Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Stupid Chinese bitch and this guy Irwan is a go figure.!

Irwan something Ideris whatever!

I am highlighting two items in this blog: -

1) Basically this guy Irwan is a member of Ikhwan Muslimin, or Muslim Brotherhood, and Hamas, a Shia and and basically a moron..let us not entertain him! Read here,
Perkasa hierarchy should get rid of him for the good of Malaysia and Malaysians....Chinese, Indians and dll included.  We are not turning this paradise in the tropics called Malaysia into Gaza and the West Bank.
One ugly bitch...talking rubbish!

2) Basically, listening to this ugly butch and stupid DAP woman by the name of Chong Eng saying Malays are not the original inhabitants of this country and basically also an immigrants from the southern China the land of ugly people (where her coolie ancestors came from), and that the original inhabitants of this country is the Orang Asli?  Well, I agree with her, and Malays should  relinquish the bumiputra status WHEN Australia give back the whole country to the aboriginal people, the real inhabitants of the land called Australia.
Canada and the US should also give back the land to the native people, New Zealand to the maoris...yawn!  I can go on and on and on!
Ugly and ingrate Chinese like Chong Eng must come to terms with the fact that before her ugly ancestors came as a coolie brought by the British colonist to this country, there was already a recognised Malay kingdom and governance.  You know Hang Tuah and Tun Mutahir of Malacca and even Batu Bersurat dated way way back to prove there was a Malay kingdom, capish!
There was no even one Chinese sultan with the name possibly like Sultan Lim Lim Kit Siang or Raja Bendahara Karpal or Betara Dalam Guan Eng.
 So let us stop this stupid and unproductive diatribe about who is the real original inhabitants and the immigrants hokay!
BTW it is highly unlikely Australia, Canada, the USA, New Zealand be given back to the defeated aboriginal natives of the the land.
But I am sincerely asking the unhappy and the ingrate immigrant descendants of this country to stop making unnecessary remarks about their "miserable" life while growing and living in this country.
Unless if they can take over the country by force and massacre the Malay and bumiputra inhabitants of this country like what their Bintang Tiga ancestors did after the second world war, ugly chauvinist bitch like Chong Eng should not open her mouth and say something stupid like she did. 

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