Thursday, July 25, 2013

TPP is going to be a "one-sided" trade partnership! If we are bullied to submission!

Whether he is white of black president....from Teddy Roosevelt to Barack Obama....the US trade policy vis-a-vis the world has always been a one sided affairs that involves bullying to submission of other perceived smaller and weaker countries, like Malaysia!

The United States had never really change its gunboat trade diplomacy since the days of Teddy Roosevelt! In the lampooning just change Republic of Santo Domingo to Malaysia!

And for sure without transparency, the public is in no position to form an opinion, and the country will be forever sold to big super Multi-National Corporations (MNCs!)

 AT the turn of the last century, when American hegemony was on the rise, it bullied nations, including the British Empire, to accept free trade. Over time, the concept became formalised as the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), which was later replaced by the World Trade Organisation (WTO). Of course, there is nothing wrong with trade agreements generally. Nevertheless, GATT died because there was so much wrong with the international trade regime, especially terms of trade that were skewed in favour of the wealthier economies. Raw materials from the Third World counted for a fraction of the value-added articles manufactured in the First World.
At present, Malaysia is playing host to the 18th round of talks on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement, conducted behind closed doors in Sabah. Lacking transparency -- arguably a necessity given that this is still being negotiated -- it leaves the public uneasy in a world said to be ruled by transparency. That the rules of democracy should change so when dealing with major economies like the United States, often shameless bullies, is a point of contention. And, the little information that is leaking past the cracks, as in the New Zealand case appear to suggest, there are potentially menacing issues that cannot be ignored.
Take for example the issue of sovereignty. The New Zealand negotiations suggest that if signed, the country will be preparing to make itself more amenable to foreign big business. So amenable will New Zealand be to big business that companies may sue the government for legislation deemed to have cost the company dearly under the process called Investor State Dispute Settlement. These are the major issues. Apparently, there are many others that will not impact well on ordinary Kiwis.
That is what has been pieced together despite the web of secrecy. In Malaysia, the international trade and industry minister has given the public assurances that the people's interests will be protected. The attraction for the country as an exporter is obvious: the combined market resulting from the agreement. There is, too, the obvious advantage for Malaysian multinationals like Sime Darby and Petronas. But worries have been raised on how far the economic penetration of large multinationals will be in this country. Will they involve themselves in building projects, say, and thus take away business from Malaysian companies? The minister has pointedly rejected this notion. Those who are pro-TPP argue for growth and employment as part of a 12-nation trade grouping. A United Nations study commissioned by the ministry supports this position. (Reproduced from the New Straits Times editorial page/July 24th, 2013)


Anonymous said...

Do not go ahead with the TPP Agreement! Despite its commercial attractions, the moth will perish in the flames of humongous multi-national interventions into Malaysia'a sound socio-economic philosophy - our homeland belongs to us all!
Keep up scientific research and innovation, and make Malaysia a good member of the world community - it's much more than brazen dollars-and-cents values.

Towards a better world:

Anonymous said...

Just wondering, if our country signs the TPP agreement, in event an attack on our currency happens again, are we allowed to reemploy our currency control regulations as done earlier during Tun Dr Mahathir's time? Or if other economic problems were to occur due to causes from outside our country are there any restrictions in the TPPA barring us from taking preventive actions? If there are restrictions imposed on our country, then what do we have left to ptotect ourselves? I hope our Government will consider those issues before signing our our right to protect ourselves from 'outside attempts' on our country. Once we sign TPPA there is no turning back. The fine wordings in the agreement may just spell doom for our country. So why not let the public know what we are signing and let the public voice be heard. Or better still put all the cards on the table and call for a referendum on this very important agreement which is going to affect future generation.

Anonymous said...

US Must first remove all subsidies on agriculture to level the playing for farmers in Asia and Africa.

IT.Sheiss said...

This TPPA must not be signed. Full Stop.

