Saturday, April 27, 2013

Vote wisely Malaysians! Reject racial and religious chauvinism!

Can't live without one!

There were only four of us old buddies left from the old secondary school days, this time.
Muni, Rauf, Chee Seng, Razali, Aziz, have all passed on, and we miss them truly.
Our favourite place then, still is and has somewhat changed, was Wisma Lim Foo Yong where we congregate and had "coffee" until we were "bloated", and then go home.
The four of us were reminiscing of our time when things were un-complicated.
"Today we have many Cina pukimak, Keling barua and Melayu belacan still makan belacan still bodoh.. to trust this Anwar sial....why and and when do these Malaysians become so stupid," said Clement.
Before you idiots get all riled up over calling various races names let me remind you that my time we call each other names out of reverence and love for each other, if we truly like  and live you.  But we meant it when we get angry at various races. 
"Dulu tak puasa we go back to the back of the shop to eat or smoke, today if  PAS rules we will be paraded if caught and down through the dark ages alleys we will be shamed," Radha.
This is a great country for Chinese, last year Andy took his family on a European tour for the third times.
"My children came back from Melbourne and Rick from New Zealand, and Cynthia (his wife) said this time around we we really enjoying the trip, especially Prissy whom we met in London," he said.
You see Andy is one of those "persecuted" and "badly-discriminated upon" Malaysian-Chinese who is also a millionaire, he made his pile from electronic business.
Radha, is well off with his travel agencies business and also one of those "persecuted" Malaysian-Indians who has just required a Bentley, among his many cars.
"The best country to be persecuted, bro" said Ridhwan.
The thing is, the system works and now chauvinism from DAP and sexual deviant from PKR and religious madness hudud proned PAS want to take over!
In unison we shouted with laughter: "We'd rather be persecuted and live under BN!!!!"
We had a good time after on whole year and when we meet again, if we ever meet again, I am Radha will not be with us, he is diabetic and hypertension and smoke like a chimney and drink like a fish.
You know what buddy you do your stuff if you are happy and we will pray together that our children will still be like us, I am sure they will!  Cheers buddies!

Friday, April 26, 2013

On Vicious American Foreign Policy. Regime Change, Pet Poodles, and Suaram (for example)!

To the white American public the Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan Muhammad Sr. is a rabble rouser and a black racist, but when we listen to his "sermon" on American Foreign Policy we may begin to wonder whether what he said is true whether the great USA is really a great nation or just a nation which only concerns itself.
Louis Farrakhan listed all the involvement of US Foreign Policy on regime change throughout the world since the 1940's until the present days.
From blatant invasion of many countries in the past and assassinations of many world leaders deemed "unfriendly" to the US interest and to the de-stabilisations of government, via its proxies such as local  NGOs.
In Malaysia we have seen how the US foreign policy successfully "gotten rid" of Mahathir Mohamad for being "recalcitrant" and "belligerent" to the US interest.
Today, the US foreign policy helped with the "invasion" of Malaysia via its proxy led by Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) and its other pet poodles such as Tian Chia, Cynthia Gabriel, Ambiga, and Sivarasa.
We do have information on the involvement of these traitors with the help of American economic hit men, and American agen provocateur and saboteurs.
(Get this if you can: An American gun ship was "stranded" on a barrier reef in Philippine waters and had to be cut into pieces  to clear the problem.  Now then!  How come one of the most sophisticated gun ship that came complete with a sophisticated radar got itself stranded?  The answer is, it makes a good cover for it to transfer weapons to the Suluk invaders.  Of course the American will deny this!  The US Navy Seal on board the "stranded" gun ship was just a few nautical miles off the coast of Lahad Datu, go figure!)
We do know now that the American special forces have been helping the Moros of Southern Philippine in the recent invasion of Malaysian territory in Lahad Datu.
Watch and listen to the video of Louis Farrakhan with an open, and we may begin to understand, after Mahathir, that another attempt for regime change of trying to get rid of Najib Razak and to replace him with BABI is in the making, fortunately the Malaysians people, the Malays especially are well aware of such attempt!

read more of WCK here:

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

10 questions we need to ask Cynthia of SUARAM about Scorpene allegations!

