Wednesday, October 16, 2013

They came and they were genuinely impressed with the man!

Body language of leaders is mainly observed by political pundit and observer.  Kerry and Najib is good.

A Canadian said it was rare to see Harper giving a real smile...always that fake-y ones!

High five from the US Sec of State to this  Manchester United guy..way to go!

It is a known fact in a political arena that the guest will not bother looking at the boring host country's leader talking at any joint-press conference..Harper stared in disbelief at Najib and was probably thinking: "Damn, for an Asian, his English is good!"

I am talking about a recent visit by two North American leaders namely US Secretary of State John Kerry and Canada Prime Minister Stephen Harper and how they interacted with our Prime Minister Najib Razak.
One Canadian officials with the entourage said Harper genuinely likes Najib demeanour and Kerry according to an American official likes Najib for his candour and sincerity.
Sources said Kerry was in Penang for R&R during his tour of duty during the Vietnam War and still have fond memory of Malaysia "although it was a long time ago".
Harper was a tad apprehensive about what he heard about Malaysia in the past, which part I was not clear, but after seeing Malaysia he was overheard saying "I should have come here a long time ago, a very beautiful country that I want Canadians to come and see for themselves".
Harper likes Najib and said Najib was a "superb and extremely polished Asian leader" that he had the opportunity to know. 
Coming from Harper the statement was unusual, considering he does not like that many people and Canadians that he found taxing enough when trying to convince them of his political wisdom.
I remember the condescending and a wee bit arrogant former US Secretary of State Clinton who appeared to being forced to do her job when she really thought she would better being a President.
The good news is bilateral trade between the two countries and Malaysia are expected to be increased.  And another good news is the Canadian Visa Section at the Canadian High Commission will be opened again in KL.
As of now Malaysians applying for Canadian visa have to go to Singapore or through the online, which is rather a drag.

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