Thursday, October 17, 2013

It has always been about race - Chinese and Malay!

The younger Tun Ghazali Shafie and ardent Malay nationalist.

The armed wing of the Malaysian Communist Party (MCP), the Malayan People's Anti-Japanese Army (MPAJA) or the dreaded Bintang Tiga, upon hearing the Japanese surrender during the Second World War had emboldened to terrorise and kill Malay villagers.  MPAJA even tried to kidnap the late Sultan Abu Bakar of Pahang where they laid an unsuccessful ambush on the king.
Those were not my para-phrased words but those were the words of the late Tun Ghazali Shafie, who died in 2010, who sent me a letter in 1989 documenting the incident that almost got the late Sultan of Pahang and his entourage slaughtered by the Chinese MPAJA near Gambang, Pahang.
Ghazali was a member of the Force 136 at the time when Japanese surrendered.  I have the signed letter in my possession.  Similarly, the MPAJA or the Bintang Tiga ransacked the Seri Menanti Istana looking for the late Tuanku Munawir and his family to be slaughtered.  Luckily, Tuanku fled to safety and his son is now the ruler of Negeri Sembilan.
The thing is MPAJA or MCP or Bintang Tiga were set up with one aim and one aim only to snatch the Malay Peninsular and turned it into a chauvinist Chinese state.  They were never a nationalistic group they were just a bunch of chauvinist and racist Chinese out to usurp power from the existing Malay rulers.
Unfortunately, as a side note, for the Malays, and the ruling Malay households included, they tend to easily forget history in their quest to be "comfortable" and elitist in their nature.
Today, we may not have Chinese subscribing to the MPAJA, MCP or Bintang Tiga, but they come in a different guise, they come in a shape of a chauvinist Chinese DAP, a bunch of nasty chauvinist Chinese who want no part of  Malaysia as it is today, they just want a Chinese Malaysia. They even use religion to create chaos and havoc for their own grim end.
I wish these negative and bad people who have decided not to contribute to the success of the country to come to their senses. OR unless they are adamant in destroying this country's racial make up.  To this and to them I say good luck.  We will fight you!  Read more real truth here....



Asmat Shafei said...

anak2ku sekelian,
sejarah tidak pernah berbohong. orang melayu sentiasa ditipu oleh penjajah dan kini ia kembali. mahukah kita menunggu 500 tahun lagi untuk mendapatkan kemerdekaan? dengan perpaduan kita, maka baru boleh Tungku berjuang untuk mendapatkan kemerdekaan.

anak2ku sekelian,
apa yang berlaku hari ini di negeri2 di bawah pemerintahan pembangkang sama, serupa dan seiras apa yang berlaku di Singapura dahulu. orang2 melayu diperbodohkan lalu di halau dari tanahair mereka. lalu berselerakan lah mereka disana sini. sebelum MSA (Malaysia Singapore Airlines) berpecah menjadi SIA dan MAS, kalau kamu nak tahu, semua bidang kejuruteraan, kewangan dan pemasaran berada di Kota Singa. di Kuala Lumpur hanya pentadbiran kakitangan sahaja. mereka mengiklankan untuk MSA : Singapore, gateway to Asia. tanya pekerja2 MAS yang lama. jurutera penerbangan Melayu yang bekerja di Singapura sanggup berpindah keluar demi menjamin kejayaan MAS.

anak2ku sekelian,
kepulauan Riau dan Bintan dulu adalah milik kesultanan Johor kalau kamu nak tahu. portugis, belanda dan inggeris berebut2 nak ke tanah air kita. kenapa?

anak2ku sekelian,
kalau Tan Sri Ghazali Shafie masih hidup, pasti kamu akan diceritakan nya tentang komunis. tentang betapa ganas dan tiada peri kemanusiaan langsung. kamu mewah, kamu senang, kamu riang sekarang. tahu kenapa? sebab orang Melayu yang menjadi anggota tentera , polis dan ahli keselamatan lain menggadai nyawa mereka untuk tanahair yang tercinta ini.

sedarlah, sedarlah, SEDARLAH ...

anak si-hamid said...

Dear Magpie,

Thank you for mentioning my posting.

It grieves me to see how my Abah's country is being wrecked by economic and political and religious opportunists both homegrown and from abroad.

I now know why he cried on 31 August 1957 when one flag came down and his country's went up. He knows the mess left behind by the British and how the Malays have to deal and live with it.

Anonymous said...

I can vouch that Tun Ghazali Shafie was a great man. I was told first hand accounts about him by most Senior Chinese Adviser on the Communist Insurgency to the Federal Government, Tan Sri Dr C.C. Too who was also the world expert on this subject. Tan Sri was full of admiration for the intellect of the Tun who understood whatever was presented to him. We were fortunate to have such brilliants during a very difficult period of our history.

Anonymous said...

Here's a take from across the Causeway about the Nanyang demonic romance with the commie terror that was Chin Peng: