Wednesday, February 27, 2013

He tricks Malaysian ex-generals into supporting him, then BABI met with rich and corrupt Nur Misuari!

BABI met with Nur Misuari, the top Moron of the Moron National Liberation Front (MNLF), this is a recent picture before the invasion of Lahad Datu by MNLF...

You can say that Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) as somewhat a strategist but a mediocre chess player.  He will plan steps ahead and use some of his money to influence his targets then go for the kill. But he will always messed up his steps thinking Malaysians are really stupid
For example he somehow managed to talk few Malaysian ex-generals to come out in public to show support toward the opposition led by him (BABI).
Then he talked about the country's security that should not be compromised, then he added how these ex-generals served their country loyally.
BABI also went on saying the security of the country must not be compromised since the rakyat depends on the government to look after their safety and security.
My question is since when did the government has ever compromised the country's security?
Lo and Behold,  some weeks later this man (BABI) went to see his old friend Nur Misuari, a jaded and corrupt so-called  Islamic leader of the Muslims in Mindanao, in southern Philippines.
You can just easily imagine this:  BABI went to a night market with some disgruntled and dissatisfied ex-generals to talk about security of the nations.....the following weeks BABI tricked Nur Misuari,the leader of the ineffective Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) into sending armed men to attack the sovereignty of Malaysia.
Rest assured, after a lot of convincing, in the shape of money I am very sure of this, Nur Misuari ordered more than a dozen members of his MNLF men to attack Lahad Datu, in Sabah.
So now our home grown traitor BABI, the master manipulator can now rest his case about the security of the county being breached and blame the government of the day not giving security to Malaysians.
So like a snake with forked tongue, BABI will forever remains a snake and a traitor to our country, my only regret is how can a level headed ex-generals can be duped into supporting such a man.
May be it was money that did it to them, if that is the case I hope these men can live with their conscience!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Why RM1000 and RM500 denominations declared not valid?

Struck one and two! Strike three you are out, Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI)!

Because at least three banks in Singapore, one of them is the National Bank of Israel, deep in the vaults lie billions of ringgits, but alas they are all in RM1000 and RM500 notes in which our former prime minister, Tun Mahathir Mohamad, when he was in power and in the midst of the currency crisis of the late 90's declared the two ringgit denominations to be not valid.
A smart move by Mahahtir when he found out BABI was trying to topple him when the later insisted that Malaysia should be enslaved by the Word Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) by borrowing money from this two Israel and American controlled institutions.
Our simple minds sometime cannot think beyond the normal realms of thinking or to think outside the box, let me tell you now.
BABI wants to be the next prime minister so that he could rescue and change Malaysia's monetary regulations. He wants the RM1000 and RM500 denominations to be back in circulations.  So he can have his money back!
Bank Negara sources say Singapore banks have been in touch to inquire about what to do with the billions of ringgit stashed in Singapore in these two denominations, Bank Negara said no problem just ask the accounts holder to get in touch.
Thus far BABI dare not get in touch with Bank Negara.
The question that needs to be asked is: Why is BABI so desperate to become PM, well now you know the real answer! Read Unspinners here....

P/S Actually embattled Mahathir knew of the accounts but could not do anything until opportunity struck that was in the form of Currency Crisis.  Well, BABI you are not that smart a fella , when you think orang Melayu ni semua bodoh!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Nick Xenophon and John Malottt (remember this moron), are both profit motivated!

Malott and his Japanese wife, with BABI and his wife Azizah.
Australians all know Xenophony is addicted to gambling, especially slot machines!

If you think Nick Xenophon-y and former US ambassador, John Malott, are driven by conviction in what they believe in Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI), well you have to seriously think again.
These two are being paid handsomely to lend their hands in "supporting" BABI's incredibly stupid quest in trying to be Malaysia's prime minister.
I am very sure these two are being paid a lot to show "credibility" in realising BABI's ambition to rule Malaysia.
it is highly unlikely that these two white guys, out the goodness of their hearts spent times and energy cheering and supporting a tarnished Malaysian politician, who is not only a convicted felon, but an adulterer, a sodomite and a pathological liar.
Surely both Xenophon=y and Malott are not that stupid not to really know about BABI, and that both are thoroughly consumed by hatred for Malaysia and to the ruling government of Malaysia that they could do all of these?
No they will not if it does not involve God Almighty dollars, in this case it would  be millions of Aussie dollar and US dollars, this is why they are doing it.  Not because they believe in BABI and his chicanery and lies!
So let us not give this Xenophon-y guy any more publicity since we know he, and Malott, is doing it for money!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

What if opposition had cheated during 2008 GE!