It is nothing more than re-colonisation, except now each country has apparent political independence but is in fact economically colonised.

Sure, there may be temporary gain in terms of employment opportunities but our local industries will be pushed aside by more wealthier multinational players and at the end of the day, we will end up as workers for other people, which is no different from the days of being coolies, whether in agriculture, manufacturing or IT & multimedia.

The government must not betray the people by taking advantage of the opportunities to enrich themselves by being mandores who help western commercial interests exploit their own people.

Anonymous said...

American has always sinister intention towards nice sth sounds and appears...

...Snowden sound familiar?

Anonymous said...

Singapore already screwed us properly through the 1962 Water Agreement which made us give them free water plus giving them money to do so. This was the frontal approach.
Through the TPP, Singapore is going to SCREW us from the back as she has efficient and productive industries. Overnight, Malaysia becomes a huge market for Singapore.
The BN with UMNO sure will lose the 14th General Elections as BUMIPUTRA AND NON-BUMIPUTRAS WILL BE WIPED OUT BY THE TPP. Don't be stupid.
Please, please ladies and gentlemen, the TTP must not be sigend today as our beloved Malaysia is not yet ready for OPEN COMPETITION, maybe later....

Anonymous said...

Please ladies and gentlemen. Do not believe lies like MALAYSIA WILL HAVE A HUGE MARKET for our manufactured goods. THE TPP TURNS MALAYSIA INTO A CONSUMER MARKET FOR THE EFFICIENT AND PRODUCTIVE DEVELOPED COUNTRIES LIKE SINGAPORE. We are dependent on manufactured goods BECAUSE WE DO NOT HAVE REAL INDUSTRIALISTS. I should know I was the LAST real industrialist in the 1970s. MALAYSIA EXPORTS PALM OIL AND PETROLEUM TO SURVIVE not manufactured goods. WE DO NOT NEED THE TPP AT THE MOMENT. The Malay World and the rest will die by the TPP !

Anonymous said...

Tun Dr. Mahathir:
Malays forget too easily, must we?

Allahu Akbar! Oh Lord save us from the rejecters of faith and the hypocrites, and the tyrants all.

No To TPPA said...

If we dont understand the benefits to us, we must not sign.

This Mustapha Mohamed is a nincompoop. The Malays in Kelantan dont want him, he could not even gain the support of Kelantan Malays. Why?

Because he thinks he is not a malay but an ultra special non Malay. He brought in 14,000 cheap bangala labour to work in Johor for the Chinese furniture factories because the Chinese earn 10 billion per year!

Yet his own people in Kelantan are jobless and hate him because he has dont nothing but enriched the chinese.

He is proud to be the guest of honour at the Chinese billionaires dinner when his own people are penniless and poor back home in Kelantan.

That is how stupid MM is.

This mean whatever decision will not be in the interest of the majority of Malays but for the Chinese tokays.

Anonymous said...

Not only our beloved Malaysia was properly screwed by Singapore with the 1962 Water Agreement, do the MITI boys and girls remember the alleged bungle with the PALM OIL TARIFF WITH INDIA IN THE EARLY
1980s ? Please boys and girls, do not be heroes and heroines at the beloved country's expense.

Anonymous said...

First, it was the Singaporeans with their 1962 Water Agreement. Then, it was the Indians with their Palm Oil Tariff. And IS IT UNCLE SAM'S TURN WITH THE TPPA, boys and girls of the MITI ? Are we masochistic or what ?

Anonymous said...

In 1972, when I presented the Sime Darby repatriation concept to the Father of Development, Tun Abdul Razak and Tengku Razaleigh, I envisaged Sime Darby to be like Temasek in the 21st Century to control key foreign entities for their expertise and markets. But Sime Darby today is no international conglomerate. IT HAS BECOME AN ELEGANT BRITISH TRADING HOUSE WHICH TAKES NO RISKS AS IT HAS BECOME THE FLAGSHIP OF PNB, A TRUST.