Saturday, October 26, 2013

What if the Chinese ARE the majority!

The Chinese in this country do not want to share they just want more and more...

They will go to the extent of tricking you, even to wear a songkok, for your votes but will discard you after they win!

In his Budget speech Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak said according to a 2010 census, it was  indicated the Malays and Bumiputras at 18.6 million (67.9per cent), Chinese at 6.6 millions (24 per cent) and India.  He also said: "This means there are about 27.4 millions Malaysian citizens."
My take is out of this equation, roughly my simple calculation is that the Chinese, at only 24 percent, control over 70% or the country economic pie or corporate equity.
More than 70% of the prime real estate of the country and in the capital is owned by non-Malays or non-Bumiputras, frankly speaking they are all owned by Chinese.
Back to the 2010 census, if the equations were reversed the Chinese would be making it a tradition whenever they can to remind the Malays that they were the minority and to shut up, never to complain and never to own banks luxury building, given lousy jobs and silently being discriminated upon every of their lives.
If you think what I said is rubbish think again.  Take Singapore for example, the Malays just exist as only a mere statistic, they can never own a tall buildings nor can they ever own a bank and have to put up with a racial outburst toward the Malays and Islam from their erstwhile and senile mentor LKY.
Yet the Chinese minority in this country cry foul over mistreatment and being victims of racial abuse from the majority Malays!?  We all know such mistreatment was never true but yet chauvinist DAP Chinese leaders would like to give the whole world the wrong impression.
If the situation is reversed the chauvinist Chinese will hound us for ever and ever reminding us to be thankful for being a minority.  Think Malays and Bumiputras, you are the majority in this country that was once called Persekutuan Tanah Melayu.  According to the late Senu Abdul Rahman, to make the Chinese and Indian comfortable "we even changed the country name to Malaysia."
That sums up as to how accommodating the Malays are....and YET!.


Anonymous said...

doesn't the name malaysia is used when malaya are put together with sarawak, sabah and singapore to form a new federation called is senu abdul rahman saying this with fact of just mere sentiment?

by the way don't forget the typical kiasu complaint about the malay in singapore..if a malay questioning about the silent discrimination they will come up with the typical arguement..malay dont work hard enough..they have too many babies then criticize the malay..when it's their women that have fertility issues and the important of families centered life among their people..but they don't want to admit it.

they just blame the the silent discrimination.

RD. said...

DAP politicians and their supporters, talked about 'color blind' and 'Malaysian-Malaysia', yet they keeps harping on race and origins of people they hate, especially Tun Dr.M. They insisted on having their own schools that is regressive towards unity. They refused even when the gomen wants to add a few minutes of their learning BM, in their schools.

They say that the Malays are immigrant too and the original Bumiputras are the Orang Asli, like the Aborigines to Australians.

Ok, fine. We are all, off-springs or descendants of former immigrants, most from far-away land. Yet those greedy among us, wants to deny people from neighboring countries to become new citizens to this land.

What a greedy racist, you are, indeed.

John Antau said...

Unlike the Malays in West Malaysia, we Ibans in Sarawak do not own any banks, any tall buildings or any multi-millions houses.

We want the Malays in Sarawak to go back to Malaya, the Chinese to go back to China and the Indians to go back to India!!

Sarawak should be an independant country and ruled by its majority native race.

Anonymous said...

Not possible Chinese are majority in Malaysia based on the current birth rates may even be down to 10% in another 20-30 years.

So why create fictional scenarios to just inflame others emotions?

Think you are too well fed and a total disgrace to your own race to forever create inferiority status.

Anonymous said...

This is just another figment of you fertile imagination, period. Since the incumbent government has stating how much the Malays owns for years, isn't it possible to actually calculate what the other race owns, after deducting what the government holds on behalf of whatever/whoever in those GLCs, MARA, Khazanah etc?

It is people who write such article as above, with such simplistic mathematical mind that believe what has been thrown around by the incumbent government. Thanks you because you have just proven your credentials, or the lack of, by such idiotic equation that, what that is not owned by the Malays, are owned wholly by the Chinese..

Go brush up your knowledge on maths and economics or if you feel embarrass to further studies, please do not attempt to embarrass yourself any further.

Thank you


Anonymous said...

