Friday, July 12, 2013

I can't help but feeling a citizen, that is!

I can't help having this feeling the country is not safe anymore. Why? Just read the paper about people being raped, kidnapped and shot at, recently a school teacher. A school teacher?!!
You read about machete wielding people slashing at customers while they were having dinner at a restaurants, for God sake!
I know this feeling is for real for I did not feel it then and why am I feeling it now.
It appears as though the laws are not being respected by the people anymore and for some repeated offenders they are as though saying "catch me if you can" knowing the men in blue who also appear to be afraid to discharge their duty.
Unless the government  is continuously being perceived to be weak and accommodating, to criminals especially, well we will not see the end of this unsafe feelings.
For a start the Sedition Act 1948 must be properly em placed and protected and this is to ensure a strong deterrent to criminal activity.  This Act is constitutional and cannot and should not be challenged for it has a greater good purpose.
I suggest the government should exercised this mechanism, this Act, to protect its citizen and to make the country safe for nasty elements.

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