Saturday, November 30, 2013

Nasty man made and an unfounded gloom and doom.....!

Just do you own caption of any member of the opposition having this!

The thing that the opposition, reads DAP and PKR, is most afraid of is Najib success and being able to bring this country around and out of the "dark political and economic ages".
Chauvinist Chinese opposition DAP led by a plebeian and uncouth Chinese family, and PKR led by a pseudo-Malay leader Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (his grandfather was a Malabari married to his Malay grandmother) who went all out to destroy the personal and political lives of Najib Razak and his family, did not succeed.
Already international political and economic pundit have already acknowledged Najib's leadership of multi-racial Malaysia as a nice success story to be emulated by countries that want political and economic stability.
Australia went out on its much watched television channel to hear an economic expert describing how the prime minister of Malaysia uses a good formula to weather any economic and political storms with wisdom and common sense. Read here...
Unlike, gutter politics used by the insecure opposition to demean the country's institutions to the whole world, Najib back his words with deeds.
It is just a never ending and sad defeat for  the DAP and PKR to try to bring down and denigrate the country at what ever cost that have fallen to deaf ears of the world which know what Malaysia is all about.
When the Europe's Organisation for Economic C-Operation and Development (OECD) praises Malaysia's economic success recently, I am sure Anwar's and Guan Eng's blood pressure shot up, I just hope it will continue and may be just may that this will shut them up forever.  Read here....

Thursday, November 28, 2013

For Malaysia's Prophets of Doom...this is how others see us.....!

Chief Minister of Penang, and his kuching kurap bufoons, Anwar Ibrahim included, have been going around the country and the word painting bleak pictures of this country's economic and political situation. Others have all good things to say.
A Lebanese and a Senegalese who work here, and became my friends, said how blessed Malaysia is, but yet "your minority here are giving problem which is not good for Malaysia....I hope to stay here forever" said my Lebanese friend and concurred by the Senegalese.  Click here....

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I am apt to agree with him on this one.......!

Big territory but not enough resources and manpower and firepower to defend it...

We need to give more power to our boys for them  to do their jobs...

He may be a chauvinist Chinese of a Malaysian origin and a head of the most racially and chauvinistic inclined chauvinist party in this country, but on this issue of Sabah and Malaysian security I have to agree with him. I am talking about Guan Eng!
Consider this, invasion, kidnapping and abductions and murder of tourists and Malaysians on our territory committed  by foreigners appear to be occurring unabated.
It appears as though our very own security forces are unable, for some strange reason, to create a strong deterrent for foreign invaders to stop committing criminal acts in our own home.
Thus led to a statement made by Guan Eng that perhaps Malaysia should request the United Nations forces to patrol our own territory and be given a mandate to do what ever it takes to keep our shore safe from further invasion.
Guan Eng may have made a facetious remarks but underlying to this statement of his we must study his intended message.
When our very own members of the security forces tried to land on the island where the kidnapping that took place recently where a Taiwanese tourist was killed and his wife taken away, a group of foreign Caucasian diving operators of that island told our boys to "fuck off".
Now then, why do we allow this to happen to our very own given the mandate to maintain safety?
My question is: What are we doing about this?!
Guan Eng is saying, and many more Malaysians, ufortunately will agree with him, is that if we cannot defend our territorial integrity then for more certainly we must allow others to do it for us.
The thing is the last kidnapping was the sum total of the previous kidnapping committed by foreign invaders for know they can do it again and will succeed in doing it.....because they know they can and that our security flank there is as weak as a sick and an emaciated person trying to fend off a stronger opponent. 
My suggestion is to sincerely make our "sick" and "emaciated" person healthy and stronger again to fight.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Planet Earth is a Penal Colony? I am beginning to believe this theory!

We were banished to a penal colony called Earth?