Najib signing integrity pledge of Transparency International!

It is possible that the opposition had in the past, in cahoot with people in charge of overseeing the general elections, stuffed ballot boxes throughout the country and won five states during the last general elections.
What if at that point in time the sentiment and lies propagated by Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) was so strong even cows and water-buffaloes and monkeys also believe him?! 
On the government side there was no thought of the opposition going that far as to cheat with the help of the "insiders".
Looking at what the opposition is capable of doing now I am inclined to believe that the stuffing of ballot boxes by the opposition during the last general elections was possible.
Who would ever thought that the opposition resorting to such tactic? Nobody actually did until we thought of it carefully, and yes that it was possible.
So today, come the next elections we have to be very vigilant.
On the same note of honesty and integrity, our prime minister, sets the tone for clean elections as reported by the Star newspaper, Najib Razak has signed integrity pledge to be honest and corruption free in the upcoming polls.
Najib signed the Transparency International (TI) Election Integrity Pledge.  Witness by his deputy and other BN leaders, Najib made the public declaration to uphold integrity and reinforcing his commitment  to fight corruption in the upcoming polls.
Najib is one leader that has made many pledges of honesty. He also declared on the sanctity of the Holy Quran and in a mosque that he was not involved in many thing that he was accused of.
But I have yet to see certain opposition leader making the same pledge such as or for example to declare that he did not sodomise any young boys and that he has yet to complete his pilgrimage to Mecca, to which all of his life he never did.  Or swear at any mosque thatbhe is a saint!
To declare to the world that he is not a father to a little girl that he sired, with this married woman who is a wife of his best buddy!  I am bored I can go on and on!
Hey Malaysians you decide lah!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Why Pope Benedict XVI, aka Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, resigned!

Setan, macam BABI, dan petualang bangsa Melayu!

Hypocrite is equal to an Evil reincarnates!

Why did he resigned? Possibly because to get immunity from being prosecuted for involving in many child abuse cases involving his close associates, that went unreported.
When the Pope waas just Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, he was in charge of investigating cases involving, among other things, sexual abuse of chuldren among Catholic priests and he "failed" to investigate his friend and close associate's charges of child sexual abuse.
Documents from old cases that were put in cold storage revealed Pope Benedict XV1 had not pursued cases involving religious figures from the Catholic organisation who had sexually abused children!
"The release of court documents involving a Roman Catholic organization is fueling speculation that Pope Benedict was forced to resigned."
Safe to say that all these men of the cloth, here or Catholic respectively are just sex-starved hypocrites.....Read more here..

Monday, February 18, 2013

Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim trying to influence ex-generals!

Two nights ago Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) met with four or may be five ex-general from the armed forces and also from the religious corp telling them they should go around the country to tell the people about corruption within the Defence Ministry.
The meeting took place at a venue in Wangsa Maju.  Those attended the meeting were charged up listening to BABI churning his lies to these ex-army generals and officers.
My only concern is what is Defence Minsiter Zahid Hamidi doing about this.  We are talking about a bunch of ex-army generals, who while enjoying their pension and driving in cheaply-bought  government cars upon retirement they are still not giving their full supports to the government of the day.
In Turkey such act is seen as a treason against the country.  In Turkey recently the government hauled in many ex-generals and they were thrown in the dungeon.
I am not suggesting we follow the Turkish way but merely puzzled as to why many ex-generals upon retirement they just went 360 degree spun. Read here
The meeting with BABI is pre-arranged and can the military intelligence, or is this term an oxi-moron, try to find out who these people are and can the minister to at least be concerned about this and to engage them.
Or perhaps these ex-gens were being given the gula gula by BABI who is now finally using his billions stashed to buy people, even paying money to foreign terrorists to occupy Malaysia, just to win an elections?.
Please may the truth be expressed:  Najib and Muhyiddin alone cannot be seen as alone campaigning for I have yet to see other cabinet ministers to visibly go on the road show at this crucial moment.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Rumour has it a certain high profile opposition politician is HIV positive!

