Saturday, May 25, 2013

I am tired of racism!

Fainally a European racist golfer is coming out  of the closet!  His sponsors must dropped him as an example!

My generation enjoyed a relatively peaceful existence.

The Europe I knew was a lot nicer continent.  German police would stop and ask me if I need a ride when I was hitch-hiking around the European continent.  Holland, or the Netherlands, was one of Europe's most liberal countries, with millions of people living in this small, very small, country with a total area of about 41,526 square kilometers or 16,485 square miles.

Today the Dutch are getting a wee bit impatient with foreigners living in Holland, where illegal immigrants are inundating this small area and taxing the Dutch social and welfare system.
Yes, for some strange quirk in life the Dutch government then, and now, allows non-citizens the benefit of social and welfare benefits which cost the government a lot every year.

Over the years as more illegals coming in from North Africa and the Middle-east, Eastern Europe  and Asia take advantage of the "dutch hospitality" the system starts to "crack" and the Dutch retreat inwards in their thinking.

They are becoming less tolerant towards those coming into the country, bringing their non-European habits and culture, thus creating many ultra-conservative anti foreigners parties in this once liberal country. Name-calling starts, and racial disharmony takes precedent and becomes the order of the day.

The recession is so bad in countries like Spain, Italy and Greece, it has Europeans, what we assume to be a civilised people, up in arms against "foreigners. The Irish president of the European golf tour has been chastised for commenting that Sergio Garcia has many "coloured" friends in response to an earlier remark made by the golfer.

Even Sergio Garcia, a comic relief golfer, has been criticised for suggesting that he should serve fried chicken to fellow competitor Tiger Woods in reference to the stereotyping of the black American fondness for fried chicken.  On this score I think Tiger Woods should not forgive Garcia for the comment he made.  Just to show that the world must not tolerate racist behaviours, sponsors must drop Garcia as an example to others!

Food for Thought:

Malaysian Chinese are now forming a mental ghetto simply because they are so afraid the Malays that  are becoming more insular.  The Malays are becoming more "exclusive" because of their fears of un-Islamic traditions and culture. The Chinese are feeling more and more shut out of the day to day running of the country.

The Chinese are rejecting BN i.e. the Malays, simply because they firmly believe the system of the government is getting too Islamic right wing. This is unlike  in the past when and what they perceived the liberal Malays were,  and now to them the Malays are getting more radically Islamic.
Imagine yourself a normal Chinese family living in a multi racial setting bombarded day in and day out by three and sometimes four mosques giving the muezzin prayer calls every day, and very loud.

Before you people start condemning me, I am a Muslim and have been one for more than 60 years and in my younger days the daily prayers calls were pleasant to my ears before the mega sound systems and new "accents". They are now even broadcasting their sermons to the whole neighbourhood, and not just keeping them in the mosque for those that want to hear them.  I am not even a Chinese, and I am angry!

So the rejection of BN by the Malaysian- Chinese is a call for help by our non-Muslim Malaysian brothers. Please stop with the Islamic jingoism and PAS call for hudud, which to the Chinese, and majority of the Malays, is something they do want to happen in this once racially tolerant country called Malaysia. Malaysia is truly Asia, pardon the cliche!


Anonymous said...

Yes yes yes I agree I'm a Muslim.

Anak jati Johor said...

So basically, UMNO is becoming too Islamic and PAS is becoming more liberal. Hmmm...

Either way, the Chinese will sway to those that promises more wealth for them. PR promises to abolish the NEP and open the gazetted Malay Reserved land to all. Religious issues are just noises, in my view.

Anonymous said...

Chinese? Fuck them la. Let's move on and think malay - malaysian.

Anonymous said...

Too much religion trying to control people's lives and over-attachment to one's culture no matter how *great* it used to be. Live the 21st century!. I cant wait for an alien/extraterrestrial invasion to wake us up and remind us of who we are. I bet they also do not want anything to do with us seeing how we kill one another (particularly over some invisible deity) and the way we treat our planet.

matdeboq said...

Food for Thought:
I'm a Muslim too..!!
I like the taste of the food (for Thought) that you served..!!!

matdeboq said...

Food for Thought:
I'm a Muslim too...!!
I like the taste of The Food (for Thought) that you served...!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Barking Magpie,

I've noticed the rising tide of racism and also racial awareness on the rises for the last 10 years all over the world. And somehow one expression racism is just change from one race to the other. And somehow can't be destroyed. In malaysia the last few month, I believe the targeting of Bangladeshi during election period stems from rather misinformation is an embedded biases of things that had happen in Malaysian. The few month before election it was hindraf courting BN, and the Chinese's feeling of the country moving towards stronger Islamic teaching resulted in the targeting bangladeshi's due to their color and mostly predominantly Muslim profile. And the after election comes in the form of a group of Malays feeling being under threat creating a siege mentality among malays due to the perceived rejection of Chinese against BN.

