Saturday, October 05, 2013

Is our Government monitoring cigarette manufacturers activity?!!

Sad story of the Marlboro man
You decide

More and more people are now smoking in spite of price increase on packets of cigarette from RM10 to more than RM12. I am one of the lucky person to have kicked the habit for good and not looking back for sure.
However, my own observation shows that more and more youngsters are now puffing away, more so than it was.
When I was growing up smoking, I remember the notice on cigarette boxes indicating the amount of nicotine and tar contents of every brand.
Today no such notice can be found.  Nicotine is bad enough it will stain you lung but the tar in cigarettes is the biggest culprit that will make you an addict in a short period time after the first puff.
Cigarette manufacturers, legal or illegal, have no qualms in increasing the tar content of their brand to create more addicts and more profit.
While the government sometimes gets carried away with the business of the day, like mega projects, that they believe is more important than reducing more people from being cigarette addicts, it must re-think about saving lives of those who are becoming silent victims of being tar and nicotine zombies created by unscrupulous cigarette manufacturers.
While western countries, like Canada and the Scandinavian countries are spending part of their annual budgets by making their population enjoy a cigarette-smoke free quality of life, we in Malaysia may have gotten our priorities screwed up.
In these Western countries smoking among the population has gone down drastically.  Even the Canadian Imperial Tobacco has moved out of the country and set up shop in some pathetic Third World region.
To begin with, if our government still insists on collecting cigarette revenue, at least monitor the tar and nicotine content of all cigarettes and to reinforce the legislation and laws pertaining the product.
Make these "nicotine and tar pushers" provide the nicotine and tar contents on labels compulsory AGAIN!
It may still  not save lives in a long run but will not make people become addicted to tobacco so quickly. Or they can get out of the habit if they do want to quit when they are not too addicted to tobacco that they can easily quit.

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