Sunday, November 17, 2013

Planet Earth is a Penal Colony? I am beginning to believe this theory!

We were banished to a penal colony called Earth?

I am beginning to believe this is the case.
According to a renowned ecologist, Dr Ellis Silver: "One reason for this is that the Earth might be a prison planer, since we seem to be naturally violent species and we're here until we learn to behave ourselves."  
Dr. Silver claimed and pointed out many numbers of psychological features to make his case as to why humans did not evolve alongside other life on Earth, in his new book.  Read more here....
Silver cited many hypothesis in the book as to why humans are not made for Earth such as we are prone to sunburn, we get back ache due to the gravity of planet Earth, and labour pain. Labour pain? Yes! He said babies heads are bigger, which made it difficult to be born.
About Earth being a penal colony, we will eventually will blow up or destry Earth because humans by nature are violent.
Consider for the last 60 years, millions of human beings have been killed in a multitude of fracases that we call war!
If Silver's theories are to be believed and to make sense we just have to do a mental summation as to what has happened during Earth turbulent existence.
We have countless wars and warlords since time immemorial. From the dark ages to current centuries we have the medieval marauders from Genghis Khan and his Yellow Horde, the Ottoman empires, the Crusaders, the Black Shirts under Mussolini, Hitler, the Jewish holocaust, genocides, massacres, American imperialism, British Imperialism, Conquistadors, the usage of Mustard and Sarin gases, dropping of atom bombs on city populations...  I could go on.
What if Silver is right that we are the most violent species from another planet, that we were on the verge of self destructing and that we got banished to penal colony Earth...kinda like Humans versus Wild being left to our own devices that have gone bad!?
The fact of the matter is, if  Ellis is correct in his thesis, we as a species are doomed to fail, we are doomed to self-destruction.
I wish the few of us peace loving humans that have been rehabilitated... we should try to make contact with the alien mother ships that sent us here to take us back to where we really belong.
I just wish!

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