Only the super rich can afford to be kept alive by this expensive 3 in 1 AIDS suppressant drug cocktail!

He is infected with HIV positive for the last 14 years now!  For every man and woman he had sex with chances are these partners will be infected!
I will try not to mention name but this HIV positive stricken opposition politician is being kept alive by taking a very expensive HIV cocktail 3-in-one salmon coloured pill called ATRIPLA at the cost of USD $1,150.00 (about RM3588 a month) for a 30-day supply.
Only the rich can afford to have the luxury of buying and paying that amount for every month supply.
This politician once refused to give sample of his blood for police investigation claiming the government will contaminate needles with AIDS virus that will infect his blood.
But truth be told that his real reason was to hide the fact that his blood is already contaminated and infected with HIV positive.  I just hope that those he had sex with will have enough brain to have their blood check for HIV positive.
Sources told me he gets his supply via FedEx from the USA and sent to the house.
In the beginning for the longest time now I did not want to post this, in a way, sad piece of news of a dying man who, out of anger and revenge, will take and tear down this country just because he thought he was maligned but the truth of the matter is he is a victim of his own doing.
I just hope that Malaysians who worship this sad and pathetic and tragic man to not be duped by his lies and cheating.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

A sample of when chauvinist Chinese rules Malaysia!

Leong Pei Koe and his friend...kici kici tak mampos suda besar bagi orang susa!
Chauvinist DAP supremo Lim Guan Eng and his godfather from across the straits!  LKY wants to see PAP...oops DAP to rule Semenanjung Tanah Melayu sebelum dia mati!
You insult and fucked the Malay institutions but never fear the DAP and PKR will come to your rescue! A sample of when chauvinist Chinese under DAP comes to power....but then Melayu maseh bodoh betul lagi ye!

Malaysia has always been, by tradition, a power sharing country, we share power among the races and have always works.
Our founding fathers were represented by these major races, until Lee Kuan Yew instructed his minions like Lim Kit Siang and his son Lim Guan Eng of the making of the "100 years plan to take over Persekutuan Tanah Melayu" a complete chauvinsit Chinese-ruled country.
LKY may have his wishes before he dies, if we are not careful, after our 13th general elections to see BN led by Umno faltered, and faltered really bad.
But of course when chauvinist Chinese led by DAP aka Bintang Tiga aka PAP try to make this risky bid for the country, we will fight tooth and nail if any one attempt to usurp power is in motion.
Remember if they do come to power all traditions will be shoved aside, traditions that have been a pillar of this country's peaceful co-existence.
A sample of when chauvinist group like the DAP came to power, is when i n Penanf recently a chauvinist Malaysian Chinese youth showed his middle finger at our Queen at the airport out of disrespect!  The Queen is a wife of the Paramount ruler of Malaysia.
Later when asked by a policeman why he did it he said, to paraphrase, "Malay policeman have no power in Penang, Penang is a Chinese country rules by DAP".  Well for the clueless Melayus think again if you want a crude, chauvinist Chinese DAP to rule anything in this country, think again!!
As I said above, Malaysia has always been about power sharing,  but not power usurping.
Since DAP in Penang this party, whose order of the day comes from Singapore, have set this motion of  today is Penang then tomorrow the whole country.
My advise to all Melayus, especially, to think about your future since we all know that the other so-called Malay-based party like PKR and PAS are being made use of by the chauvinist Chinese DAP, here is a JOKE, they didn't even realise this!!

Back to this Chinese youth who fingered our beloved Queen, well he got it easy he was jailed for 30 days fined RM8,000 (which DAP will pay) and I hope fellow convicts will make his life more les miserable in jail.

Note: This news was printed on page 21 on the New Straits Times when such news should have been given a more prominent page to act as a deterrent to other Chauvinist people and to make the Malays more aware of the impending danger of when  and if chauvinist Chinese from the DAP takes power.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Was being a suspected Nazi sympathiser a reason why Pope Benedict resign?

