Tuesday, May 07, 2013

MCA Chua Soi Lek is so wrong!!

The few good men.....in MCA!

"I accept MCA’s losses and the party will not take up any government post at state and federal levels.This was in accordance to the unanimous decision approved at the party’s EGM and unanimously endorsed by the central committee.As the president of MCA, I have to stabilize the party under this difficult condition. I will convene a meeting of the Presidential Council and Central Committee to deliberate a direction of the party following the dismay results.At the same time, I have decided that I will not seek re-election in the upcoming party election." CHUA SOI LEK, MCA president.

Chua Soi Lek is wrong, the seven MCA MPs who won the general elections showed rational thinking Malaysian-Chinese still support BN.
Therefore, I implore the newly sworned prime minister to appoint to his Cabinet some of these seven MCA  members of parliament who won the general elections.
MCA deputy president Datu Seri Liow Tiong Lai who campaign relentlessly in Bentong deserved to be in the Cabinet.  Chua Soi Lek must resign, the dismal performance of the MCA is reflective of his leadership.
Yet he has no locus standi to tell the prime minister that no MCA members of parliament to be included in the new Cabinet.


Anonymous said...

jangan cepat percaya, bangsa sepet ni kuat perkauman

mca menang kecil hanya satu insuran

Anonymous said...

Dari segi watak dan wajah, Orang Bentong ada keriangan dan semangat untuk menambat hati kaum Cina. Kita tenguk Soi Lek pun rasa letih dan mengantuk.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly, cousin. I think there is an overplay of chinese bashing from almost all the blogs that I read.

Yes we understand the sentiment. We are all geram with the massive vote swings by the chinese people. But we have to understand. The ground-based, ordinary chinese, irrespective of their voting the DAP, are not to be blamed. They are just playing along the herd mentality. Look at those young chinese university students displaying updown Malaysian flags---do you think they know any better? Who had been feeding them all with all those negative energies?

It is the the hard-core DAP taikors and tokongs who form the very nucleus of malay hatred, the kind of hatred that they want all innocent chinese to share with.

You are right in that we need those MCA representatives. We need the chinese. Those who say we don't, are only fooling themselves. And to be fair, the chinese need us too. Why can't everybody stop being drawn by the trickeries of the DAP to polarize this nation more and more along racial lines? Why do we have to layan the DAP diabolical ambitions by dragging our other dear chinese citizens?

The chinese pay taxes in this country. Those very same tax that we use for nation-building. Why must we abandon them now?


Kit Siang had already tested the waters by issuing statements like "Northern Malaysia" and "Returning this country to its rightful owner" just after elections.

If we get lured by DAP's bait this time, we will only be making Kit Siang's wish become true: namely a bloody conflict with a minority. That is what he had been wanting all along. At the expense of his people! Of the Malaysians!

Let's defeat Kit Siang in his already defeated state. Let's join hand-in-hand with whatever remaining chinese entities who have the same vision as us, to help in the rebuilding of this nation after much has been destroyed by the likes of Kit Siang and his racist minions.

And yes I agree. Pull in those MCA MPs into the cabinet to help us in this nation building. And if I have my say, I would propel diligent people like Wee Choo Keong to have more prominent roles, while Lee Lam Thye, Khoo Kay Kim etc become Senior Advisors to cabinet minsiters in strategic issues. And heck, make people like Syen Yee Aun become youth ambassadors alongside other young BN youngsters to bridge a gap between the Malaysia now and a future Malaysia. And while we are at it, we can even make Helen Ang become Malaysia's ambassador to any international political events.

Those who think that dowsing fire with fire, has no one but themselves to get burned with.

Marking Bagpie

Anonymous said...

Some people are so immature, like to thrown tantrum, punish others or even the whole community to just to prove a point.

People lose respect for you when you use dirty tactics to gain power.
People do not like you when you sideline winnable candidates to secure your position.
People will not vote for you when you give them daily dosage of racial & religous incitement in their daily paper.

No one like their inteligence to be insulted or be taken as a fool.
Last minute do good will not instantly change people mindset, only continuous good service speaks out.

Instead of working harder to win back people heart, this dirty old man choose to punish the community, which he always claim he represent by not having a single representation in Parliament.

Good riddance CSL, goodbye MCA and goodbye all the eunuch in MCA who cant even speak up against a porn artist, needless to mention their Umno taiko

I need to remind PR supporters not to spread too much false news, like old image of power outage, buses at some US airport, clearance of foreign worker etc.. just to instigate

It might also backfire like MCA daily poison dosage when people find out the truth.

Always remember the story about the boy who cried wolf.


"Lain Kalilah"

Anonymous said...

Ho..ho..ho.... dengan bangsa ni kena lagi pintar.. tak berak di pintu depan cirit di pintu belakang nanti. Cannot put 100% trust.Yangan cikali poon lah.

Anonymous said...

Helen Ang to be Star Publication Editor in Chief.
not two ways about it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Magpie. Dr Chua is true to his word lah. The MCA at its EGM sometime ago resolved to do this. It was endorsed by their Central Committee. So if the members want it otherwise, then he'll have to go back to the Committee, have an EGM, for which the answer might be the same. Just read Helen Ang's blog posts where she has highlighted that the MCA-owned STAR with a readership of 5.6m has been promoting DAP and the evangalistas rather than MCA. Just wait and you'll also see some of them moving over to DAP.

