Friday, May 10, 2013

Comment of the Month!

Happy children grow up to be happy people!

Once in a a while I will post a comment that is worth pondering. such as the one below. As we can see in our multi-racial setting what is suggested worth to be taken into consideration!,


Anonymous said...
I wrote to Kementerian Pendidikan two years ago advising them it's high time Malaysia implement many more integrated-curriculum vernacular schools to slowly replace the 100% vernacular schools. The continuing failure to take up this serious challenge is leading the country into troubling unchartered waters of racial and linguistic polarization.
A friend of mine from one of these integrated sekolah kebangsaan in Cheras is such a bright happy fellow speaking Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Mandarin and good English that I was just wowed. He's now a junior manager with Prudential Insurance. He told me that besdies the national curriculum, his school offered 2 other subjects ie. Mandarin language and Chinese civilization, taught in the mother tongue.
Here one finds the best of pluralistic Malaysian cultural integration. Good for the heart and good for the mind as well ...!

May 10, 2013 8:00 AM

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