Saturday, May 04, 2013

Shot wild boar thrown inside a mosue compound in Baling!

So we went on this road trip across the country clocking about 1,400 kms from KL to Kuala Kangsar, Lenggong, Grik, Banding and then back down to Pengkalan Hulu near Betong, then to Baling up to Butterworth, Taiping then to Lumut then back to KL.
All along the way the blue wave is more prominent compared to the Pakatan blue-red and PAS green flags.
People were friendly and made no excuses talking about the current government and the possibility of opposition forming a government.
In Grik, at the health department complex, a senior technician born and raised there said unlike the previous elections during his father's and grandfather's time where people were programmed to vote for the ruling party.
"Today I, and many others I am sure, will vote for BN not because I am being programmed, but because I know Pakatan and Pas and DAP cannot rule the country," he said.
He also said the sex video of Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) and the recent video of Pas Mustapha Ali in a hotel room proved the opposition guys are hypocrite.  These videos are very popular in Grik.
We took a random sampling by stopping at a coffee shop in a town filled with non-blue wave banners, we found out that the opposition candidate did not even show his presence meeting the voters.
"Merekas ni semua tukan karut (they are all useless idiots)," said a pensioner.
After about an hour we paid for the tea and coffee and left happy, and they said to drive carefully.
In Baling yesterday a dead wild boar was thrown into the compound of a mosque over there.
According to the rela member this has to be a work of the DAP, because only they will go out and shoot wild boar, and will do such thing.
"Muslim Malays, be they in the opposition will not do this, this has to be the DAP," said this man.
Well just to show you how desperate and in some places tenser ever since the ele4ctions is just around the corner.
A good friend from Penang said, and confirmed that BABI will lose in Permatang Pauh, and why?: "Well the people there are now beginning to see the light, and majority of them believe that the person in the sex video is really Anwar.
"Most of all they believe Anwar is involved in the recent attacks in Lahad Datu, and they believe by asking foreign militiamen to attack our soil killing our security forces men, is simply an act of treason.  He (Anwar) must be brought to justice when the elections is over," he said.


Anonymous said...

Bila cakap pasal Baling, teringat rundingan Baling, teringat komunis, tergoogle jumpa blog ni.

Sungguh tak sangka.
Agaknya berapa ramai lagi komunis ada kat Malaysia ni?

Anonymous said...

Is there any possibility that the wild boar was shot nearby, then ran and die in the mosque's compound?

Was the carcass found near a road? Looks like it's quite heavy to throw that dead wild boar into the mosque 's compound.

Why don't the villagers give that carcass to the Siamese?


Anonymous said... means its still a green place where wild animals roam freely. A boar is just a boar lah. Ciptaan Tuhan juga.Kalo iman kuat tak payah nak knee-jerk tuduh itu ini SEBAB - itu lah reaction org tungukan.Patut juga org Islam ni terkenal dgn asik nak marah ajer.Always angry and violent. Kalo betul beriman, reti apa itu true spirituality ignore aje. God is greater than all this lah. Need to learn to live thru that. Lagi effective!

Anonymous said...

Baling babi sembunyi tangan