Though I don't believe in a post-racial politic, howeve view the current political system a great innovation with a trade of no-voice of community should be usurp and can be heard, it does come with a great trade of racial escalation. I think somehow a better approach to this escalating of racial grievance should be address.

However the only thing I don't understand is that, if the Chinese are against the more climate of Islamize malaysia, why would they side with PAS is beyond my comprehension. I believe there must be much more underlying things or something working right here.

Anonymous said...

I like you take on that Spanish golfer. This is the second time Tiger Woods has been asked to eat fried chicken and some of the Spanish golfer's supporters have raise why he did not also include watermelon for his desert.

It is the urban voters who rejected MCA. And urban voters now also includes the Malay middle class comprising government servants, uniformed government personnel, employees of GLCs and the private sector.

Anonymous said...

To late now for the chinese. Melayu tak pilihan. Have to go full ''Islamic'' as a basis, common ground to unite. Dulu UMNO can boleh moderatekan the islamist.

I myself do not like the arabisation of Malaysia. But what to do, lesser of two evil. Annoying back-stabing chinese pricks or this.

I choose

Anonymous said...

maybe is not religion dude . maybe the people just need a good father to lead us . A family with a lousy father will breed a lot of lousy children

Anonymous said...

Situasi yang sama di negeri kita juga di mana semenjak 1982 sikit demi ramai betul orang yangamat suka akan Malaysia dan berjuta juta rakyat negara asing yang mengambil kesempatan malaysian tax sistem dan menguntung diri mereka .
setiap tahun RM23billion di belanja kan atas subsidi bahan api disel petrol gas minyak masak gula tepong dan beras.
Berbillion RM juga di belanja kan untuk subsidi sekolah,IPTA, kesihatan, transport awam ,letrik dan air rumah murah PPRT.
Dengan itu 3,000,000 warga asing dan 1,000,000 PATI sayang akan kemurahan hati kerajaan malaysia
Semua mereka dari indonesia Philiphine PRC Bangladesh India Pakistan Thailand Nigeria Uganda Jepun Canada German UK Somalia
Irak Iran Cambodia Myanmar taiwan , semua suka dan cinta Negara malaysia.
Ramai dari mereka bekerja malam di tempat se umpama nya.Ramai mereka pakar isian komputer dan ahli kimia dan pakarserba bolih.
maka satu hari (waktu dan masa ) yang di sama kan dengan istilah pengundi hantu sudah tiba .
Banyak persamaan dengan negara netherlands england dan sweden.
arjuna waspada
changkat lobak

Anonymous said...

what a distorted view...
...such an ignorant about Islam...yet claim to be moslem...

there's very little about Islam that these people falsely fear off...

...rather mere greed...and the urge to be at upper hand in every single thing in this be above everyone's else...

' thing is belong to me...what is yours is also mine...' mentality...

Anonymous said...

It will be a long hard road to one unified bangsa Msia if one race continue with its arrogance thinking its culture is superior to the others. You can call me Racist anytime now.I have enough. Fuck the Chinks! Who cares what they think.

Anonymous said...

These mosques that blast broadcast their sermons are mostly controlled by PAS people.

Anonymous said...



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Ramayana said...

The Chinese will jump on any excuse right now to justify their racist behaviour. Gelang Patah is all the proof you need. They sealed their own fate there. I for one will not weep for them. God revealed the truth so that we may ponder on it, not make up excuses on their behalf.

Yes. Excuses.

Anonymous said...

For ppl who say fuck to chinese , now is my turn fuck u lah malay. Hiw do u feel.. Ni ce ?

Anonymous said...

disebabkan ramai pemimpin Pas dah tak berapa berkenan dengan anwar, maka puak2 anwarinas didalam Pas yg kalah dan tiada jawatan seperti mat sabu, husam, dr dzulkifli disokong oleh puak2 penyokong anwar dari BN seperti saifudin abdulah, akan menubuhkan sebuah parti baru iaitu Parti Untuk Nafsu Anwar Ibrahim atau singkatannya PUNAI. Tetapi anwar sendiri tidak mahu Parti ini dihijack oleh Soi Lek atau Mustapha telah mencadangkan agar singkatan nama itu diberi pengkhususan kepada dirinya iaitu PUNAI Anwar. Parti ini dijangka akan dapat menarik ramai puak2 liberal dari pelbagai parti sedia ada termasuk yg kaki sondol LGBT dan kaki arak, judi dan sebagainya mewakili manusia2 yg kuat nafsu dan memerlukan perlindungan hak asasi manusia yg melampau.

Anonymous said...

