Saturday, November 30, 2013

Nasty man made and an unfounded gloom and doom.....!

Just do you own caption of any member of the opposition having this!

The thing that the opposition, reads DAP and PKR, is most afraid of is Najib success and being able to bring this country around and out of the "dark political and economic ages".
Chauvinist Chinese opposition DAP led by a plebeian and uncouth Chinese family, and PKR led by a pseudo-Malay leader Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (his grandfather was a Malabari married to his Malay grandmother) who went all out to destroy the personal and political lives of Najib Razak and his family, did not succeed.
Already international political and economic pundit have already acknowledged Najib's leadership of multi-racial Malaysia as a nice success story to be emulated by countries that want political and economic stability.
Australia went out on its much watched television channel to hear an economic expert describing how the prime minister of Malaysia uses a good formula to weather any economic and political storms with wisdom and common sense. Read here...
Unlike, gutter politics used by the insecure opposition to demean the country's institutions to the whole world, Najib back his words with deeds.
It is just a never ending and sad defeat for  the DAP and PKR to try to bring down and denigrate the country at what ever cost that have fallen to deaf ears of the world which know what Malaysia is all about.
When the Europe's Organisation for Economic C-Operation and Development (OECD) praises Malaysia's economic success recently, I am sure Anwar's and Guan Eng's blood pressure shot up, I just hope it will continue and may be just may that this will shut them up forever.  Read here....

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