Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Stupid Chinese bitch and this guy Irwan is a go figure.!

Irwan something Ideris whatever!

I am highlighting two items in this blog: -

1) Basically this guy Irwan is a member of Ikhwan Muslimin, or Muslim Brotherhood, and Hamas, a Shia and and basically a moron..let us not entertain him! Read here,
Perkasa hierarchy should get rid of him for the good of Malaysia and Malaysians....Chinese, Indians and dll included.  We are not turning this paradise in the tropics called Malaysia into Gaza and the West Bank.
One ugly bitch...talking rubbish!

2) Basically, listening to this ugly butch and stupid DAP woman by the name of Chong Eng saying Malays are not the original inhabitants of this country and basically also an immigrants from the southern China the land of ugly people (where her coolie ancestors came from), and that the original inhabitants of this country is the Orang Asli?  Well, I agree with her, and Malays should  relinquish the bumiputra status WHEN Australia give back the whole country to the aboriginal people, the real inhabitants of the land called Australia.
Canada and the US should also give back the land to the native people, New Zealand to the maoris...yawn!  I can go on and on and on!
Ugly and ingrate Chinese like Chong Eng must come to terms with the fact that before her ugly ancestors came as a coolie brought by the British colonist to this country, there was already a recognised Malay kingdom and governance.  You know Hang Tuah and Tun Mutahir of Malacca and even Batu Bersurat dated way way back to prove there was a Malay kingdom, capish!
There was no even one Chinese sultan with the name possibly like Sultan Lim Lim Kit Siang or Raja Bendahara Karpal or Betara Dalam Guan Eng.
 So let us stop this stupid and unproductive diatribe about who is the real original inhabitants and the immigrants hokay!
BTW it is highly unlikely Australia, Canada, the USA, New Zealand be given back to the defeated aboriginal natives of the the land.
But I am sincerely asking the unhappy and the ingrate immigrant descendants of this country to stop making unnecessary remarks about their "miserable" life while growing and living in this country.
Unless if they can take over the country by force and massacre the Malay and bumiputra inhabitants of this country like what their Bintang Tiga ancestors did after the second world war, ugly chauvinist bitch like Chong Eng should not open her mouth and say something stupid like she did. 


Anonymous said...

This character symbolises the very weak leadership of the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP. These characters should read the first chapter of their spiritual leader's latest book that they are not behaving like Chinese. All Chinese except the Malaysian Chinese, in the World vote for the ruling party. Stupid ! In the Chapter on Malaysia, their spiritual leader suggests that they are sleeping with the wrong partners ! It shows his frustrations and angst with this lot of DAP fellows who can do nothing for 47 long years but only to insult and quarrel with others for no reason at all. Stupid !

Anonymous said...

The ikhwanul muslimin are affiliated with the saudi wahhabis. And the Saudi wahhabis are antagonistic to the shias. So where does this guy really stand and why is he putting up a charade with his Malay songkok? Does he desire to radicalize Perkasa, from its original noble aims, for his own personal aggrandizement?
Reminds us of that other PAS salafi politician who shot to fame with his 1981 Amanat Hadi Awang which fundamentally split the ground from under the feet of the Malay people and embattled their sanguine society. And initiated the tumbling down of religious principles within PAS itself so that today they are closely allied with communists,zionists and neo-cons and they tolerate moral perversions within their top echelons. Such is the ill fate of those who make innovations in the religion of Allah Most High.

The disastrous hypocrisy of Awang's Amanat: Cikgu Non speaks out for the truth

Tai An Jing Adohlah said...

According to one screwed up Professor of NUS (Nat. Uni. Singapore) in 2004, genetically the Melayus are the offspring of Chinese and Indian mated together, long-long time ago, when there was not even a single soul of Melayu on this planet except orang utans, sakai and leeches.

Did he found out who fucked who? Did the Chinese fucked the Indian or did the Indian screwed the Chinese? At least I know what my grandfather was, a Chinese or an Indian castaway..

Anonymous said...

No use lamenting when our beloved utterly oblivious PM, despite having been spat on by the Chinese in the election, now proceeds to give out lanterns for moon cake festival. I'm not Malay but half-Chinese. Sounds unbelievable but there is a remnant segment of Chinese who support the BN and despise the DAP.
My Chinese mum grew up in Petaling St and she says the anti-Malay jeers etc prior to May 13 did happen. We want to see Tanda Putera. She can't stand Guan Eng. Says the DAP are behaving exactly like during may 13.

Ibnu Rusydi said...

Tentang isu Melayu dituduh sebagai pendatang, sila rujuk artikel di bawah :

Anonymous said...

So she is a Stupid Chinese bitch. Your words. How rude. Can I call you a Pukimamakthir Melayu ';';?

Anonymous said...

I had just watched Tanda Putera. As expected, the audience was 100% Malays. They were young and it's good to know that young Malays are interested to know about the history of their beloved country.

However, the non-Malays have been incited by their leaders not to watch the movies which they claim is racist. The truth sure hurts but boycotting the movie does change the truth. I should know as I was in the thick of events then (I was a 17-year old living in Kampung Baru on May 13, 1969) and I know the atrocities did HAPPEN.


Anonymous said...


najib lembik must start sueing malicious liars for rewriting history for political mileage

or revoke their mykads and send them back to tongsan

Anonymous said...

Tai Anjing Adollah. Your NUS Prof must be a closet paedophile, rapist or something to do with funny abnormal sex as we now see them Profs, Chiefs and all parading naked in the Media. How these guys and dolls spent time thinking of fantasy SEX.

Anonymous said...

anon @ August 29, 2013 2:08 PM should be repatriated to Indonesia where the locals are prone to take the law into their own hands

record shows they have burnt chinese factories, killed chinese males and raped the chinese females

heh heh

Anonymous said...

Sir, for those who appreciate the weakness of the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP leadership as bullshit, please see plus the 74 comments which confirms my 'the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore'. If the brilliant LKY bungled what do you expect the DAP leadership with a much lower intellect to do ? Making a fool of themselves all over, in pics, speech, action etc. Stupid.

This is Tanah Melayu! said...

Dont tolerate this DAP Chinese calling the Malays Chinese from Yunnan. So typical stupid Chinese. hello the Malays are much more handsome than Chinese. Chinese are mongoloids ma. The Malay race has been recognised as one of the 7 major races in the world occupying SEA. Just google. Malays are not just in Malaya but philipines, indonesia , thailand, etc. All have similar features. They also from yunan hah? So stupid Chinese. That is why DAP chinese must be encourage to leave Tanah Melayu. They are trouble maker.
So stupid. In fact life may have started in Peninsula Malaysia in Lembah Bujang as the warm tropical beaches is where life walk in from the sea.

What about sakai, jakun, negritos semang etc? They are jungle inhabitants just like you find Amazon men in Brazil. But the race that rule and hold the gun and form the law that is the one that count.

As proof of Malay supremacy, this DAP chinese woman must swear allegiance to the Malay King if she want to be citizen of Tanah Melayu.

Anonymous said...

Please see