Sunday, September 15, 2013

May 13th, 1969, and 13th GE 2013, were defining moments for the Malays.

The Son.

Tun governed, and his son is still governing the country and it's people...brown, black, yellow, grey, white, purple and kelabu asap, make no mistake about this!

The Father.

I cannot help but notice that uncanny resemblence between what the second prime minister, the late Tun Razak Hussin said and created after the bloody May 13th, 1969 and later what his son Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, the sixth prime minister of Malaysia, said and did after the "bloody" 13th general elections recently.
Let me explain. After May 13th 1969 saw the mainly Chinese opposition parties- namely the Gerakan and the DAP-  winning few seats were bold enough to ask that the Constitution to be changed and insisted the Malays' entrenched rights in the Federal constitution be erased, so
the opposition created havoc and a bloody chaos after playing their politics along the racial lines. True enough racial riots ensued that saw may deaths...Read here on what Tun Razak said.
After the13th General Elections recently, we saw the same game played by the Chinese community rejecting the status quo and voting en masse for the Chinese opposition party namely the DAP.  The "bloody" elections results saw the Malays dejected and fortunately for the ruling party, the Malays saw the Chinese shenanigans at play and voted en masse for Umno, thus preventing the second attempted taking over of the country by the opposition led by the chauvinist DAP.
Acknowledging the Malays' majority support for Umno and the government, like his father Tun Razak's NEP, Najib announced the formation of the Bumiputra Economic Agenda ( BEA), an economic initiative to boost further bumiputra economic might. He unveiled the 5 points of the BEA to ensure Malays' survival be fully entrenched:
1. To empower bumiputra human capital;
2. To strenghten bumiputra equity ownership in the corporate sector;
3  To reinforce non-bumi ownership of assets;
4. To enhance bumiputra entrepreneurship and business; and
5. To bolster the service delivery ecosystem.
And all of the above will be executed without depriving non-Malays present equity of the country's economic pie...they must understand this fully before crying foul.  Read more here on the five points...

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