Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I am apt to agree with him on this one.......!

Big territory but not enough resources and manpower and firepower to defend it...

We need to give more power to our boys for them  to do their jobs...

He may be a chauvinist Chinese of a Malaysian origin and a head of the most racially and chauvinistic inclined chauvinist party in this country, but on this issue of Sabah and Malaysian security I have to agree with him. I am talking about Guan Eng!
Consider this, invasion, kidnapping and abductions and murder of tourists and Malaysians on our territory committed  by foreigners appear to be occurring unabated.
It appears as though our very own security forces are unable, for some strange reason, to create a strong deterrent for foreign invaders to stop committing criminal acts in our own home.
Thus led to a statement made by Guan Eng that perhaps Malaysia should request the United Nations forces to patrol our own territory and be given a mandate to do what ever it takes to keep our shore safe from further invasion.
Guan Eng may have made a facetious remarks but underlying to this statement of his we must study his intended message.
When our very own members of the security forces tried to land on the island where the kidnapping that took place recently where a Taiwanese tourist was killed and his wife taken away, a group of foreign Caucasian diving operators of that island told our boys to "fuck off".
Now then, why do we allow this to happen to our very own given the mandate to maintain safety?
My question is: What are we doing about this?!
Guan Eng is saying, and many more Malaysians, ufortunately will agree with him, is that if we cannot defend our territorial integrity then for more certainly we must allow others to do it for us.
The thing is the last kidnapping was the sum total of the previous kidnapping committed by foreign invaders for know they can do it again and will succeed in doing it.....because they know they can and that our security flank there is as weak as a sick and an emaciated person trying to fend off a stronger opponent. 
My suggestion is to sincerely make our "sick" and "emaciated" person healthy and stronger again to fight.

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