Sunday, June 23, 2013

Forget BABI and his pipe dream...we are all choking to death here!

The burning has to stop!
This is no way to live!
It does not matter what we believe in but we are all breathing in the same putrid air!

We really have to set our priority right.
Forget about racism and parochial thinking! 
Forget Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim and his ranting, forget DAP,  forget about Umno, infact forget about politics unless we are not aware that we choking to death and have been attacked by our neighbouring country Indonesia.
We have to unite in order to survive and fight a bigger culprit....plantation companies!
By allowing plantation companies to burn forest that sparked thick haze to a point of where in neighbouring countries like Malaysia and Singapore people are dying,  is indeed an act of aggression! Read here..
The United Nations must get together to tell Indonesia to clean up its act or face international sanctions.
Malaysia has declared a state of emergency in Johore and air pollution index (API) has exceeded beyond dangerous levels. Read here. and here...
It does not help if Indonesia is pointing fingers at both Malaysia and Singapore stating palm oil companies from both countries are responsible.  I say Indonesia must deal with the problem to douse the forest fires and throw the book at these errant companies Malaysian or not. Read here...
These perennial problem of haze emanating from Sumatra, in Indonesia, must be dealt with once and for all.


IT.Sheiss said...

Considering that Anwar has a direct line to the president of Indonesia, why does he not do us Malaysians a favour by bring influence to bear on the president to do something, including throw the book at the plantation owners.

On our part, our government should throw the book at Malaysian plantation owners responsible.

If we are a dictatorship - can just seize their assets in banks, land, buildings, etc. arrest their directors here and put send them before a firing squad in Dataran Merdeka or Padang Merbok, televise the executions and show it on TV every hours and in cinemas before the film starts.

Anonymous said...

Orang serumpun Nusantera Melayu.

Sikit asap bising sangat adik.

Pondan betul. Kat Sumatera, orang tak bising pun.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia has a lot of plantations. Do plantations in Malaysia regularly burn down trees?

Should we just let Indonesians lay blame on Malaysian plantation companies and accept that's really why these things regularly happen on Indonesia?

Anonymous said...

bloody indonesians. Thanks for nothing...

Anonymous said...