Thursday, August 08, 2013

Yes, we were once conned!

By this man!

Life of Annie wrote, and I quote this blogger: "I will never forget those dark years of 2004-2008 and no matter how much spinning done, I could not so easily forgive Pak Lah and his people for the damage they inflicted on the country at that time". Read more here. My feelings  and sentimenst exactly Annie.
Remember those days when we thought Dollah Badawi was the man to succeed as the next Malay Umno leader? I fell for this one man's con job into making me believe that he was the One!
And I am sure may, many more Malays, like me, were also conned too into believing that this man is the ONE!  Well the rest is bad dream and history as we know it now.
I was told apart from the two authors involved in churning this garbage called "Awakening", another con man by the initial of KH is most definitely also involved in yet another one of Dollah con-job, that is coming out with this printed bad dream.
Never before in my life that I thought I could loathe a Malay Umno leader as I do with this Dollah Badawi, who allowed Malaysia to be controlled by few, where decisions were made using the name of this defective PM named Dollah.
Just that Najib Razak must be fully aware that Dollah's men are now back in Umno, when the time comes they will not spare the present PM just to serve their interest.....with greed and vengeance!
Dollah should have just go back to asleep, I have no respect for you!


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