Sunday, November 10, 2013

Super Typhoon Haiyan left 300,000 homeless and 12,000 dead!

Beautiful coastal city of Tacloban, The Philippines, before Haiyan.
After Haiyan..
What the super typhoon had done...
So severe the catastrophe it is beyond words to describe..

I wish to retract my previous statement that Typhoon Haiyun should momentarily visit Penang and teach racist Guan Eng and others the meaning of humility.  Look at Haiyan, and think again about  plunging this country into a political chaos with opposition parties racist ranting and shouting  the Malays are bad and the country in turmoil.
A sheer moment of anger expressed on my part but I offer my my unreserved apology to the Penangites, Guan Eng included.
As much as I loath your racist rantings I do not wish bad things like Haiyan to hit you before you come to your senses about the importance of co-operation and living together in this country.
Its akin to wishing "atom bombs on Japan" before you come to your senses that your rabble rousing must stop and let us live together.
Malaysia is blessed and thus we far have been protected from any natural catastrophe, so let us all pray we are forever protected.
While at it, let us all pray to the people of the Philippines who have lost lives and property and may God help them find solace, in any way!
Again, I do not wish nor will I ever wish it that catastrophe like Haiyun will reach us, Penang included!
Thank you.

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