Friday, August 30, 2013

A white trashy Aussie One Nation party candidate rejected for being so, so stupid!

Australia's One Nation party candidate Stephanie Banister was dropped as a candidate for the upcoming Australian federal election race after saying  Islam is a country and that Jews follow Jesus Christ. Thank Allah for that and imagine if such people were allowed to rule the world our children will have a miserable future.
This trashy woman is so ignorant that she believes Islam is a country where people from there should not be allowed to come to Australia. Read here...
There are many of these trashy ignorant white people also loitering this beautiful country of ours.
Last night, out side a five star hotel lobby a very trashy white girl with a very distinctive Australian accent holding a bottle of beer and a group of her friends were so loud that I had to tell her off to her shock and amazement.
They, this girl, could not believe what I told them to do to go back in side and drink at a proper designated place, such as a bar or "I will call the police!"
When I told the hotel people why they did not tell these people to behave especially at a Five-Star hotels, this equally Malay man with a trashy mentality apologised and said: "Depa ni tourist macam mana! (They are tourist how can I!)"
I said: "Kita ada undang undang, hotel ada undang undang guna kan! (We have our laws and this stupid hotel also have rules use it!)
So the moral of the story is do not allow trashy white, black, yellow, or brown people take advantage of what appear to be our meek and accommodating behaviour.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Stupid Chinese bitch and this guy Irwan is a go figure.!

Irwan something Ideris whatever!

I am highlighting two items in this blog: -

1) Basically this guy Irwan is a member of Ikhwan Muslimin, or Muslim Brotherhood, and Hamas, a Shia and and basically a moron..let us not entertain him! Read here,
Perkasa hierarchy should get rid of him for the good of Malaysia and Malaysians....Chinese, Indians and dll included.  We are not turning this paradise in the tropics called Malaysia into Gaza and the West Bank.
One ugly bitch...talking rubbish!

2) Basically, listening to this ugly butch and stupid DAP woman by the name of Chong Eng saying Malays are not the original inhabitants of this country and basically also an immigrants from the southern China the land of ugly people (where her coolie ancestors came from), and that the original inhabitants of this country is the Orang Asli?  Well, I agree with her, and Malays should  relinquish the bumiputra status WHEN Australia give back the whole country to the aboriginal people, the real inhabitants of the land called Australia.
Canada and the US should also give back the land to the native people, New Zealand to the maoris...yawn!  I can go on and on and on!
Ugly and ingrate Chinese like Chong Eng must come to terms with the fact that before her ugly ancestors came as a coolie brought by the British colonist to this country, there was already a recognised Malay kingdom and governance.  You know Hang Tuah and Tun Mutahir of Malacca and even Batu Bersurat dated way way back to prove there was a Malay kingdom, capish!
There was no even one Chinese sultan with the name possibly like Sultan Lim Lim Kit Siang or Raja Bendahara Karpal or Betara Dalam Guan Eng.
 So let us stop this stupid and unproductive diatribe about who is the real original inhabitants and the immigrants hokay!
BTW it is highly unlikely Australia, Canada, the USA, New Zealand be given back to the defeated aboriginal natives of the the land.
But I am sincerely asking the unhappy and the ingrate immigrant descendants of this country to stop making unnecessary remarks about their "miserable" life while growing and living in this country.
Unless if they can take over the country by force and massacre the Malay and bumiputra inhabitants of this country like what their Bintang Tiga ancestors did after the second world war, ugly chauvinist bitch like Chong Eng should not open her mouth and say something stupid like she did. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I am a Malay, I love Umno, however I do not like manyh of the Umno politicians!

I think what I have, my experience and expertise, will be found useful to help party leadership in facing the 14th general election.
"This is important because we all want to strengthen the party to face the next general election," he told reporters after the launch of the first non-food product produced by Delima Oil Product Sdn Bhd (Delima Oil), a subsidiary of Felda Global Ventures Holdings Bhd (FGV) here today.

Mohd Isa, who is also the Telok Kemang Umno chief, once held the post of Umno vice-president from 2004 to 2007 after securing 1,507 votes, the highest compared to the number of votes garnered by the other two Umno vice-presidents, namely Melaka Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam (1,329 votes), and the then Minister of International Trade and Industry Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin (1,234 votes).

However, Umno Disciplinary Board had suspended Mohd Isa's membership for three years from June 24, 2005 to June 23, 2008, after he was found guilty of money politics in the party polls.

When asked about his chances of winning the contest, Mohd Isa said it was up to the 150,000 Umno members at the grassroots level to decide. Read more here

Monday, August 19, 2013

The GOOD, the bad, and the UGLY!

