Friday, August 16, 2013

Mutual respect is the key...not racial tolerance!

I want the genuine real THIS again please!!!

Imagine if you can if a bunch of Muslims were to take over a Hindu or a Sikh or a Chinese temple to do a prayer session......all hell will definitely be broken loose.
A Hindu will take to the streets demanding the "perpetrators" be punished or worse still Hindraf will take to the streets rampaging, and the police can only look on helplessly.
When a school headmaster tried to explain to Hindu parents that their children were not being mistreated for being asked to eat their lunches in a changing room, Indian parents took no time to insult and chastise Malay teachers for being racist.
Why is this happening now and not when i was growing up? I wish I knew the complete answer to this problem.
What I think I know is Malay-Muslims are being perceived as weak and divided, as in my previous posting "the nature of the beast" that is for the perceived weakling to be bullied.
May 13th 1969, the Chinese perceived they can bully the Malays by their victory and they kept on pushing and pushing until push come to shove the Malays have no choice but to run amok.
In case any one forget the amok syndrome is distinctively Malays.
This is what I am afraid of.... the Malays will get into a hysteric moment where they can get on an unbridled rampage themselves.
When I was growing up we respect each others religions and clulture, during my Maxwell School days my good buddy Chee Seng's mother would say "Rusdi makan itu pinggan okay".  You see she did not serve me any non halal food.
Having said that the Malay-Muslims are also to be blamed for being bullied for they have also becoming more insular in their religious outlooks.  They have abandoned they Malay-ness for Arabic cluture.  Many Malays are becoming more and more Arabist in their outlooks, in their dressing and in their behaviours.
Many of my non-Malay friends called me to ask me if anything I could do to tell the many suraus and mosques in my areas to lower their extremely loud calls for prayers and not to use their loud speakers, or lower the decibel, when they are reciting the Holy Koran.....yes even as a practising Muslim I find it very annoying (I am not annoyed at my religion but just the very loud sound that everyone is not get me wrong here okay!) to hear the very loud recital especially if we are living in a closely compact multi-racial community.
You see it is also in the nature of the beast for man to develop a defensive mechanism to forget what they are afraid of or of their fear.
You will not see a Bak Ku Teh Puasa advertisement when I was growing up because the likes Alvin and his girlfriend would be non existence.
You see there was no reason for any one religion to mock others because of the deep mutual respect, but today we are competing on whose religion is more superior than whose religion.
Look around us, at the world, countries goes in flame because men are getting moire insular in their out looks and their thinking, be it religion or what not.
The other day I saw a Kancil and the back there is a sticker that says "Fear In Allah!" and I said to my self Oh My God what is happening to my religion when I know I need only to "'Love Him, and Respect Him and to be a good Muslim.
It is not hard actually if you think of it....just be considerate to others..and others will respect you and religions like Buddhist will not chant into our culture and custom and religion.



dodolman said...

I'm a Muslim and equally annoyed with the abuse of loudspeakers by surau and masjid. They should be solely used for azan calls, but in my place the serbanistas also blast them out for crappy nasyids and hours of ceramahs. I think they assume that because mine is a malay-majority residential area hence we're all supposed to tolerate this bullcrap. Oh heck, what do I care? My house is not within line of sight with the surau hence I'm well insulated against the noise.

I've also seen car stickers saying "Proud to be a Muslim" or "I love Allah" and the driver wearing a kopiah, but drives around without manners and parks indiscriminately. The other day I saw a t-shirt depicting a youth holding up AK47 with the wordings "Rise of Islam".

And during the Raya I've noticed so many Raya family pictures posted online where the males wear Jubah and Serban instead of full Baju Melayu and Songkok. Isn't our Baju Melayu and finely woven sampin much better looking and better suited to our tropical climate than the simple jubah? Why the heck wanna look like Arabs lah?

Secular is the way said...

We Malays must promote secularism like Turkey.

If we modern Malays were to regressed under UMNO, we will be in a situation like Egypt where the seranistas have to routed out by force.

The opiate of religion is very strong and have been proven through out the ages.

Malays need strong rulers like before who will pull the Malays away from ARab dongeng and tahayul.

This is not happening because Najib is clueless.

Paklah tried through Islam Hadahri but he was a weak personaliti.

So we must stop the serbanistas from commiting suicide for the Malays community.

We know they are all humbugs like Mat SAbu and Tok Pa or Azhar Idrus.

All kaki kongkek under their serban and jubah.

Anonymous said...

The pumping up of the masjid loudspeaker volumes is not quite right for several reasons: (1) it is irritating to the ears and thus affects the mind negatively which is counter-productive to the message of the Quran (2)it goes against the sunnah of the Prophet in whose time the loudest of voices calling the azan or reciting the Quran was the voice of a companion by the name of Bilal. (3) If non-Muslims do appreciate the invasive quality of the sounds emanating from the Masjid loudspeakers then they will not be inclined to study about Islam the noble religion.

Anonymous said...

and the religious authority conduct themselves holier than thou, they have decided that the louder the sound from the speaker, the better it is for the souls. I feel sorry for my non muslims neighbours, in fact everybody and I feel ashamed Islam is being propagated in such a way! What I cant understand is, the teaching of Arabics in the mosque is also blared around the stupid can they get?

Anonymous said...

Kalo Melayu bole menunjuk jalan yg sederhana dalam Islam , saya rasa lagi dapat respect dari semua, termasuk bangsa Arab yg di pujai. Buat masa sekarang di jadikan bahan ketawa. Pelancong dari luar negeri tanya - Melayu ni tak habis2 dijajahi, minat kot, lepas British sekarang sebuk dgn Imperialisme Arab. Bila tengok bangunan2 di KL ingat sama aje seperti di negeri2 Arab.Lepas tu kiri kanan melalak lagu2 Arab etc. ayat2 dalam jawi etc. Melayu pakai baju Arab. Tak ada personality sendiri!! Malu lah.

Anonymous said...

I just wondered why the resort owner, who is a Muslim, offered them the use of the Surau in the first place? Did the Buddhist tourists ask for it or did he offer? I am a non_muslim and I would think twice about using a Surau. Furthermore, the Muslim resort woner should have been aware that his Muslim guests would have wanted to use the Surau for their various prayers.

I wish we knew the truth of why this happened.

Anonymous said...

For the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese, their major political party the MCA which was inspired by the Kuomintang (KMT), let down their constituents by their self-serving leadership since 1949 to this day. Two vital issues which should have been resolved long ago are i) The Chinese intercommunal relationship with the other communities 2) The resolution of Mandarin which is only a language but was allowed to be politicised.

The BLUE MCA has become RED and the RED Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP has become BLUE due to its links with their spiritual leader Lee Kuan Yew and Washington DC.

Anonymous said...

"Imagine if you can if a bunch of Muslims were to take over a Hindu or a Sikh or a Chinese temple to do a prayer session......all hell will definitely break loose."

No, not really my friend.


"Imagine if you can if DBKL were to take over a Hindu temple and walk into the holy area with shoes on, and then desecrate the deities..."

So what happened? Not a peep of support or action from anyone in govt. No arrests under the SA, nothing.

Please, let's not sweep double standards under the carpet.