Thursday, December 26, 2013

A deterrent is a must to stop this nonsense!

A serious deterrent is needed in Malaysia!

I read every day about lies and outright lies told by people against others and smearing anyone they like and they appear to get away with it!
Recently, I also read Big Dog about Singaporeans who observed the laws and rules in their island republic, but yet they go berserk breaking the laws the moment the enter our country?!
May be they perceived the laws here mean nothing where in Malaysia everyone can break it and can smear anyone and know they will get away with it?
A good example is when PKR Tian Chua who accused the government of staging an invasion of our own country which took many lives of our own security forces!?
I am still waiting for when is he gong to be taken to trial and read his case and if found guilty he ought to be punished as a deterrent!
Perhaps our judicial system is not all that strong after all, and if it is how come any one can just say sorry after accusing someone of many insidious and cruel accusations!
The time must come very soon where a serious example to be shown to the general public that one cannot get away with slandering and accusing people and then apologise and then acted as though nothing happens?
Yes I am ashamed to admit this but in my warp and strange ways I would like to see our justice system to be as swift as Singapore.


Anonymous said...

Ours is a spiteful hypocritical society.At the same time they like to put up a front of bersopan santun, goody-goody BS, they harbor perasan hasad dengki, tikam menikam blakang ,kaki kelengtong, suka berutang tapi tak bayar balik + kaki kumpul p*ki. Patut lah negera menuju ke jahanam - DOOMED. Needs a bigtime revolution to be cleansed of this shit.

Anonymous said...

Since separation Singapore had been a joke in official circles until Pulau Batu Puteh happened. Now we want to emulate them?

Anonymous said...

That includes this blog too. You have also been fond of doing that. On a positive note, you are not alone in so doing.

sri hartamas