Salaams to all,

In Malaysia, our non-muslim friends have nothing to worry about the true inheritors of the Prophet Muhammad's wisdom and love:

Ilmuwan Melayu Ahl Sunnah wal Jamaah Pondok-Pondok Nusantara:

These wahhabis reject these true Sufi teachers who teach us to know and love Allah and His Messenger s.a.w. and to be just and merciful towards all humanity.
Yes, for sure we have a big wahhabi presence in Malaysia. Worse still, they are now IDEoLOGICAL PARTNERS with liberal left-wing politicians like Anwar Berahi, Ambiga, and neocon evangelists like the DAP!

Wah! kalau pasal Duit dan Kuasa, macam macam boleh bercampur-aduk dalam akidah Islam, dia orang itu oi! Kononnya ia "sama tidak serupa" dengan pemimpin yang ia menuduh sebagai karut.

Ya Allah! peliharalah kesejahteraan orang Melayu mukmin daripada kacau-bilau perangkap duniawi si munafikin dan mushrikin ...

Anonymous said...

May 26, 2013 2:35

You no understand England ah? We DONT BLOODY CARE?? Fuck you back.

Anonymous said...

Melayu duk kesian kimak ni semua, dalam senyap tanah pusaka dah lesap. Yg banyak beli tanah di Johor ada lah dari pulau seberang. Yg satu lagi kat atas tu pon tak lama kena pakai paspot utk masuk. Tak payah lah nak tunjuk baik lagi pada jenis keparat ni. Bila dia berkuasa azan tu kena di bisik je nanti.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.00am.Tolong pereksa. Kompani diseneraikan mungkin EPF dan lain dana kewangan berkaitAN dengan Kerajaan ADA SHARE.

Anonymous said...

i think pap has taken over dap political strategy - remember wali slipar gave thumbs up to lky

nothing to do with religion - more likely the pending decreasing reserves

need vast land for 6.9 new citizens to top up their reserves

malasian malaysia aka chinese supremacy on rich Malay land

as long as Malaysian workers are treated like singaporeans with regards to CPF withdrawal, chinese supremacy is alive and kicking

Ramayana said...

To 2:35PM

You Chinese already did that in Gelang Patah. So here is the all-Malaysian FUCK YOU to the 95% Chinese uber racists who wouldn't know what corruption is cos they were born in it.

deWitch said...

Islamic state or not, what the chinese malaysian wants is to rule this country. Period.

Don't you people still get it ?

I am tired too when some Malays like yourself still have to help clean up other people's shit.

Enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

"the daily prayers calls were pleasant to my ears before the mega sound systems and new "accents"- I am a Muslim and lives in a Muslim country and the calls are still pleasant to my ears.Subhanallah!

Anonymous said...

Penat tak apa. take a break.jgan ko berpaling tadah pulak. Ingat masa depan anak cucu. kaum ni buat baik camna pon dia bila berkuasa tak ada kesiannya kat bangsa kita.

Anonymous said...

8.13PM...How can an out of sync and "out of tune" prayers call be pleasant and I am also a Muslim living in this country, I do know a prayers call in Cairo and Istanbul are the true meaning of not kid you self!

Kanchan Tirana said...

On an unrelated note, how about starting a movement to rebrand the 'Red Bean Army' into 'Red Bean TROLLS'. Much more appropriate. Army has a sense of power and honor to it. Trolls describe them to the T.

Anonymous said...

8:13pm, a call for prayers is a call for prayers its not a time for a show of arrogance. Im a muslim.

Anonymous said...

i am a chinese and whats the problem with the prayer calls? Better to complain about the rempits with the loud exhaust...

Anonymous said...

Well, many of us are tired of it too but what to do - the other side don't look like they are tired (of provoking) at all. So the show must go on.....

Anonymous said...

Anon May 26, 2013 11:11 AM

Gila kah lu? If everything also boycott the will be nothing to eat or buy especially for the Urban Malays.

i am malay and I will be still having my Starbucks and eating at McDs.


Anonymous said...

Shariman is a melayu angan angan
or a chinese in disguise

Anonymous said...

Jika PM gagal membuat perubahan maka tiada siapa yang dapat membantu beliau dalam jangkamasa terdekat ini.

PM harus pecat budak hingusan seperti Almahri yang langsung tidak ada pengalaman dalam media sosial mahupun media arus perdana.

Almahri hanyalah seorang bekas pegawai Affendi Norwawi dan bukannya seorang penulis atau pemikir.

Jika PM tak pecat Almahri dan memberi kuasa mutlak kepada beliau yang hanya pandai mengumpul data dari pihak yang dibayar untuk mengumpul data dan disembah kepada PM maka PM gagal sebagai pemimpin.

