Friday, August 30, 2013

A white trashy Aussie One Nation party candidate rejected for being so, so stupid!

Australia's One Nation party candidate Stephanie Banister was dropped as a candidate for the upcoming Australian federal election race after saying  Islam is a country and that Jews follow Jesus Christ. Thank Allah for that and imagine if such people were allowed to rule the world our children will have a miserable future.
This trashy woman is so ignorant that she believes Islam is a country where people from there should not be allowed to come to Australia. Read here...
There are many of these trashy ignorant white people also loitering this beautiful country of ours.
Last night, out side a five star hotel lobby a very trashy white girl with a very distinctive Australian accent holding a bottle of beer and a group of her friends were so loud that I had to tell her off to her shock and amazement.
They, this girl, could not believe what I told them to do to go back in side and drink at a proper designated place, such as a bar or "I will call the police!"
When I told the hotel people why they did not tell these people to behave especially at a Five-Star hotels, this equally Malay man with a trashy mentality apologised and said: "Depa ni tourist macam mana! (They are tourist how can I!)"
I said: "Kita ada undang undang, hotel ada undang undang guna kan! (We have our laws and this stupid hotel also have rules use it!)
So the moral of the story is do not allow trashy white, black, yellow, or brown people take advantage of what appear to be our meek and accommodating behaviour.


Anonymous said...

What are you doing in a 5 star hotel and also become the nation's moral police?

Massage ke?

Anonymous said...

From all the blog you post .. you sad Chinese is racist and chauvinist ? I dont think so is you malay distance from all over society by becoming or imitating arabs ... this haram that haram this halal that halal...
The real question you suppose to ask IS MALAY TRADISI REPLACE BY ARAB TRADISI?
We chinese never change we struggle to protect what we have and country too but is you MALAY going another way round.

Anonymous said...

That's trashy stereotyping anon 4:29. Why does one have to visit a massage parlour when he's outside a 5-star hotel? Presuming that Mr. BarkingMagpie is a Muslim then he is exhorted, like all responsible Muslims, to honestly enjoin what is good and prohibit what is bad. And not to backbite nor slander others, and surely never to throw aspersions upon the dignity of other people.
Just what has become of social ethics and human morality when the nation nominates sodomizers, adulterers and treasonous personalities into high office?

Wouldn't your moral conscience be pricked to be near young women who are frolicking loudly in public, boozing and getting drunk?

Pasquale said...

Anonymous 8.37am, thank you!

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:08AM = another example of cinabeng trashy talk!

Go fly kites lah! Go keep your kwantung nation lah! No change konon then why you are here even?!

You belum rasa lagi itu Melayu punya rasis punya amuk. Lu tunggu

Anonymous said...

Ref: We chinese never change we struggle to protect what we have and country too but is you MALAY going another way round.

Anon 1:38,
Didn't Confucius say: Without knowing the rules of what is right and wrong, it is impossible for good character to be established. To go beyond the limits is wrong just as it is not right to fall short of what is proper. Recompense injury with justice and recompense kindness with kindness.Do not do to others what you do not want others to do to yourself.

You see, many Malays are not trying to be Arabs in morality but instead the Chinese gentleman who practices the wisdom of his ancestors is not so different from the teachings of Prophet Muhammad. Of course, I'm not speaking on behalf of wahhabi arabs and western progressive wannabes lah!

Misconceptions about Islam:

Anonymous said...

u are what u eat

swine eaters...

well...that is how swine behaves

Anonymous said...

Confucius say: What food you eat and how you prepare matters just as how you consume your food.
Maybe our Chinese brothers many dah forget lah! Nowadays consume too much pork and meat.