Sunday, May 19, 2013

Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi do not, repeat, do not retract you statement!!

This is what happened to a Chinese boy who went to vernacular school!

Why is it when chauvinist DAP leaders made disparaging remarks about the Malay institutions it is a fair game and when any one from UMNO is saying what everyone agrees about the Chinese who did not support BN, it is a racist remark?!
When Home Minister Zahid Hamidi said those who do not like the system in Malaysia they should migrate to other countries!
True, when East German people did not like the government they climbed the wall to get to the other side, and when the Eastern Europeans did not like their countries they moved to the Western part of Europe.
Back to us, if you do  not like the system of government in Malaysia in which the majority of the people have no problem with, you pack up and migrate or move to Singapore of Taiwan or Hongkong or wherever!!
But please do not try to destroy one of the best country in the world, Malaysia, by propagating and promoting terror.
As a Home Minister, Zahid has the right to express what many Malaysians think about a minority who want to burn the country.
I say to you Zahid be firm on the refuseniks and trouble makers and throw them into the dungeon.
As for the pukimak Lim Gone Eng, he is just a pukimak chauvinis China yang kena liwat dalam jail dulu, sampai sekarang benci Melayu!
What ever you do, do not retract your belief and statement Zahid, if you do quit your job!

If you have the time and the inclination please read here on Outsyed The Box on why the Chinese who voted for the Opposition are full of Malay that is penuh dengan tahi punya hal in China!

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