Friday, April 05, 2013

Yes, like you Haris, many of us are also ready to die for what we believe!

Yes, like you we, and Najib, are also ready to die for what we believe. But, we just don't say it like you do, Sir! 
For what ever its worth, I used to respect this Haris guy and understand his political commitment and belief.
However, his anger and hatred appear to have no bound, he broke the sacred political etiquette by using the word death.
The word death simply does not fit into our political vocabulary trust me.  When its comes to killing we all can do it. The thing that separates us from other things is that we are rational and able to think rationally.
You appear to have gone bonker and carried away by you sad hatred to the present political system!
Your veil threat, daring anyone else if he or she is willing to die, is short of committing a violent act!
I have yet to hear BN from way back using death threat  over politics.
Someone should lodge a police report against this guy Haris and try to find him guilty of crime against humanity with his threat.  Read here for more....

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