Almahri adalah jadi jenis manusia yang tidak mengenal erti malu dan sanggup menonjolkan diri untuk anugerah dan pingat walaupun kerja yang dilakukan tidak lebih dari kerja peon pejabat kerajaan.

Pastinya PM tahu akan tabiat Almahri ini kerana PM secara peribadi pernah menolak hajat besar Almahri nak ditabal menjadi 'Datuk'.

PM pun kena fikir sikit, bagaimana seorang picisan yang tidak berpengalaman diberi tanggungjawab 'JAGA' media sosial.

Adakah Almahri seoarang wartawan, aktivis, blogger, jurugambar atau pernah melibatkan diri dalam mana-mana media yang serius? Kenapa PM harus kekalkan puak yang tidak efektif tapi pandai bodek?

Jika PM tak buka mata dan bangun dari terus dibuai mimpi-mimpi indah dari pencacai sepertti Almahri, maka menjelanf Perhimpunan Agong Umno nanti akan ada kejutan.

Tun Daim telah memberi nasihat. Langkah seterusnya pasti bukan nasihat lagi.

Terima Kasih Ampun & Maaf.

Anonymous said...

Shariman is a chink...cant miss that hamis smell:)

biaDAPigs said...

May 26, 2013 2:35

The Chinese RED BEAN TROLLERS have been insulting The Bumiputras for years inside the mainstream media (facebook etc ... yes, they're mainstream media.) I don't really care because that is who you people really are. So many of them also pretends to be Bumiputras, spurting hatred towards each other to divide and conquer their minds.

NOW is the right time to deny chinese biaDAPigs their rights ... which was given to them by the Bumiputras.... and yes ... FUCK YOU TOO.

Shariman(assuming you're a fake malay),

You're a capitalist and materialist .. that is why you can't live without Starbucks. It shows the type of people you are. So many ways and so many places to drink coffee. The money you saved could be used for your own personal development(buy some books etc. or even learned a bit of history ... try go visit the Japanese war museum .. you will understand better what is happening in Malaysia and why it is very important for the Chinese biaDAPigs to control the country(not that they're not in control now))

Moderation is what Islam taught us, materialism is not. By being moderate, we will have enough for other REAL important things in life ... possibly more to help each other better

Anon May 26, 2013 5:49 PM,

Its true, they may have shares inside these companies ... now you're feeling trapped isn't it ? Thats what happens when Bumiputra leaders is kissing their ass instead of creating more policies and opportunities for aspiring Bumiputras businessman(women)

Magpie ... I don't mind hearing their sermons from the mega speakers .. at least I know I am safe .. for now.

Anonymous said...

agree with you on the over-religiousness though. Yg si betina duk sebuk jaga siapa balut tak balut/pakai tudung. Konon kalo balut mcam baik sangat lah tu. Duk kat office siap pakai tudung laboh etc..tapi bukan nain lagi mengata orang lain. Yg si jantan duk sebuk mengamalkan that fave sunnah, quran etc tak kesah lagi. Yang penting simpan janggut, pakai gaun dan layan kontol. Mak bapak sebuk hantar anak2 ke camp2 islam - tak curiga dan takut ke apa Ostat2 mengajar. Tau lah semua pon bole jadi Ostat d Mesia ni. Bukan jadi Muslim lagi dah jadi Arab dah. Budaya sendiri pon tak kesah lagi walhal itu juga pemberian tuhan.

Anonymous said...

We can have '1Malaysia' only when there is no more feeling of ketuanan Melayu or Cina, when all the races behave as one and all Malaysians, as the rest of the world, realize that GOD is only one and any and all religions are equal in front of Him; there is no religion greater than another. It is for sure that for the muslims themselves they should believe 'there is no GOD other than Allah' but they must realize that it is the same GOD the others are praying to using different names. And anyway all religions have agreed that there is no MR.GOD - HE is an all encompassing 'field' of 'ENERGY'- positive energy.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:24,

Allah, He is unlike all created things which have a beginning and an end. He is a Unity in His essence, and attributes, and His actions in the creation. All belongs to Him alone, everyone one of our souls - human, jinn or angel. "I" have only to choose between right and wrong, good over evil, and what is better still . . . our intelligence, life, power to will, physical strength, seeing, hearing and speech all are operated by His blessings alone.

This is the inherited wisdom of the Malay muslims.

The attributes of God in Islam:

Anonymous said...

The young Chinese man next to me at a Cendol stall wanted to order his cendol but bila dia nak order, the first word he said to the Chinese looking assistant was, 'Chinese?'. The assistant spoke Malay to him as shes not Chinese.Barulah dia order dalam Bahasa Malaysia.Inilah attitude some Malaysians who are born and bred in Malaysia.Sampai bila-bila pun tak kan ada perpaduan kalau attitude macam ni..