Friday, September 27, 2013

To the Malays: "Whither are we bound?"

I miss my beautiful Malay women and girls of yesteryear.
During Hari Raya I remember seeing Malay girls wearing baju kurung, baju kebaya with their flowing beautiful hair yang berikal mayang.
Alas, today my Malay girls are spotting that strange looking camel hump hairdo, and many of them covered themselves from head to toe.
Whither are we bound for!? To being Arab and discarding totally our beautiful Malay culture?
I wish to see, before I die the Malays to go back to their true root self of being a gentle race full of grace and etiquette and smile and not be as crude and self righteous as the race they are trying to emulate: the Arabs.
"Sheikh Mustapha Mohamed Rashed argued that Hijab is not an Islamic duty. He stated that Hijab refers to the cover of the head, which is not mentioned in the Holy Quran at all. “Nonetheless, a bunch of scholars insisted vehemently that the veil is both an Islamic duty and one of the most important pillars of Islam,” he added. Read here...


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