Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Misplaced arrogance as shown by Malaysian-Chinese!

                           October 16, 1964, China successfully exploded its first atomic bomb.

One morning during my secondary schooldays at Maxwell School my little world came a tumbling down when my good friend and classmate Ve Tsing walked pass me without pushing my shoulder or saying funny stuff, as he usually did.
I was taken aback as to his what I perceived as arrogant behaviour and I confronted him and asked him why he was rude.
He said: "I am a proud Chinese today since China blasted its first atomic bomb and we are great people!"
I had no idea what he was talking about then, the connection between his arrogance and the atomic blast, that is.
I found out later that he was proud over the fact that China had become a super power.  Without realising it that the atomic blast had also sent Malaysian Chinese pride to orbit.  I swear the attitudes of the Malaysian-Chinese students that whole month, the whole year, heck until today have not changed.
From the first atomic blast in the 60s until the further rise in Communist China to super economic and military power today, these two facts have changed the attitudes of our Malaysian-Chinese here and around the world.
Back home, I foresee no hope in hell for my Malaysian-Chinese brethren to accept the Malaysian constitution as a matter of fact and to recognise the King as their paramount ruler and that they will never again support the present ruling UMNO led coalition.
This is indeed very sad for us as I see, my own personal view of course, the One Malaysia concept is in a comatose state (may be it will regain consioucness). In spite of our dedicated prime minister reaching out to all Malaysians from the gamut of life, the Malaysian-Chinese have failed a good government and they will not ever again vote for any UMNO led coalition government again.
So this leaves the Malays to their own devices and be aware that only their majority votes for future elections that can save the Malays from being booted out of their own home.
On a different matter I think Malaysia must make conscious efforts to get closer to the US, for only this super power can save us from being inundated by Chinese nationalism and kiasu-ism at the expense of Malaysia being controlled by a race that is so selfish and arrogant that they must be stopped.  Somebody must pointed out their misplaced feeling of superiority over others.
For the Malays, they have to stand united for the next five years to put in place an Umno-led coalition (if there is one at all) to lead the country again.
Otherwise the Malays have no one else to blame but themselves!


Anonymous said...

the Chinese in Malaysia should count themselves very lucky for no other countries outside China or maybe Taiwan /HK Macau can the local immigrant Chinese maintain their Chineseness.They have their schools, their temples, their culture, their gravesites, mostly on good frng shui high ground, the newspapers that sows hatred, jealousies, and insecurity to the very secure and rich people, day in and day out. The Chinese control almost all business even halal food. They are the leaders in rubber gloves export at the expense of cheap and subsidized rubber latex. The Chinese owned millions of acres of good agricultural land. Most housing developers are Chinese and they control the price of building materials. They drive nice and fancy cars, have one wife but many concubines. Live in gated upmarket housing. Very few are poor.
They spend thousand pertable for new year dinners and burn firecrackers even they knew its illegal
Very oppressed living here their leader said and everyone agreed!!!

Anonymous said...

we have to teach them to clean their butt and zizi after every use here.. so much for 5,000 yrs old culture.

Anonymous said...

Malaysian Chinese or Chinese Malaysian? The former is incorrect to describe the Chinese in Malaysia.The latter is more appropriate.Chinese as an adjective.

The Chinese Malaysians can count their blessings.Their counter part in the mainland China,their ancestral homeland,particular in the rural,are living in poor shackled huts and even in caves.I do not exaggerate.This is the reality of the poor millions in the rural north of China.

Even in mega cities like Beijing millions of immigrants who eke their living by labouring for 24 hrs for a mere RM2.50 worth of noodles.

Our Chinese Malaysians should be thankful that their earlier generation had chosen to stay for good in the Tanah Melayu.But are they thankful?

Anonymous said...

cinabeng will always exploit weaknesses as in legal loopholes

so when the Malays still insist on being gracious, welcoming, forgiving, generous as displayed by Najib they say "this one sure can makan"

"just pretend we LOVE PM" eat and be merry but on 505 we vote cinabeng party

so Najib has to become more like Tun Dr M fast, the faster the better

Anonymous said...

If the Chinese thought that last GE they could UBAH or get Lim Kit Siang to be second Prime Minister or something like that they were horribly mistaken.How stupid were they to believe Anwar Ibrahim would give them the post and also whether the BABI, (Brother Anuar Bin Ibrahim) would have an easy task at implementing the plan
The Chinese may look smart but actually they are stupid idiots

Anonymous said...

And corruption in their homeland country is even worse. Here in Malaysia the perpretors and giver of corruption are the Chinese Malaysia people. I have seen they offered money to DBKL to prevent getting traffic summon ..they gleefully gave but behind they scorn at their own action.Typical of the Chinese

Anonymous said...

hikmah PRU13 - sifat rasis cinabeng terserlah

sifat tak berterima kasih pun menonjol

sifat bongkak tak boleh dinafikan

sifat tamak sudah darah daging cinabeng


Anonymous said...

lagi bangsat - Melayu yg kaki menyembah budaya /jilat jubo cibai. Dia kemaruk sangat nak tunjuk kat Cina dia lah Melayu yg special sekali. Self-hating meleis - shows a deeper personal issue. The need for approval from the Cinabeng stemming from persistent brainwashing over the years that nothing Malay is ever good. Especially bila dah banyak bercampur dgn Cina. Bukan dia stand proud dia gi tunduk sembah jilat pungok bangsa tu lagi They do anything for that pat on their backs from the Cinabeng *friends*. Maruah tahap - satu sen sepuluh. Hampeh!!

