Monday, December 16, 2013

Let's strive to be honest, happy and better human beings next year!

Let's strive to be happy, if we can! For tomorrow we may die!
Everyday, I have been reading one or two or three or more blog sites that I fancy. I used to read this one blog site, after watching a Russell Peters video as my routine before I go out, and I thought this particular blogger was very funny, never failed to entertain me before I go out.  Suddenly this particular blogger became full of hatred and anger and his personality changed, calling people idiots (dunggus) and suddenly its like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.
He is diabetic.  Initially I forgave him for I thought perhaps his glucose management or the drug was causing his personality changes from being a funny man to a one full if anger and hatred and sadness.
Nowadays, I do not get angry, I do not even get even. I just ignore situations and sigh at “friends” who believe that they know more than anyone else.  That they have that a God-given right to think sooo loudly in their blogs.
Sometimes our hatred for something that is beyond our control makes us into very sad people.  As for me, come 2104 I will strive to be a better person and I well  never pretend to be more than what I am.
I will just let fate do the job for me.  I suggest for some whose undying obsession with their religions must believe that something bigger than us will show us the way.
Meanwhile I am off to see my precious ones and to enjoy life while I am alive on this planet.
To hate and to pre-judge, and to be petty will not and can never be my reason for living from now on (never were actually).  I just want to enjoy life. (Hopefully another 20 years- that’s enough for me.)
I suggest my “friends” to take care of their health. As the modern adage goes “shit happens and then you die” and I would like to change it “let shit happen if you can’t stop it, but do not die miserably”. 
P.S.  My dentist again tells me at my age I still have my whole set of teeth free from cavity, and my doctors said my blood pressure is normal and I am not a diabetic, nor am I overweight nor having a secret heart condition that I am hiding from the world.  In all reckoning I think I am okay.  As for the country in future, I am sure it will still be in a good hands but definitely not under Pakatan or the DAP. Oh yeah. Five years from now it will still be governed by tested people and political parties that have been doing it for the last five decades. 

Happy New Year to all!

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