Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Women are third class...say FIS of Algeria, Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt, PAS (PKR) of Malaysia!!

It distresses me to hear half-baked Koran-thumping fake ustaz like the one in the video talking about women as though they are a no-entity and a non-person!! But, it distresses me much  more to see how the rest of the morons sitting around him agreeing to everything he said.
Dressed like Hamas Muslim Brotherhood and even donning the trademark beard of a Salafist Muslim chauvinist, this ustaz or a "religious teacher" must be ignored, but alas his followers are those affected by BABI educationa policy when he was an Education Minister, when he was in Umno, creating policy that he knowingly would lead to chaos today.
Every sensible Malay-Muslims must come to their senses to reject the chauvinistic brand of "Islam" as taught and propagated by people like this! Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadhan Yang Suci Ini!


Anonymous said...

Why all the fuss?

UAI was right, he was just relating the reality in this country.

There are many things he was saying that I disagree but this one I agreed. The influence of "Ibu Mertua ku" sticks strongly in our mother's mentality.

Anonymous said...

A public juridical statement which directly impinges on the Malay cultural practice of marriage should be supported by an appreciation of the characteristics and circumstances applying to the particular case-in-point.
The ustaz would do well to clarify the forms of reasoning behind the pros and cons of the father's or mother's approval/disapproval, instead of totally blanketing out all maternal involvement in the selection of the marriage life-partner of their own children. This is close to outrageous in this era of widespread knowledge and civil culture like in Malaysia.

To illustrate, i'd say i'll definitely want my mummy's approval to marry this girl in this video:

Why do i need my mother's and father's approval? That's for the ustaz to lecture about my possible and probable concerns lah!

Anonymous said...

A pathetic clown masquerading as a religious zealot.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.57,

Better still 'sheep masquerading as Shepard'.

Chicks For Free said...

Religion has been well established as an easy way to make money and find women. Azhar is on his third wife. Not to mention the women toilet incident.
He was a rocker before money for nothing and chicks for free.
It seems he has more success as a penjual air liur of religion.

Anonymous said...

tapi..tapi ostad... bapak aku cam ostad juga...dia sebuk mengejar p*ki. Tak ada time nak kasi nasihat. bahkan seluar dalam, hal2 sekolah adik beradik aku semua kakak tua yang kena belikan. Suka tak suka bapak never present duk sibuk melayan bini baru, IBU juga lah yang terpaksa memainkan peranan si bapak!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

why the fuss - if you have problems with your mertua, deal with it but dont go blaming the whole gender!!!

Anonymous said...

Addoiiiiii.... memang lah Ostad tarak kelas. To put himself up he has to put someone down!! Yang duk melopong mendengar bila nak guna akal kamu ye?