Sunday, July 07, 2013

FIS tried it, so did Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, and now BABI attempting the same!

The Islamic Salvation Front of Algeria, or Front Islamique du Salut or FIS, won an election in Algeria in 1991, which, among other things that it did, empowered and given them the rights to "imprison" women at home and not allowing them to work nor to drive a car.
FIS then was made appealing to the half educated youth and the lower urban class of Algeria where these disenchanted  group supported this pseudo-Islamic party in toto. Read more here!
First order of the day when the FIS swept to power was to control the women, why I do not understand.
The Algerian military Establishment then had wanted to promote democracy by allowing Islamic parties, such as FIS, to get involved in elections, and when they saw the opportunity the FIS went with a vengeance by implementing man-made Islamic rules that were not even stated in the Holy Koran.
The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in Egypt had a similar appeal to the disenfranchised youth and the lower urban class and won the general elections, but less than a year the MB under its leader Mursi ceased to be for being too extremely anti-rules of basic law, such as allowing women to work or to drive cars.
The MB, like the FIS, again tried to put women in check.  What is with these half-past six Muslim leaders of the world trying to control Muslim women!?
In such extreme cases women were told to drape themselves with thick curtain-like material over their bodies and told to cover their heads with bath towels, all in the name of Islam.  No where in the Holy Book it says women have to cover their heads.  Read here!
Then there is a little man in Malaysia popularly known as BABI, who tried to do the same as his bretheren in the FIS in Algeria, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt tried to do and failed miserably!
Another senile old man in Kelantan also does the same to his women.  He said women who wear a dress without a tudung can be raped!!! Read the rubbish here! 
If I had not mentioned it already but both FIS in Algeria and MB in Egypt have been check-mated!
I just hope Malay-Muslims in this country will wake up and try to use their common sense as not to be duped by BABI and his chauvinist Chinese cohorts into believing their outrages lies!
While other progressive societies have split atom and excelled in science and technology and sent robot to Mars, a precursor to colonising this red planet, Muslim leaders around the world are pre-occupied with containing women's progress and telling them to cover up!  What the heck!!!

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