Being able to use bombastic English vocabulary (Meaning of bombastic = pompous, wordy, turgid,  inflated, and exaggerated.) doe not make one really smart of even a completer anglophile.
He is known to intimidate reporters covering him by throwing some insidious bombastic rheroric and semantics to a "slow" and an "unfriendly" reporters with the intention of shutting him or her up.
I am talking about Lee Kuan Yew.
A man who cannot even be described as an enigma, I cannot describing him sush for it lends support to the myth that has been perpetuated by his supporters or his system.
Describing him as an enigma will perpetuate that false myth about this man who claims to have created Singapore solely on his own initiative?!
No, he was a vicious leader, like Stalin ruling the former USSR,  in the true tradition of great villain such as Stalin,

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim is a pathological liar extraordinaire!

Najib, right,  rubbished the notion of talks on forming a unity government citing such news as the work of an over active imagination of a desperate man, left!

To begin with there no such talk took place between Prime Minister Najib Razak and Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim over the formation of any kind of a unity government.  Any news on such matters is purely the active imagination of a writer mirroring the thoughts of a desperate leader.
In a press statement today, Najib said there were no such talks between him and Anwar about forming a unity government between the BN and the opposition, and reiterated such talks never took place.
"A report on the matter, which appeared in many news portals, quoting reliable sources is the work of an over active imagination, for the benefit of the opposition and its desperate leader," he said.
Najib also said any opportunity of talks on forming a unity government with the opposition is just a pipe dream so long as the opposition still could not accept the results of the the recent general elections.
A news portal report that says  Anwar confirmed a talk with Najib in forming a unity government is hogwash and a blatant lie with malicious intent of a desperate man, and that Anwar's statement to that effect is "a political statement with so much malice intended", said Najib.
In the final analysis, any reports of a talk between Najib and Anwar over forming a unity government is just purely an opposition invention for the benefit of the opposition party and its desperate leader. Read more here....

Friday, August 16, 2013

Mutual respect is the key...not racial tolerance!

I want the genuine real THIS again please!!!

Imagine if you can if a bunch of Muslims were to take over a Hindu or a Sikh or a Chinese temple to do a prayer session......all hell will definitely be broken loose.
A Hindu will take to the streets demanding the "perpetrators" be punished or worse still Hindraf will take to the streets rampaging, and the police can only look on helplessly.
When a school headmaster tried to explain to Hindu parents that their children were not being mistreated for being asked to eat their lunches in a changing room, Indian parents took no time to insult and chastise Malay teachers for being racist.
Why is this happening now and not when i was growing up? I wish I knew the complete answer to this problem.
What I think I know is Malay-Muslims are being perceived as weak and divided, as in my previous posting "the nature of the beast" that is for the perceived weakling to be bullied.
May 13th 1969, the Chinese perceived they can bully the Malays by their victory and they kept on pushing and pushing until push come to shove the Malays have no choice but to run amok.
In case any one forget the amok syndrome is distinctively Malays.
This is what I am afraid of.... the Malays will get into a hysteric moment where they can get on an unbridled rampage themselves.
When I was growing up we respect each others religions and clulture, during my Maxwell School days my good buddy Chee Seng's mother would say "Rusdi makan itu pinggan okay".  You see she did not serve me any non halal food.
Having said that the Malay-Muslims are also to be blamed for being bullied for they have also becoming more insular in their religious outlooks.  They have abandoned they Malay-ness for Arabic cluture.  Many Malays are becoming more and more Arabist in their outlooks, in their dressing and in their behaviours.
Many of my non-Malay friends called me to ask me if anything I could do to tell the many suraus and mosques in my areas to lower their extremely loud calls for prayers and not to use their loud speakers, or lower the decibel, when they are reciting the Holy Koran.....yes even as a practising Muslim I find it very annoying (I am not annoyed at my religion but just the very loud sound that everyone is not get me wrong here okay!) to hear the very loud recital especially if we are living in a closely compact multi-racial community.
You see it is also in the nature of the beast for man to develop a defensive mechanism to forget what they are afraid of or of their fear.
You will not see a Bak Ku Teh Puasa advertisement when I was growing up because the likes Alvin and his girlfriend would be non existence.
You see there was no reason for any one religion to mock others because of the deep mutual respect, but today we are competing on whose religion is more superior than whose religion.
Look around us, at the world, countries goes in flame because men are getting moire insular in their out looks and their thinking, be it religion or what not.
The other day I saw a Kancil and the back there is a sticker that says "Fear In Allah!" and I said to my self Oh My God what is happening to my religion when I know I need only to "'Love Him, and Respect Him and to be a good Muslim.
It is not hard actually if you think of it....just be considerate to others..and others will respect you and religions like Buddhist will not chant into our culture and custom and religion.


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Something Saifuddin said about Najib Razak that caught my attention!

