Saturday, July 13, 2013

Whoa!! TPPA?! It started with the evil intent Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI)!

Citizens against the signing!
New Zealander wants their freedom from neo-colonisation!
Started with this stillborm monster!

"The Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI) was a draft agreement negotiated between members of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in 1995–1998. Its ostensible purpose was to develop multilateral rules that would ensure international investment was governed in a more systematic and uniform way between states. When its draft became public in 1997, it drew widespread criticism from civil society groups and developing countries, particularly over the possibility that the agreement would make it difficult to regulate foreign investors. After an intense global campaign was waged against the MAI by the treaty's critics, the host nation France announced in October 1998 that it would not support the agreement, effectively preventing its adoption due to the OECD's consensus procedures." read more here

Yesterday, it was an evil economic monster called MAI, and today that monster is known in a different name, the Trans Pacific PartnershipAgreement  (TPPA), in which the partnership will be, for sure, a one sided affairs sucking dry resources of the developing countries like  Malaysia.
In between MAI and TPP, this monster emerged in many forms, such as General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT)  and World Trade Organisation (WTO), but this  monster was "killed" beginning with MAI, after a long world wide campaign was declared a failure. The same goes with GATT and MAI.
Plainly put if this economic monster is/was allowed to be into being, countries, like Malaysia will lose control of its assets, riches and basically their sovereignty.
If MAI was allowed to be successfully signed then and agreed upon, five or six successive Malaysians governments would not be able to rescind or cancel the agreement made lest if it wants to be sued billions my foreign multi-national corporations, or raiders!  The same problem will be faced by successive Malaysian governments if we agreed on TPPA!
World agreement such as the TPPA must not be allowed to be decided by a particular ministry, if Malaysia is truly a democratic society the people must be allowed to give feed back on the pros and cons----mainly cons----of the wisdom of allowing our country to be neo-colonised again.
I wouldn't want to , would you?
In the 90s, I have  personally been campaigning online against the the evil of MAI, countries like Australia, New Zealand and Canada that I know of went against the MAI, it was "killed" when France refused to rectify the agreement, so MAI was actually still born.
During an assignment in 1994, at a press conference at Sungai Besi army airport at the end of it I asked an additional out of topic question to the the then prime minister, Tun Mahathir Mohamad, whether we have decided on whether to support MAI, he looked at me in disbelief and sat down then explained the virtue of not supporting MAI. Read here! And here!
Here was the thing no other reporters understood what MAI was all about then let alone asked pertinent question about the agreement.  So yours truly had to give a small post-"press conference" to enlighten on the finer points of the issue to his colleagues.
I sure hope that on the TPPA that we Malaysians from all walks of life must be allowed to express our views on the matter...otherwise what is the point of claiming to be living in a democratic system!
Finally, in the final analysis we have to ask ourselves whether we still want to be colonised AGAIN by the western power for them to control our resources only for their own benefits, I assure you!

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