Monday, December 02, 2013

Much Ado About Siti Aishah?

 (This was sent to me by Mr Azlan Ramli and I decided to use it on my blogsite)
Could someone please tell me what's the big brouhaha about this Siti Aishah person? Why oh why are we giving so much attention to someone who has (willingly, I'm VERY sure) discarded her state, her ethnicity and even her family?

She can't speak Malay anymore and most likely doesn't practice any Malay custom anymore. No need for us to get into the subject of religion... those two are more than enough to make her a non-Malay anymore according to the Malaysian Constitution's definition of what a Malay person is.

She couldn't care less about maintaining her Malaysian citizenship. So, she's NOT a Malaysians anymore. What is she, then? I DON'T CARE!!! Yeah, it's because she is what & who she is now due to her own free will, for more than half her 69-year life! 

Nope, not because she was kidnapped and locked up in a basement or secret rooms like those three American women in Cleveland, Ohio whom were publicised about recently ( Siti Aishah Abdul Wahab settled in England (never mind illegally), she loved it there and the way I see it, she probably wants to die in the UK... or maybe in China! Whateverrr lahh!

Also, she doesn't give a hoot about her family. No contacts, no letters, no e-mails, no Skype... NOTHING! And based on what her 73-year-old sister Kamar Mahtum told the media after that oh-so-emotional meeting at a 'secret police safe house', she never gave a rat's ass about her own mother!

Kamar Mahtum said Siti Aishah asked her about their mother, who died almost 20 years ago, by the way. Wait, Kamar Mahtum is 73 years old. And she is NOT even the eldest of their siblings, some of whom have passed away "long ago". Was Siti Aishah seriously thinking that their mother is still alive?? What a joke!

Yeah, Siti Aishah is a GONER - no different whatsoever than her mother and those deceased siblings. She doesn't want to have anything to do with her family anymore. Mind you, that meeting was arranged out of her family's (yeah, Malaysian family and not her adopted Marxist-worshipping gang)  request by the British authorities on humanitarian grounds. Had she been given a choice, she wouldn't want to have anything to do with anyone from Malaysia at all.

And she definitely doesn't want to have anything to do with Malaysia, her former country anymore! As far as she's concerned, she was born in Malaysia, raised in Malaysia and then left for England to be what she wanted to be, till her last breath. And that's that.

Her major concern now is what the British authorities have in mind for her, hence her super-secret meeting with Kamar Mahtum conducted and accompanied by many British security personnel. Decades of actively promoting Marxist ideology - and based on British soil, at that - would definitely make the Brits VERY interested to 'catch up' with her. Wink wink!

Either way - I DON'T CARE... and so shouldn't Malaysians too (other than her family members, of course!). 
No, I don't find this sad at all. What I find sad... wait, PATHETIC is Malaysians - the media, Government and the people - all getting so worked up and emotional about it. Wasting news space & airtime and resources to give coverage to something so stupid, even my Indonesian denim & leather tailor at Pertama Kompleks (Kuala Lumpur) found it amusing. During a chat with him yesterday, he laughed when expressing to me his take on the whole stupid issue. Yeah, he laughed at Malaysia... while fixing my leather bag's faulty zipper!

Just like Sufiah Yusof - the supposedly-genius non-Malaysian kid who rebelled against her parents (only her mother is Malaysian, for goodness sake!) and proudly became a prostitute later on - Siti Aishah means NOTHING to us Malaysians and Malaysia... but no, the Malaysian media had to give Sufiah Yusof lots of exposure as if she hasn't 'exposed' herself enough on the Internet for her sex trade! She spent a lot of money to get her glamour shots taken, mind you! I am very sure her business thrived after the Malaysian media inadvertently promoted her! Fools...

Siti Aishah is not a Malay anymore. She isn't a Malaysian anymore. She doesn't want to be a Malay AND a Malaysian anymore. GET IT??!!