Anonymous said...

aku sedih jalan2 kat Kenanga belakang Pudu tu tengok kedai2 jual barang murah konon yang semuanya Cina punyer tapi yang dating dan beli 90% Melayu
Juga deretan kedai wholesale kain kat situ juga aku tengok semua Cina pinyer tapi yang beli nya Melayu. Ada satu Pak Chik nak beli kain untuk Hari Raya untuk rumah anak yatim mintak discount sedikit pun haramjadah Cina tak beli katanya sudah lugi oh!!!menyirap darah aku.
Ini lah niaga yg patut kita boycott, tak payah pakai baju baru atau beli bunga plastic hiasan tahun ni dan bila2

Anonymous said...

Ni berpolitik ke atau perasaan hasad dengki DNA?

Yang tak de DNA ni pulak di tuduh Melayu Liberal lah, Melayu Cinabeng lah Dan lain lain.

Betul tak?

Anonymous said...

anon June 20, 2013 12:51 AM masih belum lulus Bahasa Melayu

Tukang Karut said...

Yg tak ada DNA tu sebenar-benarnya DAJAL, IBLIS, SETAN, JIN, JEMBALANG dan yg sama dgnnya.

Manusia yg takut bagi DNA tu takut org tahu dia sebenarnya dari keturunan salah satu makhluk2 diatas.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.51am dont worry we have a great master Sifu in the Cinabeng race. Hail to the Sifu... Buat2 tak tau pula. try this- reaping what u sow?

Anonymous said...

Begitulah nasib orang melayu.kita harapkan umno dgn pas untuk jaga bangsa melayu dan bumiputra.tapi dia orang jaga bangsa cina lebih dari bangsa sendiri. Orang melayu sebenarnya tak ada tempat di negara sendiri. Orag melayu sebenarnya tak ada tempat nak mengadu.

Anonymous said...

Sebenar tiada bangsa Cina di Malaysia. Orang Cina adalah orang dari Negara China Republik. Yang Malaysia adalah orang orang berasal dari berbagai suku kaum iaitu Hakka, Kantonis, Fujian, Teochew, Hainan dan FuZhou. Mereka ini boleh di katakan Kaum Hakka Malaysia, Kantonis Malaysia, Fujian Malaysia dan seterusnya yang mempunyai berbagai budaya dan bahasa yang amat berbeza. Maka Mereka berkata mereka ialah Cina sedang Bangsa Cina adalah sebenar datang dari People Republic of China.Bahasa ibuda mereka ada lah bahasa mengikut bahasa etnik mereka bukan bahasa mandarin. oleh kerana hendak menyatukan dan menyusun masyarakat-masyarakat berbagai etnik ini di Malaysia, Singapura dan Indonesia maka mereka memperkenalkan Bahasa Mandarin Baku sebagai bahasa nasionalisme etnik diaspora dan di sebut bangsa CINA. Orang Melayu pun terima mereka ini sebagai bangsa Cina sedang ia tidak. Sejarah Perang Larut I pada tahun 1861 antara puak Gee Hin dan Hai San ada lah rahsia sebenar siapa mereka ini. Terima kasih lah kepada orang orang bangsa Melayu yang menyatukan etnik etnik ini dari Negara China.

omarji said...

selagi melayu bodoh, selagi itu China jadi champion.

Melayu semua jawatan tinggi dari pejabat Tanah sampai Kastam, JPJ, Immigeresen dan semua.
datuk Bandar pun melayu. Ketua Polis pun melayu. Siapa makan rasuah ? mana Iman ?
Kita di tayangkan di TV3 setiap malam di serbu rumah urut dan pelacuran dan judi. Lepas itu apa jadi? Esok lusa semua business macam biasa. Semua pelacur dibebaskan kemudian hari. Siapa bagi bebas dan jamin ? Maksiat akan terus berkembang selagi melayu pegang kuasa dan mudah dibeli oleh China. Hatta menteri dan kerabat raja pun tunduk dengan China. Senang dapat jawatan Chairman dan Director secepat dipencen ! Melayu jadi hamba pada China yang ada duit. Dia boleh beli semua melayu dengan duit, wanita dan kemewahan.

Janganlah asyik hentam China diblog aje.

Anonymous said...

My humble opinion is that most of our Malaysian Cina are more intimately connected to Hong Kong type marketplace consumerism and entertainment. Many do not understand nor embrace the perennial ethical and spiritual values of Chinese civilization. Chinese society is recovering from the after-effects of Maoism and being challenged by laissez-faire capitalism.
Then the ultra-smart syncretic coalition DAP-PKR-PAS want to syncretize western evangelical-liberal democracy with wahhabi legalist-islamist ideology - betul punya hasrat GILA!
Ya Allah! selamatkan Negara sejahtera kita dan orang saleh kita dari ancaman kebodohan, kejelekan, keghairahan .....

Prof. Daniel Bell of Tsinghua University: New Confucianism and what do the Chinese want?


Anonymous said...

Melayu harus menguasai ekonomi negeri sendiri, barulah boleh jalan sama itu cinabeng

Barangan pun ditanggong Halal, bila dah kuasa penuh baru lah cinabeng kelam kabut nak jadi nyonya dan baba