Friday, October 25, 2013

Absence of Malice......!?




[mal-is] Show IPA
desire to inflict injury, harm, or suffering on another, either because of a hostile impulse or out of deep-seated meanness: the malice and spite of a lifelong enemy.
Law. evil intent on the part of a person who commits a wrongful act injurious to others.
Absence of Malice means none of the above is intended!
This is in reference to a series of articles  and write-ups on a guy purportedly to be gay and working for the prime minister. This article about this guy appeared on the day the Budget was announced.  
To be in a correct perspective here the affidavit that was posted about this "gay guy" is an old one and that could have been released, if it is a true or fake, a long time ago like last year or last month or months later after the budget or just wait until the outcome of the investigation.
But instead bloggers appear to be friendly decided to publish it now.
However, this purported "gay guy" said to be involved in helping the PM with the budget speech and those who know him know him as a competent thinker and writer albeit the accusation.
The attacks on him appear to be concerted effort and with malice.
Those who claimed to be a strong supporters of the PM had better make their stance clear whether to help the PM or downgrade him by attacking his officers.
Written without malice intended!


Anonymous said...

If he's proven gay, then there's no other way about it, he either needs to resign or else.

Otherwise UMNO's a hypocrite for their stance on Anwar all these years.

That and LGBT proponents will have more support for their cause if he's still left in capacity as aide to the most powerful man in the country.

No malice here too. Don't even know that guy.

Anonymous said...

Mr Magpie, dont lose yr focus.What is important is the truth!Is he or isn't he? Whether he is brilliant or not is again not that important.There are other better people around. Focus! There must not be people or hint of people like that around the PM.
If there is no truth to the charges and innuendoes, then set it right or sue the pants off the 'maliceful" bloggers - cause those charges are really2 serious.

Anonymous said...

Tell That to Rocky the Brewer.

Anonymous said...

So I'm confused. You mean to say, the affidavit is false, or is referring to another person?

Anonymous said...

To Mr Magpie and all PRO UMNO/PM Bloggers,
It is interesting to read last few days the Article about this Guy which somewhat had carried momentum leading to the budget. My dua sen views are as follows :-

1. I personally feel it has nothing to do with the budget but the timing is impeccable.

2. Whether he is gay or not also does not perturbed me as I believe his sexual preference is private and if he is really a Muslim he will have to answer on judgement day.

3. Perhaps the PM know or doesn't but it appears he is quite untouchable in the PMO. Few years back The people in PMO wanted to remove him and letters was prepared but the PM put a stop to it. Obviously the PM values him a lot.

4.The more disturbing news Gentlemen is not of his sexual preference but him using his position in the PMO to amass personal fortune.

5.Sometime last year Bitara Induk Sdn Bhd managed secure a huge contract from MOE apparently with him facilitating it. Word is he is helping the same company for the next big project coming out of MOE running into Billions. There is rumor that the Queen was also involved with Him being the central figure in the deal.
I am sure for his effort no other considerations was involved but merely a Hallmark Thank You card from the Company.