Monday, May 06, 2013

The next Cabinet line up will determine the outcome of GE14!

Najib, get rid of the zombies!

Some of these previous Cabinet members lost during the recent GE, and some were not contesting...however if you ask me Najib must be bold enough to again drop many more from the previous line up, for new cabinet faces will most definitely be welcomed by Malaysians who believe in BN and voted for it again during the GE13!

Now that the GE13 had been fought and gone I wish the best for Prime Minister Dato' Seri Najib Razak.
The National Front (BN) under his leadership has successfully wrested Kedah from the opposition and strenghtened Perak BN.
While the BN did not fare all that well, seat wise, on this particular elections, as compared to GE12, he did win back two out of five states that were won by the opposition.
Now that the BN is back in power the next few days is crucial as to whom he might chose for his cabinet line up!
Certain issues are beyond good manners, they say, but Najib has to dropped many incumbents to put in new candidates.  We want fresh faces to helm our Cabinet and always remember Sir, you have been given a second chance to lead, and really lead the country, and the people that you choose had better be those acceptable by Malaysians!
As for Anwar Ibrahim, now that you did not it make as as the PM of this country and you promised to quit if the GE13 proved a failure for you to take over, I think you must honour your promise to quit. If not then we have to accept the fact that you are just a man that goes against many things you have promised in the past.
Basically if you go against your word, you are just one of the many convincing liars, and  charlatans, that the world has ever known!   
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