Saturday, April 06, 2013

Who do you want to see looking after our children's future!!

Our children are our future; the future of the country will be determined by how we raise our children to become what we want them to be. So who do you choose to be that person!  Well, elections is nearby, you decide!

The Three Stooges...tiga tiga sekali gus!

Embalmed Lim!

A moron!

Person with unhappy childhood!

This Cina barwa pukimak!

A real caring and good and gentle politician!

Not wearing underwear phony religious charlatan!

He-was-buggered-while-in-jail person!
Massive chip of her shoulder person..also on a denial syndrome about her infamous and notorious father!

Hmmm!Sorry Nurul but seriously your dad needs help.  Okay, he is a very sick politician person! You know it and your poor mentally (possibly physically) battered mum knows its!

Hmmm! Trying-hard-to-get-a-US-green-card-and-British-PR-old woman lawyer!
The half-Melayu..actually more Cina chauvinist ikut mak dia!


Anonymous said...

Rogues Gallery, Madam Tussaud's, Baker Street, London.

Anonymous said...

The most interesting is the embalmed one... Kahkahkah. Are they short of leader...Is he use formaldehyde to make-up?

Anonymous said...

The racist, the bisexual and the hipocrite. They, lead this country? NO WAY. I am not worried. PKR dont stand a chance.

Anonymous said...

What future when the nation is going down the drain?
Better get life jacket ready to abandon ship.

Anonymous said...

The Singaporean Chinese, the very rich and the very religious

Anonymous said...

Anon April 06, 2013 5:10 PM

Why not ship out now while you have the time...we dont need ungrateful people like you here in our beautiful country...and we dont need those bastards the sodomist, the communist and the turbanist to rule this peaceful country... thank you