Friday, May 17, 2013

Goodwill of the people must NEVER ever be taken for granted again!

The general elections have come and gone and a new cabinet has been sworn in.
This is well and good for the victor and the vanquished, to sit down at their respective round table and to chart down their future in politics, or to conduct a post-mortem.
Many politicians in the ruling parties have been moping either from being defeated or from not being included in the cabinet line up.  Tough break for these people I have no sympathy for them!
Some of the arrogant ones still could not accept the fact that they have lost, few that I have come across mumble like a zombies, I believe they suffered a mild nervous breakdown.
The thing is these arrogant "bastards" of a politician are still not clear with the concept of being a politician.  They became one because the people voted them in.
These politicians still believe in treating their voters as a "child clients", that is the politicians have this perennial perception that their voters can and always be easily manipulated, cheated, and other political chicanery that can always be inflicted on their constituencies.
Last general elections have been an eye opener for those who got defeated!
I have bad news for the winners of the last elections...from now on you guys have to address your votes as Yang Berhormat, not the other way, or you will be cursed!
Those who have attitude problems will now have to re-invent themselves to make them likable enough to be voted again at the next general elections in  five years from now.
You arrogant politicians will have to be extremely and genuinely nice to the people and not to treat us like children, otherwise  because of your attitude we will lose the country to a bunch of chauvinist and religious people.
As for the prime minister, you must be sure that those serving you, and your office, are doing just tha. And please appoint you officers who are not inclined toward politics at the expense of neglecting their real job...serving the Prime Minister!
Be firmed against your officers who have lost during the last elections to tell them that they must find other jobs, and to quit gracefully.

Also please remember that those who have been supporting you loyally will only remain so if your leadership remains strong as  shown by the future decision you will be making!

Salam Satu Melayu, India, Iban, Melanau, Kadazan, Suluk, Bajau dll...yang menyokong negara!

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