars.
"The best country to be persecuted, bro" said Ridhwan.
The thing is, the system works and now chauvinism from DAP and sexual deviant from PKR and religious madness hudud proned PAS want to take over!
In unison we shouted with laughter: "We'd rather be persecuted and live under BN!!!!"
We had a good time after on whole year and when we meet again, if we ever meet again, I am Radha will not be with us, he is diabetic and hypertension and smoke like a chimney and drink like a fish.
You know what buddy you do your stuff if you are happy and we will pray together that our children will still be like us, I am sure they will!  Cheers buddies!

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