Please check you figures. Economic Report says that 35-40% 0f economy in the hands of foreigners. If that is true then how China own 70%?????

Pertahankan Tanah Melayu said...

Pendapat tuan dan soalan tuan adalah tidak logik sama sekali. Orang Melayu tidak pernah setuju memberi kerakyatan kepada orang Cina dan India. Yang setuju adalah Tunku. Beliau mencari jalan mudah. Sepatutnya kita berperang dengan British dan menghalau mereka keluar seperti dilakukan oleh orang Jawa di Indonesia terhadap Kristian belanda.
Di sana pun orang Cina komunis cuba merampas kuasa dengan membunuh jeneral-jeneral pada bulan Oktober. Sila google.

Jika dulu melayu tidak berperang menentang british kini generasi baru mleyu perlu berperang dengan pendatang Cina dan India seperti Mei 1969.

Perang adalah jawapannya untuk mempertahankan Tanah Melayu dari Cina dan India. Tidak ada sebab kenapa Cina dan India diberi kerakyatan. Tidak ada negara di dunia yang bodoh mcm Tunku.

Anonymous said...

Magpie you are just expressing what countless Malayus are also thinking and good for you.

Penniless in Seattle!

borhan said...

Kalau Cina majoriti jadi macam singapura la..apa lagi..Mereka akan kata kamu tak boleh bandingkan kamu dengan kami..kamu kena bandingkan kamu dengan diri kamu sendiri.

Anonymous said...

The firebrand Hadi Awang and his radical politics has done major damage to the religious and cultural psyche of the Malay people .... now we disrespect and malign each other to no end. In Sg. Limau election they still waging old tired wars: purposely praying the jemaah prayer apart from one another, as if PAS has Paradise-bound legitimacy and all else is kafir ..... but for those of us who know better, we see that their political comrades-in-arms are zionist-sponsored and neo-con christian groups. Sometimes some of us feel like screaming: "So what if i'm not an aspiring islamist politician like you! at least i'm proud to remain a humble Malay mukmin. Don't tell me it's ok for your buddies to say "Allah" is some kind of 3-in-1 thing, and you ok, ok, ok like a real-politicking donkey!"

Anonymous said...

Slow day ke, abang?

So cliched, so done before. Cerita basi, lah.

Rather than posting filler, why not have an original or useful viewpoint on some subject?

Or, if you really want to go race-bashing, try at least an original approach.

Attack Serani, lah!

Anonymous said...

The Chinese voting phenomenon in the recent PRU 13 elections demonstrated a psychology of gaming on high-risk & high-stakes: the Chinese electorate were by and large betting on their overwhelming votes for DAP and the opposition to topple the ruling BN government. The Malaysian culture - especially Chinese Malaysian - has morphed into a gaming culture nominalized by the decades-long existence of Genting Highlands Casinoes and the illegal gaming network nation-wide.
Indeed, if it was not for the vetoes of the ruling government, the Chinese gambling lords would have set up at least 2 more casinoes decades ago: one in Kuantan, and the other in Penang island. So watch out folks for the greedy initiatives of the chronic gambling economists!

"While the vice kingpins laugh all the way to the bank, the Malaysian government is saddled with the dilemma of how to govern the gaming industry as the government is explicitly aware that much revenue is being lost to the mobsters and triads that oversee these business not just in Malaysia but also all across Asia."
[quoted from link below]

Anonymous said...

eh I know many singaporean chinese who doesn't own any buildings in singapore. So what's your point? Just to inflame? Buy the shares of the corporations that own the buildings la. sikit sikit lama lama jadi bukit. Instead of spending it all on cars and branded goods

Anonymous said...

Borhan, I vote your comment as the best.

Anonymous said...

Kalo cina majority..habis lah Melayu. Ini bangsa famous for being TREACHEROUS and ingrates . Juga silap kebodohan Melayu dapat pemimpin ASSHOLE mcam Tunku, penjilat cibai.

Anonymous said...

not all race are equal so whoever use race to rule has its limitation. That limitation can be seen from history for example tracing a simple device like a scissor. Go far into history and see if your race ever created a simple device like a scissor and if you can't find one than probably your race is a very backward race.

I learn this from Tun Dr M's father when he was our school principle.