Was there more to Pope Benedict XV11, and his Nazi's affiliation that the world should know?
The last Pope to resign "voluntarily" while in office  was 600 years ago, the Catholic world now is  shaken by Pope Benedict XVI sudden resignation citing health reason.
We must remember his predecessor Pope John Paul 11, literally worked all his life as a Pope until his death of old age, and Pope Benedict left a cushy job citing health reason?
Perhaps there was more to it than meets the eye: Or may be the Israeli Mossad uncovered more evidence to implicate the head of one of the biggest religious denomination and Nazism?

While Ratzinger was not a Nazi in the past and Benedict XVI is not a Nazi now, there is more than enough reason to question his handling of his past. It appears that he hasn’t been honest with others — and probably not honest with himself — about what he did and what he could have done.
It’s simply not true that resistance was impossible at the time. Difficult, yes; dangerous, yes. But not impossible. John Paul II participated in anti-Nazi theater performances in Poland, yet there is no evidence of Joseph Ratzinger even doing this much. Read more here...

Hey Hollywood here is a good plot for a good movie, a Pope who hid his Nazi's past well until uncovered by the Israeli secret service!

Monday, February 11, 2013

How was it possible for this guy, a mamak, be bestowed an honorary Huguan Siou! Pairin is angry!!

Gambar di atas yang menunjukkan Anwar Ibrahim memakai selempang bertulis "Huguan Siou" dan "screen shot" daripada laman sosial Facebook Jonathan Yasin, Naib Pengerusi PGayR Sabah, menjadi bukti. Tidak cukup dengan gelaran "Anugerah Tuhan" yang diberikan oleh isterinya, Wan Azizah, yang juga diberikan gelaran "Saiyiditina Khadijah" oleh pembodek-pembodek NGO ABIM, Anwar Ibrahim semalam telah dianugerahkan dengan "Huguan Siou" oleh pembodek-pembodek beliau daripada Sabah seperti Lajim Ukin dan Thamrin Jaini, dalam lawatan Ketua Umum PGayR tersebut ke Keningau, Sabah.
Setahu CTS, gelaran "Huguan Siou" adalah gelaran tertinggi masyarakat Kadazan Sabah. Gelaran ini hanya boleh diberikan oleh The Kadazandusun Cultural Association Sabah (KDCA), sebuah badan bukan politik yang terdiri daripada 40 komuniti etnik campuran dari Sabah dan berdaftar di bawah Malaysian Society Act 1966. Persatuan ini pada masa sekarang diketuai oleh "Huguan Siou Honorable" Datuk Joseph Pairin Kitingan. 
Hanya persatuan ini sahaja yang boleh menganugerahkan dan melantik gelaran "Huguan Siou". Persoalannya di sini bagaimana anugerah untuk orang Kadazan ini diberikan kepada seorang berketurunan Mamak daripada Semenanjung? Bagaimana perlantikan ini tidak melalui persatuan yang diiktiraf? Ini merupakan satu penghinaan kepada Masyarakat Kadazan di Sabah! Apakah PGayR Sabah tidak tahu adab dan kod etika dalam memberikan sesuatu gelaran? (Source:

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year! If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

If it ain't broke, let us not fix it okay!  Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Year of a Dawn of A New Era....for sure!!!
Let us prosper and be happy together and to make a real concerted efforts to get rid of religious and racial extremism and to reject chauvinism, sexual deviant and religious fanatic!  This is a great great country and as a saying goes: If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Thursday, February 07, 2013

PAS brand of Islam is not Islam, but dangerous ultra-fanatical and scary doctrine!!!

Laki bini macam katun tetapi bahaya bagi negera dan Bangsa Melayu, dan bangsa Cina dan India gunakan saja otak, ya itu kalau ada!

Nampak macam Isle suci tapi kapitalis jahat rampas gran tanah ore Melayu Kelate tak fikir dosa!