Also questions we need to ask Cynthia of Suaram as to why is she having a miserable lif,e and please do not blame it on your unhappy childhood which is now rearing its ugly heda in your present existence!?

Today Suaram is giving a press conference on Scorpene allegations.  Perhaps firendly journos and bloggers at this press conference can ask Cynthia Gabriel variations of the below 10 questions below.  The venue of this PC is at:
Date: 23 April 2013
Time: 3pm
Venue: Dignity International
A-2-7 Pusat Perdagangan Seksyen 8,
Jalan Sg Jernih 8/1,Petaling Jaya, Selangor,
46050 Malaysia.
Fax:+603 7931 0741

10 questions for Suaram:

  1. Ms Gabriel, could you please explain your relationship with Orion Strategies?

  1. In a Free Malaysia Today article, published on 2 April, you denied any knowledge of Orion Strategies, calling suggestions they had helped you arrange a trip to Washington DC as “false propaganda”. However, a leaked email shows Mike Mitchell of Orion Strategies wrote to numerous American Congressmen to arrange meetings for you. Can you explain this inconsistency in your account?

  1. Why did you decide not to go on the Orion Strategies’ lobbying trip to Washington DC?

  1. Who was due to pay for your trip to Washington DC?

  1. Who paid Orion Strategies to arrange meetings with American Congressmen on your behalf?

  1. Are you aware Orion Strategies is one of Israel’s fiercest lobbying firms in Washington, and even launched a smear campaign against President Obama because they said the President wasn’t pro-Israel enough? Do you agree with their stand on Israel? What are your views on Israel?

  1. Does Orion Strategies continue to work for SUARAM? Have they ever worked for SUARAM?

  1. Does Orion Strategies continue to work for PKR? Have they ever worked for PKR?

  1. Have Orion Strategies helped the French lawyers or had any involvement in the Scorpène investigation?

  1. Why aren’t you telling the rakyat the truth? Isn’t it the case that Suaram is driving this Scorpène smear campaign to try and change the result of the election? Will you come clean and admit that you are Anwar’s stooge? 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Funny that LKS, a chauvinist anti-Malaysian unity guy, was praising Ghani Othman!

Tan Sri Dr Lee Boon Chim..a great Malaysian!

My father once said never tempt oneself to a conversation with the Devil (Syaitan).
"For the Devil will tell you all that you want to hear and that you will live forever and prosper and you will believe him and then you start to be arrogant," he said. There is a moral to this old story somewhere.
Of course Ghani Osman brought prosperity to Johore and the people are happy when he was the CEO of Johore!  LKS never have to state the obvious, and if he admits Johore is prospering under a tested and experience government why must he muck up things by contesting in what he perceived as a "Chinese Areas"!?
His chauvinism knows no bound, he is hoping the Malaysian-Chinese of Gelang Patah or Malaysian-Chinese is stupid enough to vote for chaos, if Chauvinist Chinese from the DAP rules?
LKS can never be a magnanimous person, I am not even sure if he is indeed a Malaysian in the true sense of the word.  No Malays of Malaysians in their right minds can ever bond with LKS, he is to chauvinist Chinese in his outlook and never Malaysian!
When my father's good friend the late Senator Lim Boon Chim helped me with some financial support my university education in Canada, upon graduating I went to see him in his office and introduced my self.
He stood up from his desk and went to me and put his arm on my shoulder and said: "No I you do not owe me anything but you owe our country something, please help Malaysia to be a great!" he said.
I had promised every single cent that he gave me  and he said no and I was touched and shed real tears, unlike some cheap politician.
To me Senator Lim Boon Chim was a true Malaysian of Chinese descent, and there are many more like him around and unfortunately LKS and his son LGE and the entire family are just a bunch of chauvinist sad people with a difficult and unhappy childhood!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

If you can do it big, we can do it even bigger!

If ABU want to give us chaos, we can counter them equally effective...but where will that lead us to ?

The headline above is alluding to threats made by the opposition groups such as ABU and many more to create chaos and appointing themselves as "vigilante" groups catching so-called "illegals" casting their votes on May 5th!
"Illegals casting" their votes is actually an oxymoron, first of all if they are illegals therefore they cannot vote.  Plus the fact that these vigilante groups such as ABU is going to take it upon themselves to check these people? They cannot do this, there will be election commissions personnel and police to do all of the necessary
This brings me to a famous line made by Tun Mahathir Mohamad who told recalcitrant and belligerent head of MCA then, Neo Yee Pan, who wanted to demonstrate over something that he an d his members were not happy, and Tun M said:" If you want to demonstrate, we Umno can also organised a bigger demonstration, so where will it end? Yee Pan relented and decided not to do it.
The point is,
Haris Ibrahim and his gang must remember that peace loving people can also be made to resist if any chaos is planned.  We are peace loving people, I am sure if the opposition wins we have to also abide to the rule of law!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Let it not be a Muslim....Please!

One of the civilised events of the year in the US...The Boston Marathon...was marred by bomb explosions killing people and injuring many.
I just hope this despicable act of terrorism is not perpetrated by a Muslim group or a jihadist, I just hope the FBI will conduct a thorough investigation and catch the evil doers who committed the act.
We in Malaysia condemn any form of terrorism on Americans and on anyone and we are giving our unlimited sympathy to the people affected, and to democracy attacked!
May God protect freedom loving people of the world against further acts of terrorism!!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

It's named House of Commons for a good reason!

Oliver Cromwell was a good member of the House of Commons!

So is Wee Choo Keong!  Let him contest for his borough called Wangsamaju!

The House of Commons is called such because it housed the common people's representatives in a building also called the Palace of Westminster.  Here, they discuss and debate effectively issues affecting the people and the country.
At least this is what I learnt during my introductory to political science course, during the first year of my undergrads at my university a long, long time ago.
The House of Commons is a place where a representative of a parliamentary constituency debates over issues affecting the lives and well-being of the "common" people, he or she serving.  The House of Commons is where Oliver Cromwell debated the fate of King Charles who was later beheaded in the interest of England.
We need parliamentarian who are smart, intelligent, well-versed on many issues that will and can affect the lives of common people and the country.
Having said all of the above I would like the prime minister of this country to seriously consider fielding Wee Choo Keong to stand for the Wangsa Maju parliamentary constituency.
He is well respected, does his job for the people and debated well in parliament over many issues that have and could have negative ramifications to the country as a whole.
While he was a DAP member he was sacked by Lim Kit Siang for voicing his thought as an MP.
No political party can actually owned any particular parliamentary constituencies via by virtue of a tradition.
MCA may claimed Wangsamaju but can the candidate from this party actually win, or neither can Umno win just because this prticular area has a Malay majority.
Wee Choo Keong is well respected by all races there.  I think it is a damn shame if he is not contesting in the same constituency, where I know he can win.
Placed any one else from other BN party, the opposition will have a sweep!  We want a winnable and a "universally" accepted candidate to go to a new height!  Thank you.

P.S.  I am sure if Rais Yatim is contesting his Jelebu area again  he can win, but at the expense of other Malaysians losing their political will to support BNMy reckoning is Rais is not "universally" accepted anymore by majority of Malaysians!

Monday, April 08, 2013

Beware! The Chinese Bintang Tiga is making its final putsch!

Chin Kit Siang!

Lim Kit Siang!

Chin Kit Siang or Lim Kit Siang, or whatever, they personify Chinese chauvinism!


As we all now slowly learning about the most racist, murderous and chauvinist Chinese group Bintang Tiga, it has now evolved into a different being and name!
The Bintang Tiga is now under a guise of what today is called the "Democratic Action Party", or DAP!
It is being led by another very chauvinistic Chinese leader by the named of Lim Kit Siang, like the Bintang Tiga of yore,  he will use stupid Malays as his tools in perpetrating a last attempt of a bloody putsch on this happy, well-balanced and multi racial country called Malaysia!
Of course we, the Malays especially, are not easily fooled.  The Malays are now beginning to understand the true meaning of the word Realpolitik of the DAP: It's aim is to seize power, and to overthrow the government of the majority by force, a bloody force if necessary!!
In the early 40's the remnant s of the Bintang Tiga may appear to have been "decimated", but little did we realise that they have quietly festered and have mutated and for example have succeeded in  taking over Singapore, and now Penang and soon the whole of peninsular Malaysia and Sabah and Sarawak, if we are not united and not careful.
So, for law abiding Malaysians, Malays especially, please vote for economic stability,  and please reject racial and religious chauvinism and let us bring this country to a greater economic, social and political heights. I know we all can do it!

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Tian Chua escaped with his life from Kuala Pilah!

From now until the GE, this bastard should just stay indoor! After GE he should find a new home outside Malaysia!!

Naib presiden Parti Kebangsaatan Rakyat (PKR) TIan Chua telah di usir dengan ganas oleh penduduk kampung Parit dan Juasseh, dekat Kuala Pilah malam tadi, 6th April, 2013, apabila Cina babi sial ni cuba hendak berceramah.
Cuma 30 orang sahaja yang hadzir pada perjumpaan ini.  Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) dari Bahau dan polis dari Kuala Pilah tergesa gesa datang untuk mendamaikan keadaan.
Mengikut kata ketua kampung, rakyat tempatan tidak boleh menyambut ahli politik yang di buktikan menjadi petualang negara yang melibatkan banyak pegawai keselamatan kita mati di bunuh di Lahad Datu.
"Dio ni patut di bunoh jo," kata saorang yang hadzir pada ceramah yang tak jadi tu.

Tian Chua, vice president of PKR was hounded by resident of Kampung Parit and Kampung Juasseh, near Kuala Pilah, last night.
The Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) from Bahau and a police contingent fron Kuala Pilah had to be called to restore order.
TIan Chua escape in a huff and according to one local resident Tian Chua was lucky to have escaped  with his life. According to one man there who said this bastard(Tian Chua) deserve to "die"for supporting foreigners killing members of our security forces in recent invasion of Sabah.

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Who do you want to see looking after our children's future!!

Our children are our future; the future of the country will be determined by how we raise our children to become what we want them to be. So who do you choose to be that person!  Well, elections is nearby, you decide!

The Three Stooges...tiga tiga sekali gus!

Embalmed Lim!

A moron!

Person with unhappy childhood!

This Cina barwa pukimak!

A real caring and good and gentle politician!

Not wearing underwear phony religious charlatan!

He-was-buggered-while-in-jail person!
Massive chip of her shoulder person..also on a denial syndrome about her infamous and notorious father!

Hmmm!Sorry Nurul but seriously your dad needs help.  Okay, he is a very sick politician person! You know it and your poor mentally (possibly physically) battered mum knows its!

Hmmm! Trying-hard-to-get-a-US-green-card-and-British-PR-old woman lawyer!
The half-Melayu..actually more Cina chauvinist ikut mak dia!

For those who believe in PKR lies watch this video!

Misal kata kalau betul Rosmah Mansor, isteri perdana menteri, Najib Razak, hendak beli berlian berharga RM24 juta, dia cuma masuk kan dalam poket baju kurong dan naik jet kerajaan balik Malaysia tak sapa pun tahu kan.
Oleh di sebakan pembangkang sangat ghairah menuduh tak bertentuan, dan tak bedasarkan apa apa pun, dan juga pembangkang suka sangat memperlekeh kan kemampuan rakyat Malaysia untuk berfikir, dan menanggap kan orang Malaysia senang sahaja di tipu, syarikat berlian dari New York terpaksa membuatkan penjelasan, harap kita boleh gunakan otak sekali sekala ye!

Video everyone must see!

 Courtesy of STL:

Friday, April 05, 2013

Yes, like you Haris, many of us are also ready to die for what we believe!

Yes, like you we, and Najib, are also ready to die for what we believe. But, we just don't say it like you do, Sir! 
For what ever its worth, I used to respect this Haris guy and understand his political commitment and belief.
However, his anger and hatred appear to have no bound, he broke the sacred political etiquette by using the word death.
The word death simply does not fit into our political vocabulary trust me.  When its comes to killing we all can do it. The thing that separates us from other things is that we are rational and able to think rationally.
You appear to have gone bonker and carried away by you sad hatred to the present political system!
Your veil threat, daring anyone else if he or she is willing to die, is short of committing a violent act!
I have yet to hear BN from way back using death threat  over politics.
Someone should lodge a police report against this guy Haris and try to find him guilty of crime against humanity with his threat.  Read here for more....

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Parliament will be dissolved today!

PM will announce it at 11.30am on TV today, Wedesday 3rd Apr, 2013...the moment all youse morons have been waiting for!!!