Anonymous said...

How to lay 100% trust in politician
All can be bought at a price.
How many BN & PR turn Ind this round?

Anonymous said...

Barking Magpie... well said. Totally agreed with you... I've been following Life of Annie and Helen Ang.. open minded people and very objective.. should engage with them more often..

Anonymous said...

He is only favouring his master- DAP.
Dont you see that?

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:45pm

I wholeheartedly agree with you. We love to see our competitor's circulation drop like a stone, just like what's happening to the NST. With Helen in charge, bullshit is replaced with more bullshit. More n' more readers will desert it for The Sun & online news sites.

- one of the editors at The Sun :)

Anonymous said...

Yes! Helen Ang to be Chief Editor, The Star after sacking the incumbent Board and Wong Chun Wai for all the complaints about the moles and for doing business with the Singapore Government.

Anonymous said...

Yes Helen Ang to take over EIC of STAR.What bothers me is DIDNT all these MCA leaders notice what WCW and his evangelists were doing.Or did they?Only God can answer that.

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with bullshit if it is our bullshit !

Anonymous said...

No lah.. better appoint Ibrahim Ali as senator and let him be a minister in-charge of MCA lagi best.

Anonymous said...

Chinese need to be shown that UMNO intends to remain in power as long as the earth goes around the sun.

Show them how Malays play politics. UMNO will have to join hands with PAS and adopt a leftist approach.

BN has been very lenient and listen to its component members opinion. People are taking the peaceful situation in the country for granted. They will only appreciate it when its lost.

Anonymous said...

After contemplating their navels since 1966 - 47 long years and did nothing for the Rakyat, and shouted the PAP slogan 'Malaysia for Malaysians, the DAP took a 180 degree turn recently and said,
'Malaysian Politics is Malay based.' The Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP finally recognises the Malay characteristics and leadership of Malaysian politics. But is this too late ?

Anonymous said...

Mr MCA. Please no more money making schemes to fleece the doctors !

Anonymous said...

Oh! Puhleeseee!!! Haven't you learned anything from 2008 election and now 2013 election ? Gawd no! No more jilat kaki cina. They don't care about us. Enough is enough. Move forward.

Anonymous said...

oh yeah! it's ok for them to bash us ALL the time but it's not ok for us to say anything based on facts ?

Anonymous said...

I wrote to Kementerian Pendidikan two years ago advising them it's high time Malaysia implement many more integrated-curriculum vernacular schools to slowly replace the 100% vernacular schools. The continuing failure to take up this serious challenge is leading the country into troubling unchartered waters of racial and linguistic polarization.
A friend of mine from one of these integrated sekolah kebangsaan in Cheras is such a bright happy fellow speaking Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Mandarin and good English that I was just wowed. He's now a junior manager with Prudential Insurance. He told me that besdies the national curriculum, his school offered 2 other subjects ie. Mandarin language and Chinese civilization, taught in the mother tongue.
Here one finds the best of pluralistic Malaysian cultural integration. Good for the heart and good for the mind as well ...!

Anonymous said...

Kepada Yip Kum Fook (MCA GOMBAK)
Menbaca berita dari Media dan berpendapat berita dari orang ramai Taman Desa Jaya, Kepong berkenaan kelakuan yang benar-benar “U” (Yip Kum Fook) tipu perempuan dan merosakan keluarga orang lain dan memakan wang Tokong, bermalu-malukan parti MCA Malaysia, masyarakat Cina dan penganut Agama Buddha…….

Kami harap “U” menujukan satu contohan yang baik, letakan jawatan Ketua MCA Gombak dan pengerusi SAMNAK SAMBODHI dan lain-lain jawatan dengan segara.

Anonymous said...

Ven. Dr Ashin Indaka (Sami Buddha dari Myanmar) atau yang adalah hamba ditipu tentang wang yang mahu menjadi sami, ia diperlukan untuk membayar RM400 setiap orang. Setiap tahun lebih daripada 100 orang menjadi sami di Tahun Baru Cina (RM400 X 100people = RM40, 000.00), maka beliau menghabiskan 5 tahun di Malaysia (Rm40000.00 x 6 tahun = Rm240000.00) dan jumlah pendapatan lain (derma) tentang Juta MR (Ringgit Malaysia). Ini adalah berita oleh AHLI SAMNAK SAMBODHI TOKONG BUDDHA (No: 19 Jalan 38 Taman Desa Jaya, Kepong 52100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Anonymous said...

Kepada Semua Ahli-ahli MCA yang di hormati,
Bahawa Yip Kum Fook ketua Gombak MCA dan Yip Jiun Hann ketua pemuda MCA Gombak, bapa dan anaknya cuba merebut Jawatan Tinggi pusat MCA pada Dec ini.
Kami harap Ahli-ahli MCA menimbang dengan sedalam-dalamnya, janganlah undi orang yang bermuka dua kerana perangainya sangat jahat di masyarakat Orang Cina Malaysia.
Dia guna kuasa tipu wanita, merosakan keluarga orang lain, sampai wang SAMNAK SAMBODHI BUDDHIST TEMPLE, DESA JAYA, KEPONG, KL pun berani telan dan tanah tokong India di Taman Daya dia pun tamak membakar untuk kekaya sendiri.
Sekiranya kumpulan opportunist semacam ini disokong dalam parti MCA, kami yakin parti MCA sampai bila pun tidak bolih berkembang.