Former Temerloh MP Saifuddin Abdullah replies as to why Umno top leadership did not ask Najib Razak to step down over recent results of GE13, the good answer given by Saifuddin, in a nutshell, there ain't no reason to do so!! And that Dollah "the recently awakened" Badawi is nothing like Najib at all! One is a fools gold the other is as real as you can get!  Also read here on what Salleh Said Kruak of  Sabah said about Umno leadership...

Sunday, August 11, 2013

It's in the nature of the beast...

They tried to take Malaya by force but failed!

He tried take Malaya by force..he was cheated by the British to help fight Japanese with promise from the British of getting Malaya for the Chinese he was disappointed but went into the jungle and kept on fighting and we thought he lost but they keep on doing it by forming a legitimate party now called the DAP. !

The Malays were described by early colonial anthropologists as "gentle people" or "noble savage", I find the later description to be funny!
Noble savage is an savage is gentle or noble, either you are savages or just plain civilised nobility.  What these anthropologists were saying was that Malays were easily controlled, being gentle people and all that, and the Malays as a race can be easily disrupted and broken up into sub-species for easy management.
I am now resigned to the fact that it is the nature of the beast for the Malays to be what they were and what they are now.
In ancient days they were a controlled, tricked, peripheral, ultra-traditionalist, control freaks  but without real powers, so on and so forth.  Without the British gun powder we would not have been able to own the land that we can call our own country.
In the past without the colonial powers we would have easily been swamped and inundated by the likes of Ghee Hin or the Hai San, or Chinese clan houses.  You see, the Chinese immigrants were far more united and organised and for one thing over run or to overtake the country and they will do so given the opportunity.
Many attempts were made by the chauvinist Chinese to take over Malaya, as it was called then. The main atttempt was when, after the Japanese surrendered, there was that period of vacuum and lawlessness...and the Kuomintang stragglers locally known as Bintang Tiga tried to take over the country. Many thousands Malays were massacred. AGAIN the colonial power came to our rescue and the rest is history as we know it now.
Well, are we a lot safer now from the "intruders" and from those trying to usurp power? The answer is still the same and like the opportunity seen by the Bintang Tiga, these same people under a different guise will and can be successful again to take over from the Malays, except this time if they are successful no colonial masters or powers can and will come to our rescue.
Reason? Well, for one they are fed up with our inability to fend for ourselves and to organise ourselves as a united race, and they will be saying "go to hell Malays" we are sick and tired of helping you people when you cannot help yourselves!
While writing this I received a text message from a colleague and the message was: TOP TEN Reasons WHY Red Bean Army is destroying Malaysia.  I didn't even bother reading the ten reasons because I already know whey thy are doing it.
If I was a chauvinist Chinese person living in this country now I would do everything in my power to destroy the systems that I loathe of this country  (BTW they are not out to destroy Malaysia. Do not get this wrong, they just want to control Malaysia okay? Big difference).
In the final analysis the Malays have to be united and fight for their rights and can not be like Perkasa whose members only want to "wallop" Namewee and other racist Chinese.
My question is how many chauvinist Chinese can you wallop in a day? No the best way is to show them we are strong and united and we make changes at out own pace (though Malays might need to pick up the pace in this day and age) and not by force, especially from the likes of Red Bean Army!
What we need is for the Malays to be united and to support any legislation to protect the country against anarchy. If the Malays are concerned why the non-Malays are dead set against the Malay regime, please find out what is wrong and be strong when dealing with the finding.
Stop blaming the non-Malays for everything that is wrong with the Malays today.  For the chauvinist Chinese it is in the nature of the beast for them to control.  For the Malays please find a long lasting formula or solution to deal with our serious problems of disunity or forever be a defeated people and forever hold our peace!

Selamat Hari Raya to everyone!

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Yes, we were once conned!

By this man!

Life of Annie wrote, and I quote this blogger: "I will never forget those dark years of 2004-2008 and no matter how much spinning done, I could not so easily forgive Pak Lah and his people for the damage they inflicted on the country at that time". Read more here. My feelings  and sentimenst exactly Annie.
Remember those days when we thought Dollah Badawi was the man to succeed as the next Malay Umno leader? I fell for this one man's con job into making me believe that he was the One!
And I am sure may, many more Malays, like me, were also conned too into believing that this man is the ONE!  Well the rest is bad dream and history as we know it now.
I was told apart from the two authors involved in churning this garbage called "Awakening", another con man by the initial of KH is most definitely also involved in yet another one of Dollah con-job, that is coming out with this printed bad dream.
Never before in my life that I thought I could loathe a Malay Umno leader as I do with this Dollah Badawi, who allowed Malaysia to be controlled by few, where decisions were made using the name of this defective PM named Dollah.
Just that Najib Razak must be fully aware that Dollah's men are now back in Umno, when the time comes they will not spare the present PM just to serve their interest.....with greed and vengeance!
Dollah should have just go back to asleep, I have no respect for you!