Friday, November 08, 2013

Haiyan will leave trails of death and destruction......

While small minds in this blessed country are bickering over power, money, sex, control and dominance, mother nature meanwhile is sending that ever constant reminder as to how small we are as an asinine human beings.
Mother Nature will soon unleashed Category 5 Haiyan Typhoon that will hit the Philippines and will super-super-zoom through Indo-China and where it will be exhausted and dies down in China, leaving trails of destruction
We, in Malaysia, are safe from the path of destruction but just to remind us and each other while we may be enjoying latte and life, others have to stand vigil and receive deaths from the impending destruction that Haiyan will unleash.
I pray for the people who will suffer along the path of destruction and I just hope that they are safe hope I can do more.  May Allah and God will keep then safe from harms way.

P.S. I was just having a bad thought that perhaps Haiyan could  just pass through Penang for a minute and teach racist Guan Eng some lesson in humility! Read here:

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