Saturday, May 25, 2013

I am tired of racism!

Fainally a European racist golfer is coming out  of the closet!  His sponsors must dropped him as an example!

My generation enjoyed a relatively peaceful existence.

The Europe I knew was a lot nicer continent.  German police would stop and ask me if I need a ride when I was hitch-hiking around the European continent.  Holland, or the Netherlands, was one of Europe's most liberal countries, with millions of people living in this small, very small, country with a total area of about 41,526 square kilometers or 16,485 square miles.

Today the Dutch are getting a wee bit impatient with foreigners living in Holland, where illegal immigrants are inundating this small area and taxing the Dutch social and welfare system.
Yes, for some strange quirk in life the Dutch government then, and now, allows non-citizens the benefit of social and welfare benefits which cost the government a lot every year.

Over the years as more illegals coming in from North Africa and the Middle-east, Eastern Europe  and Asia take advantage of the "dutch hospitality" the system starts to "crack" and the Dutch retreat inwards in their thinking.

They are becoming less tolerant towards those coming into the country, bringing their non-European habits and culture, thus creating many ultra-conservative anti foreigners parties in this once liberal country. Name-calling starts, and racial disharmony takes precedent and becomes the order of the day.

The recession is so bad in countries like Spain, Italy and Greece, it has Europeans, what we assume to be a civilised people, up in arms against "foreigners. The Irish president of the European golf tour has been chastised for commenting that Sergio Garcia has many "coloured" friends in response to an earlier remark made by the golfer.

Even Sergio Garcia, a comic relief golfer, has been criticised for suggesting that he should serve fried chicken to fellow competitor Tiger Woods in reference to the stereotyping of the black American fondness for fried chicken.  On this score I think Tiger Woods should not forgive Garcia for the comment he made.  Just to show that the world must not tolerate racist behaviours, sponsors must drop Garcia as an example to others!

Food for Thought:

Malaysian Chinese are now forming a mental ghetto simply because they are so afraid the Malays that  are becoming more insular.  The Malays are becoming more "exclusive" because of their fears of un-Islamic traditions and culture. The Chinese are feeling more and more shut out of the day to day running of the country.

The Chinese are rejecting BN i.e. the Malays, simply because they firmly believe the system of the government is getting too Islamic right wing. This is unlike  in the past when and what they perceived the liberal Malays were,  and now to them the Malays are getting more radically Islamic.
Imagine yourself a normal Chinese family living in a multi racial setting bombarded day in and day out by three and sometimes four mosques giving the muezzin prayer calls every day, and very loud.

Before you people start condemning me, I am a Muslim and have been one for more than 60 years and in my younger days the daily prayers calls were pleasant to my ears before the mega sound systems and new "accents". They are now even broadcasting their sermons to the whole neighbourhood, and not just keeping them in the mosque for those that want to hear them.  I am not even a Chinese, and I am angry!

So the rejection of BN by the Malaysian- Chinese is a call for help by our non-Muslim Malaysian brothers. Please stop with the Islamic jingoism and PAS call for hudud, which to the Chinese, and majority of the Malays, is something they do want to happen in this once racially tolerant country called Malaysia. Malaysia is truly Asia, pardon the cliche!

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