Fahaman Islam PAS cuma satu sahaja parti munafik in di tubuh kan dengan satu falsafah sahaja: ia itu untuk menguasi tubuh wanita.
Islam tulin mengatakan penganut harus lah menaham nafsu, jangan laki laki PAS pakai kain tapi tak pakai seluar dalam, nampak saja rambut perempuan nak fikir merogol.
Pemimpin PAS macam Nik Aziz dan Hadi Awang dan Mat Sabu ada lah  mereka, kalau tidak ahli politik, yang pandai menjual minyak urut, dan menipu orang Melayu, terutama kaum wanita.
Saya juga di beri tahu bahawa isteri Nik Aziz, Tuan Sabariah, banyak menyimpam gran tanah orang miskin Kelantan yang meminjam duit dengan beliau. Gran tanah ni bertimbun timbun di rumah nya.
Harap mereka yang tidak dapat ambil balik gran tanah mereka untuk pergi mengadu kepada Tok Pa (Musatapa  Mohamed) inshallah dapat di tolong.
Nik Aziz ni dan parti Islam (konon nya parti Islam tetapi tidak) tergamak bersengkokol  Cina DAP semamta mata dengan tujuan untuk menjadi kuasa memerintah negara.
Sejarah PAS di ujudkan ada lah untuk mementang orang Malaysia kaum lain untuk berkongsi kuasa.
Fikir lah sendiri!

Monday, February 04, 2013


 Just imagine if chauvinist Chinese like DAP under this asshole Lim Guan Eng were to come to power----Malays please unite!!?

 (Taken from without permission but I am sure he or she does not mind)

Monday, 4 February 2013

GEORGE TOWN: Kerajaan negeri Pulau Pinang pimpinan DAP dikecam kerana menurunkan banner Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak mengucapkan 'Gong Xi Fa Cai' (Tahun Baru Cina) kepada masyarakat Cina di negeri itu.

Menteri Pelancongan Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen berkata langkah kerajaan negeri itu merupakan satu tindakan keterlaluan berikutan maklum balas diterima juga menunjukkan beberapa individu telah memijak gambar Najib selepas banner diturunkan.

Dr Ng berkata Ketua Menteri Lim Guan Eng perlu memohon maaf atas tingkah laku tidak sopan terhadap seorang Perdana Menteri Malaysia.

"Beliau (Lim) perlu ingat (Najib) adalah Perdana Menteri Malaysia termasuk Pulau Pinang. Memijak muka Perdana Menteri adalah sama seperti memijak muka Malaysia," katanya kepada pemberita selepas menghadiri program 'My Beautiful Malaysia' di Dataran Taman Negara, Teluk Bahang, di sini, hari ini.

"Sekiranya sebuah banner (dengan gambar Perdana Menteri) dikoyak ia bermakna menolak Malaysia," kata Dr Ng ketika diminta mengulas tindakan Majlis Perbandaran Seberang Perai (MPSP) menurunkan banner ucapan Najib kerana mereka yang memasang tidak memohon permit.

Beliau berkata kerajaan persekutuan sentiasa membantu membangunkan Pulau Pinang demi kebaikan rakyatnya walaupun negeri itu tidak ditadbir oleh Barisan Nasional (BN).

"Jangan terlalu taksub dengan politik. Ada benda yang anda tidak boleh mempolitikkan sekiranya ia untuk kebaikan rakyat Pulau Pinang. Jadilah kerajaan bertanggungjawab dan memberi khidmat baik kepada rakyat. Jika kerajaan persekutuan mahu membantu, biarkan aje," katanya.

Dr Ng berharap rakyat Pulau Pinang memahami dan merasakan keikhlasan kerajaan pusat untuk memakmurkan negeri itu berikutan sekitar RM140 juta dibelanjakan sebelum ini untuk merancakkan industri pelancongan di negeri tersebut.

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Rest in peace Claudia Theophilus we shall miss you a lot!


A former colleague and a very dear friend, Claudia Theopilus, was shot and killed in Beirut  recently.
She was only 42 years old.  Hailed from Tiroi, near Labu in Seremban, Claudia was working for Al Jaazera when the tragedy occurred and her body has been take to a hospital there. Read here
No clear details were given out but from a newspaper report but she was in a mountain areas with some friends.
She was always driven by the idea of being a foreign correspondent and had said many times that she would like to be specifically a war corespondent.  A very good friend where we had few coffee meetings at KLCC and at La Bodega, she is now gone forever and may her soul rest in peace.
I love you Claudia and shall always miss you.