Tuesday, July 23, 2013

In spite of previous problems he inherited, Najib did well!

I read with such consternation of prominent and known blogger, or bloggers, condemning Prime Minister Najib Razak's "dismal" performance of the 13th General Elections under his watch.
Let us put this in correct perspective. The 12th General Elections saw the Barisan Nasional (BN) lost Penang, Kedah, Kelantan, Perak, Selangor and the Federal Territories to the opposition. The man responsible for the loss was Dollah Badawi, the famous sleeping prime minister.
During the last 13th general elections, under Najib as the prime minister, BN took back Kedah, reduced Kelantan majority, had Perak fully entrenched under BN rules.
For the first time in any electoral history the country saw a very stark increase in Malay voters, Umno seats increased to eight more, and FT won another seat.  BN also managed to reduce the PAS majority in Kelantan. That was hardly dismal I would say.
The fact that Malay votes have increased also showed the Malays under Najib are now more conscious of their own existence in their own country.
Under Najib, we have to admit that Penang was a hard nut to crack, and we expect it will be even harder to do so in future. Nevertheless, under Najib after the 13th general elections, Umno seats have increased from 79 to 88 seats.
Unfortunately for Najib, the Chinese voters have gone ballistically to the opposition, where we saw the MCA being mutilated beyond recognition. Happily MIC increased its performance by gaining one seat.
So to these prominent and known bloggers, it is not fair to condemn Najib for not being able to acquire a 2/3 majority, considering the handicap he had after taking over from Dollah Badawi, the sleeping former PM, Najib was sincere in  trying to put the country back together.
Like after Humpty Dumpty and Dollah Badawi, it's going to take a while before the country can be put together again. It can and will be!
Read a bit on humpty dumpty here!


Anonymous said...

All those wacking PM belongs mainly to the Mamakutty clan. Buta ka? Anaknya mau naik.

Even TPM clans are dreaming of their pemimpin jadi PM. Dapat lah projek sebelum BN tumbang. Manalah tau kan?

Even the Islamists in UMNO mau projek sebelum terjadi apa-apa seperti kat Mesir dll.

Yang hampeh, Ada VP kat MT jugak berhajat nak jadi TPM Dan mempunyai bloggers Upahan senyap.

Anonymous said...

Which is why Tun Dr M still support Najib as there is no other choice for the time being.

But Najib pandering to the chinese is a sore point to the majority Malay voters.

He is too populist, wanting to be PM for all. No one leader can please all, at the same time.

He must now repay the voters who put him in the seat of power - the Malays.

Otherwise, Muhyiddin, Anifah and Zahid are possible replacements.

Anonymous said...

MAgpie, are you referring to A.Kadir Jasin on Najib?

A friend!

Pasquale said...

Anonymous I am not referring to anyone in specific it is jsut that I get so riled up when self-righteous non politician and coffee-table commentators who got his riches using his political connections, and living in an exclusive upper middle class suburbia, yet to claim to have come from a kampong, who never had to make any critical decisions affecting the country, so making an unfounded and disparaging remarks against a serving prime minister is just too much to be desired...yes I do get riled up!

Anonymous said...

.. I think most Melayu kecewa dengan Najib not because of PRU13 performance. It is due to the actions that he took post GE.

.. Malays think that Najib is still kow-towing to Cina that slapped him kaw-kaw during GE

.. another thing is the controversial appointments of GLCs heads and ministers

.. Najib's over reliance on his advisers is another sore point. Shoe-shinning the Americans with TPPA and getting cosy with the Vatican City are also a no-no

Frankly I like Najib too but at present I prefer a firmer PM like Tun M not a Mr. Popular.

Anonymous said...

The Malays is supporring umno not beciz of najib but out of fear of pr. Najib disregards the malays and bumis in sabah serawak and still.he is doing the same bitingvthebhand who keep him in power by reversing every right still left to bumis and malays. Muo mari.

Anonymous said...

if u hired a plumber and the water still leak will you still pay the plumber to fix it again ? What it have to be different between a plumber and a pm?

Kumbang said...

Tun Mahathir has reiterated that the reason for the big support from Malays for UMNO is not due to Najib factor but to prevent the chinese under DAP and Anwar Ibrahim taking over the country.But despite being secured the victory of the GE13, Najib failed utterly to prove himself his worth.He is still keeping his chinese chauvinist consultant Omar Ong, JJ and several others.He plan to repeal the Sedition Act and going ahead with the TPPA agreement.He still reinstate several ministers and officers who are known for corruption in several government/GLC post eg.Annuar Musa, Md Nor Yaakop, Azeez Tabung Haji etc. Goodness what a long list of mischieves ...BTW, Najib's picture stroking his cat during perutusan PRK Besut trying to pose like those of American President look rather silly for being a Malay.(Ek Eleh mengadanya)