Thursday, November 28, 2013

For Malaysia's Prophets of Doom...this is how others see us.....!

Chief Minister of Penang, and his kuching kurap bufoons, Anwar Ibrahim included, have been going around the country and the word painting bleak pictures of this country's economic and political situation. Others have all good things to say.
A Lebanese and a Senegalese who work here, and became my friends, said how blessed Malaysia is, but yet "your minority here are giving problem which is not good for Malaysia....I hope to stay here forever" said my Lebanese friend and concurred by the Senegalese.  Click here....


Anonymous said...

I have been living and working in ME last ten years and returned recently. many of middle easterners, wants to come and live here in beautiful Malaysia. But many of us are not grateful. So sad to hear and see whats going on in my beloved country recently. The bangsats, who knows that Malaysia is a rich country painted the bad image with intention to take over and rule easily. Thats the mo. Just look at Selangor. for decades our BN Adun been getting standard salary of less 10k, but the bangsats increased their salary to 3-fold, when they are in power. Atas jasa apa kenaikkan gaji mereka? Apa sumbangan mereka? How easy~ And....Melayu masih tak sedar???

Anonymous said...

The words of a Senegal and a Lebanon citizen?

Anonymous said...

The kucing kurap buffon who is a pretender to the premiership chase with his (P)impinan jenis-3P (K)epada (R)akyat.

3P =
Pengkhianatan(@ Lahad Datu)

Anonymous said...

The citizens of the two States are like that man who stopped complaining that he had no shoes after he saw a man with one foot.

It is unwise for us to measure the strength of Malaysia based on their kind words of these two generous guys just as it would be unwise to based our strength on what PKR says.

Strength of the nation must be measured by its policies and above all by the strength of its institutions.