Friday, September 27, 2013

To the Malays: "Whither are we bound?"

I miss my beautiful Malay women and girls of yesteryear.
During Hari Raya I remember seeing Malay girls wearing baju kurung, baju kebaya with their flowing beautiful hair yang berikal mayang.
Alas, today my Malay girls are spotting that strange looking camel hump hairdo, and many of them covered themselves from head to toe.
Whither are we bound for!? To being Arab and discarding totally our beautiful Malay culture?
I wish to see, before I die the Malays to go back to their true root self of being a gentle race full of grace and etiquette and smile and not be as crude and self righteous as the race they are trying to emulate: the Arabs.
"Sheikh Mustapha Mohamed Rashed argued that Hijab is not an Islamic duty. He stated that Hijab refers to the cover of the head, which is not mentioned in the Holy Quran at all. “Nonetheless, a bunch of scholars insisted vehemently that the veil is both an Islamic duty and one of the most important pillars of Islam,” he added. Read here...


Friday, September 20, 2013

I was in Kota Kinabalu for Malaysia Day and I felt patriotic!

Prince Phillip Park Tanjung Aru venue for teh M'sia Day celebrations!

Sabahanas celebrate being Malaysians with gusto...

Sabahans are proud to be Malaysians!

When Sabahan sing Negara Ku, our national anthem, they sang with gusto and so filled with zest!
I was in KK for the Malaysia Day celebration and all the national and state leaders gave everything when patriotic songs were sang...Dari Perlis Sampai Lah ke Sabah kita sudaaah Merdeka, and Ini lah Barisan Kita Yang sedia Berjuang....and I sang along as though I was still at my primary and secondary  schools days.
Tanjung Aru Prince Phillips ground was filled with all sorts of Malaysians and Sabahans wearing their traditional costumes.
Unfortunately I did not feel the same when I tried to celebrate our Merdeka Day except for the expensive firework display.
Then there is this idiot from IDEAS propagating the abolishment of certain clauses in our entrenched Constitutions asking the Malay rights to be scrapped lest they want to be on social welfare mode.
This is what happens to a half-baked Melayu who studied oversea for four years and thought he or she is liberated enough to ask to change things, or the status quo, without studying the implications.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

May 13th, 1969, and 13th GE 2013, were defining moments for the Malays.

The Son.

Tun governed, and his son is still governing the country and it's people...brown, black, yellow, grey, white, purple and kelabu asap, make no mistake about this!

The Father.

I cannot help but notice that uncanny resemblence between what the second prime minister, the late Tun Razak Hussin said and created after the bloody May 13th, 1969 and later what his son Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, the sixth prime minister of Malaysia, said and did after the "bloody" 13th general elections recently.
Let me explain. After May 13th 1969 saw the mainly Chinese opposition parties- namely the Gerakan and the DAP-  winning few seats were bold enough to ask that the Constitution to be changed and insisted the Malays' entrenched rights in the Federal constitution be erased, so
the opposition created havoc and a bloody chaos after playing their politics along the racial lines. True enough racial riots ensued that saw may deaths...Read here on what Tun Razak said.
After the13th General Elections recently, we saw the same game played by the Chinese community rejecting the status quo and voting en masse for the Chinese opposition party namely the DAP.  The "bloody" elections results saw the Malays dejected and fortunately for the ruling party, the Malays saw the Chinese shenanigans at play and voted en masse for Umno, thus preventing the second attempted taking over of the country by the opposition led by the chauvinist DAP.
Acknowledging the Malays' majority support for Umno and the government, like his father Tun Razak's NEP, Najib announced the formation of the Bumiputra Economic Agenda ( BEA), an economic initiative to boost further bumiputra economic might. He unveiled the 5 points of the BEA to ensure Malays' survival be fully entrenched:
1. To empower bumiputra human capital;
2. To strenghten bumiputra equity ownership in the corporate sector;
3  To reinforce non-bumi ownership of assets;
4. To enhance bumiputra entrepreneurship and business; and
5. To bolster the service delivery ecosystem.
And all of the above will be executed without depriving non-Malays present equity of the country's economic pie...they must understand this fully before crying foul.  Read more here on the five points...

Friday, September 06, 2013

Bangsa Melayu bangsa akan cuba ditipu sekali lagi!

This is an old posting published in 2013 on the subject of how easily duped the Malays are, since time immemorial Chinese opposition members in Malaysia who used everything and anthing to trick the simple Malays to vote for them. To a greater extend it woked.
Now Mahahtir Mohamed, a non Malay who disguise himself as one, is employing the same tactic as to garner or at least trying to garner Malay votes to support his Pre-Historic Malay Party to topple a tested government under Barisan Nasional led by a progressive and real Malay leader.
When will the Malays ever learn!!??

LKY berkempen di kawasan Melayu di Singapura dan bertutur dalam Bahasa Melayu...

Speaker Negeri Selangor berpura pura sayang Bangsa Melayu...

Untuk DAP moto mereka yang baru "Berkorban Apa Saja" untuk DAP walau pun kena pakai baju Melayu...

Sewaktu Lee Kuan Yew cuba membentuk kerajaan PAP di Singapura beliau berkempen memakai songkok, symbol Melayu, dan bertutur dalam bahasa Melayu sewaktu berceramah.  Kesemua Melayu dapat di pengaruhi untuk mengundi Cina.
Pengkhianat negara Tian Chua juga memakai sewaktu berkempen juga menyambut orang Melayu di sabuah surau juga memakai baju Melayu.
MP Cina Serdang memakai baju Melayu lengkap seketika melawat keluarga Melayu semasa Hari Raya.  Dan Selangor DAP speaker Hannah Yeoh memakai baju kurung bergambar dengan perempuan Melayu.
Kesimpulan nya, Cina cauvinis DAP ni semua nya tahu bahawa bangsa Melayu memang senang di pengaruhi emosi mereka sebagai contoh, orang asing macam Cina DAP dan PAP pakai baju Melayu orang Melayu semua lemah dan menyokong.
Bangun dan sedar lah kamu Bangsa Melayu yang kamu dtelah di gula gulakan oleh Cina chauvinis jika tidak keturunan kamu akan pupus di negara sendiri!