Sunday, June 02, 2013

Confirmed! BABI is HIV Positive! For a long time now!

Magic Johnson has HIV for the last 20 years he kept alive by taking in a cocktail drug euphemistically known as "triple therapy", only the rich can afford it!

According to a reliable source, he has been one for  long time now. The government suspected this a while back and when the authority wanted to take his blood sample but he refused stating that he might then be injected with the HIV virus.
In fact if the authority had succeeded getting his blood sample the world will know for sure that he was/ and still is a HIV positive infected person.
The question will be asked: "Why wouldn't his body deteriorated, and die?"
Well, the answer is there is this cocktail drug that only the rich can afford, that can stunt the spreading of the virus, that will allow you to prolong your life.  It is possible for a person with HIV positive to live longer with a proper expensive "cocktail drug" treatment.
Remember famous American basket ball player Magic Johnson, well he contracted HIV some 20 years ago and he has been borrowing life via that expensive drug cocktails that only the super rich can afford.
I was told a course of this very expensive drug costs between RM4000 to RM5000.
Only the super rich, like Magic Johnson or BABI, can afford to live longer, the poor with this HIV scourge can only hope to die a miserable death.
I just hope that those, men or women, who had sex with BABI will now know the score they are in, either you are lucky not to be infected with HIV positive via having sex with him or you already know you have it.

P.S. Even though the cocktail drugs can stunt the spread, the drug itself can affect an infected person rationality.  Doctors say those taking the drug have symptoms like being delusional and in a perpetual state of being high.   The effect is like taking Xanac 100 times over.  The feeling of a perpetual you ain't going to die!  Kind of what BABI is feeling now!

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