And what has Hishamuddin Rais got to do in the Siti Aishah story? Why am I seeing this former-fugitive-nobody in my newspaper with Kamar Mahtum? What value does he bring to this already worthless issue to us? I am really wasting my time reading the newspaper, if this kind of news keep getting published.

Malaysians are really misplacing their emotions and sympathies. And the biggest culprit is the media. I'd understand it if tabloids do that, but the New Straits Times???

What we should do to Siti Aishah and I'm sure many other (former) Malaysians who have left the country and not giving a s#it anymore to Malaysia is simply leave them alone.

To pathetic-masochist Malaysians, I tell you this - GET OVER IT LAHHH!!!

And to the mainstream Malaysian media, the NST especially - stop publishing rubbish. You've already done it with that recent half-page apology. ENOUGH LAHHH!!!




Anonymous said...

Agreed with the writer and blogger for highlighting the no sense no case of a nobody!

Anonymous said...

I have an idea. Instead of bringing her back, why not give her a few token ringgits to ask her NOT to come back. Who knows, maybe she needs the money for her funeral over there: you think the other comrades would be willing to shelve a few pounds for a lavish eulogy?

Either that, or the money could be used to buy her some pink paper moneys to accompany her funeral.

And oh yes while we are at it how about we ... errr.. FUND the departure of Hishamuddin Rais to flee the country. We can buy him some plane ticket (one-way at that) and a few ringgit more for extra weight baggages.

As for Tony Pua, we can do that too except that we can have some special consessions (what the hell, how do i know its correct spellings) if he could bring his ENTIRE family---nay---the entire Pua CLAN---if they too could leave Malaysia to any destination that they want.

Marking Bagpie

Anonymous said...

Aishah, Sufiah, are just morons with Malaysian roots but lost any attachment and identity with Malaysia.

Give more allocation to TalentCorp. Bet they could bring them back to fill up some senior corporate positions, if not be the CEO.

Anonymous said...

Well said. NST/BH, and all the other newspapers, please take note. Otherwise,it only reflects the editors IQ!!!!

Anonymous said...

Totaly agreed!!lets move on and forget about those who never gives a hoot about Malaysia, being Malaysian..whether it's good or bad, this is my tanah tumpah darhku

Nieza Din said...

100% true! Good one, bro.. *thumbs up

Anonymous said...

Yeah, bury her in an unmarked grave like that assassin in 'The Day of The Jackal' (the nice 1970s version, not the shitty 1990s remake).

She is after all a Marxist, so her headstone (if any) shouldn't be marked at all.

Anonymous said...

Communism is worse than corruption?

Anonymous said...

This realpoliticking she-commie must have been all gung-ho with the Partai Komunis Indonesia, at that time riding high on the wave of terrorist euphoria:

It's pay back time now * * *

Anonymous said...

Who would have thought that Siti Aisyah would be the nutcase but seriously said I don't. She just want to be human whose concerned with the interests and welfare of humans. 

Moreover, she got caught in the idealogical and philosophical networks of secularism and naturalism, then being sucked into political webs of the 60s. Wandering by her inception, she soon could not get out from the modern capitalist environment.

The so called a closed environment she was in and an undefined Maoist she is, is just her economic shelter and as much as she feels belonging to her congregational cocoon in order for her to survive in the free world of the capitalistic urban London. 

She reminded me of Pik Sen Lim (Chung Su Lee, Singaporean, I think), portrayed as a Maoist in the television series, "Mind Your Language." In class, she always had her little red book of Mao. Taro, her Japanese classmate was her ideological rivalry portraying Siti Aisyah's endeavor and essay of her entity.

She was an idealist and maybe she still is. More importantly she is an harmless human being. But Chin Peng was totally a negative international hero who killed people because of his ideology. For Mariam Mokthar to equate Chin Peng and put all the law breakers into one basket is not worth for an applause. But to remind her just to watch her language is an appropriate and sensible warning.

Anonymous said...

I was glad to see Pik Sen Lim still acting till today. She was the old lady assassin in 'Johnny English'... :)