Friday, September 20, 2013

I was in Kota Kinabalu for Malaysia Day and I felt patriotic!

Prince Phillip Park Tanjung Aru venue for teh M'sia Day celebrations!

Sabahanas celebrate being Malaysians with gusto...

Sabahans are proud to be Malaysians!

When Sabahan sing Negara Ku, our national anthem, they sang with gusto and so filled with zest!
I was in KK for the Malaysia Day celebration and all the national and state leaders gave everything when patriotic songs were sang...Dari Perlis Sampai Lah ke Sabah kita sudaaah Merdeka, and Ini lah Barisan Kita Yang sedia Berjuang....and I sang along as though I was still at my primary and secondary  schools days.
Tanjung Aru Prince Phillips ground was filled with all sorts of Malaysians and Sabahans wearing their traditional costumes.
Unfortunately I did not feel the same when I tried to celebrate our Merdeka Day except for the expensive firework display.
Then there is this idiot from IDEAS propagating the abolishment of certain clauses in our entrenched Constitutions asking the Malay rights to be scrapped lest they want to be on social welfare mode.
This is what happens to a half-baked Melayu who studied oversea for four years and thought he or she is liberated enough to ask to change things, or the status quo, without studying the implications.


Anonymous said...

That's because UMNO politics did not get a foothold in East Malaysia, yet.

Reminds me of Perikatan Party after 1957. A lot of patriotic West Malaysians that time.

Sabhab love Malaysia! said...

That must really annoy the Chinese DAP muahaha.
You see the majority Sabahans love the Semenanjung malays..and their culture, people like P Ramlee, M Nasir or Amy Search..

And we must never let them down.

Anonymous said...

Here's the sophistic father of liberal politicians practicing his fraudulent polemics when he's not showcasing his sex exploits: