Sunday, August 11, 2013

It's in the nature of the beast...

They tried to take Malaya by force but failed!

He tried take Malaya by force..he was cheated by the British to help fight Japanese with promise from the British of getting Malaya for the Chinese he was disappointed but went into the jungle and kept on fighting and we thought he lost but they keep on doing it by forming a legitimate party now called the DAP. !

The Malays were described by early colonial anthropologists as "gentle people" or "noble savage", I find the later description to be funny!
Noble savage is an savage is gentle or noble, either you are savages or just plain civilised nobility.  What these anthropologists were saying was that Malays were easily controlled, being gentle people and all that, and the Malays as a race can be easily disrupted and broken up into sub-species for easy management.
I am now resigned to the fact that it is the nature of the beast for the Malays to be what they were and what they are now.
In ancient days they were a controlled, tricked, peripheral, ultra-traditionalist, control freaks  but without real powers, so on and so forth.  Without the British gun powder we would not have been able to own the land that we can call our own country.
In the past without the colonial powers we would have easily been swamped and inundated by the likes of Ghee Hin or the Hai San, or Chinese clan houses.  You see, the Chinese immigrants were far more united and organised and for one thing over run or to overtake the country and they will do so given the opportunity.
Many attempts were made by the chauvinist Chinese to take over Malaya, as it was called then. The main atttempt was when, after the Japanese surrendered, there was that period of vacuum and lawlessness...and the Kuomintang stragglers locally known as Bintang Tiga tried to take over the country. Many thousands Malays were massacred. AGAIN the colonial power came to our rescue and the rest is history as we know it now.
Well, are we a lot safer now from the "intruders" and from those trying to usurp power? The answer is still the same and like the opportunity seen by the Bintang Tiga, these same people under a different guise will and can be successful again to take over from the Malays, except this time if they are successful no colonial masters or powers can and will come to our rescue.
Reason? Well, for one they are fed up with our inability to fend for ourselves and to organise ourselves as a united race, and they will be saying "go to hell Malays" we are sick and tired of helping you people when you cannot help yourselves!
While writing this I received a text message from a colleague and the message was: TOP TEN Reasons WHY Red Bean Army is destroying Malaysia.  I didn't even bother reading the ten reasons because I already know whey thy are doing it.
If I was a chauvinist Chinese person living in this country now I would do everything in my power to destroy the systems that I loathe of this country  (BTW they are not out to destroy Malaysia. Do not get this wrong, they just want to control Malaysia okay? Big difference).
In the final analysis the Malays have to be united and fight for their rights and can not be like Perkasa whose members only want to "wallop" Namewee and other racist Chinese.
My question is how many chauvinist Chinese can you wallop in a day? No the best way is to show them we are strong and united and we make changes at out own pace (though Malays might need to pick up the pace in this day and age) and not by force, especially from the likes of Red Bean Army!
What we need is for the Malays to be united and to support any legislation to protect the country against anarchy. If the Malays are concerned why the non-Malays are dead set against the Malay regime, please find out what is wrong and be strong when dealing with the finding.
Stop blaming the non-Malays for everything that is wrong with the Malays today.  For the chauvinist Chinese it is in the nature of the beast for them to control.  For the Malays please find a long lasting formula or solution to deal with our serious problems of disunity or forever be a defeated people and forever hold our peace!

Selamat Hari Raya to everyone!

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