I am beginning to believe this is the case.
According to a renowned ecologist, Dr Ellis Silver: "One reason for this is that the Earth might be a prison planer, since we seem to be naturally violent species and we're here until we learn to behave ourselves."  
Dr. Silver claimed and pointed out many numbers of psychological features to make his case as to why humans did not evolve alongside other life on Earth, in his new book.  Read more here....
Silver cited many hypothesis in the book as to why humans are not made for Earth such as we are prone to sunburn, we get back ache due to the gravity of planet Earth, and labour pain. Labour pain? Yes! He said babies heads are bigger, which made it difficult to be born.
About Earth being a penal colony, we will eventually will blow up or destry Earth because humans by nature are violent.
Consider for the last 60 years, millions of human beings have been killed in a multitude of fracases that we call war!
If Silver's theories are to be believed and to make sense we just have to do a mental summation as to what has happened during Earth turbulent existence.
We have countless wars and warlords since time immemorial. From the dark ages to current centuries we have the medieval marauders from Genghis Khan and his Yellow Horde, the Ottoman empires, the Crusaders, the Black Shirts under Mussolini, Hitler, the Jewish holocaust, genocides, massacres, American imperialism, British Imperialism, Conquistadors, the usage of Mustard and Sarin gases, dropping of atom bombs on city populations...  I could go on.
What if Silver is right that we are the most violent species from another planet, that we were on the verge of self destructing and that we got banished to penal colony Earth...kinda like Humans versus Wild being left to our own devices that have gone bad!?
The fact of the matter is, if  Ellis is correct in his thesis, we as a species are doomed to fail, we are doomed to self-destruction.
I wish the few of us peace loving humans that have been rehabilitated... we should try to make contact with the alien mother ships that sent us here to take us back to where we really belong.
I just wish!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Super Typhoon Haiyan left 300,000 homeless and 12,000 dead!

Beautiful coastal city of Tacloban, The Philippines, before Haiyan.
After Haiyan..
What the super typhoon had done...
So severe the catastrophe it is beyond words to describe..

I wish to retract my previous statement that Typhoon Haiyun should momentarily visit Penang and teach racist Guan Eng and others the meaning of humility.  Look at Haiyan, and think again about  plunging this country into a political chaos with opposition parties racist ranting and shouting  the Malays are bad and the country in turmoil.
A sheer moment of anger expressed on my part but I offer my my unreserved apology to the Penangites, Guan Eng included.
As much as I loath your racist rantings I do not wish bad things like Haiyan to hit you before you come to your senses about the importance of co-operation and living together in this country.
Its akin to wishing "atom bombs on Japan" before you come to your senses that your rabble rousing must stop and let us live together.
Malaysia is blessed and thus we far have been protected from any natural catastrophe, so let us all pray we are forever protected.
While at it, let us all pray to the people of the Philippines who have lost lives and property and may God help them find solace, in any way!
Again, I do not wish nor will I ever wish it that catastrophe like Haiyun will reach us, Penang included!
Thank you.

Friday, November 08, 2013

Haiyan will leave trails of death and destruction......

While small minds in this blessed country are bickering over power, money, sex, control and dominance, mother nature meanwhile is sending that ever constant reminder as to how small we are as an asinine human beings.
Mother Nature will soon unleashed Category 5 Haiyan Typhoon that will hit the Philippines and will super-super-zoom through Indo-China and where it will be exhausted and dies down in China, leaving trails of destruction
We, in Malaysia, are safe from the path of destruction but just to remind us and each other while we may be enjoying latte and life, others have to stand vigil and receive deaths from the impending destruction that Haiyan will unleash.
I pray for the people who will suffer along the path of destruction and I just hope that they are safe hope I can do more.  May Allah and God will keep then safe from harms way.

P.S. I was just having a bad thought that perhaps Haiyan could  just pass through Penang for a minute and teach racist Guan Eng some lesson in humility! Read here:

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Chinese versus Melayu is nothing new.......!

This man is a threat to multi-racial Malaysia...he must be stopped!

The chauvinist Chinese of the worst kind has been at it since time immemorial.
Now they are called DAP...metamorphosed  from MCP, MPAJA, and many more guises.
Today, the DAP is using the same tune as Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, in assuming the majority Malays are so stupid as to swallow all the lies told.
Maybe many Malays are indeed stupid, but thank God the majority of them realised voting for Pakatan Rakyat would have been a disaster to the Malay race and the country.
DAP's Lim Guan Eng and his father Lim Kit Siang must be stopped at all cost or else it will spell disaster to our multi-racial set up. I have grown up with mainly non-Malay friends but nothing like the two despicable above mentioned I have come across.
Many still believe the DAP under Lim was grossly responsible for May 13th and the many deaths and yet we are prepared to forget of his possible role of taunting the Malays to balik kampung when they thought they had won the elections.
Today the DAP are again doing the same thing, telling lies and going around telling Malaysia and the world the Chinese in Malaysia are being persecuted....and this has to stop.