Saturday, June 15, 2013

Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim is an untrustworthy adversary to Najib!

Tell it long enough people tend to believe.....but then we have to think clearly!

There is this speculative little story concocted by a pro-Opposition news portal saying a secret meeting between Prime Minister Najib Razal, and de facto opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, brokered by Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, took place in Jakarta.
No such meeting took place.
These are the facts:  Yes, Najib was in Jakarta on an official break from his duties and maybe played a game of golf with his friends.
Anwar was no where to be seen anywhere near Jakarta or anywhere else  in Indonesia,  and Zahid was indeed in Bali to attend an official function.  He said he was not there!
A pro-opposition news portal placed two and three together and spun a yarn that is convincing enough for anti- BN and anti-Najib people to believe.
The fact of the matter is there no reason for Najib to see Anwar for a meeting when the latter was clearly not seen as a trustworthy adversary and clearly a liar of the highest order.
I hope we stop spreading lies especially by the pro-opposition electronic and print media!

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